Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year

Best wishes for 2008 everyone !!!!

An eventful week

Just a quick update on the results for the past few days.

Wednesday 26 December

A loss on the day of £367, made up of £364 from the tipsters and just £3 from my own trading on a football bet. Isiris gave out an insider bet winner at 10/3, together with an each way double which yielded a small profit. However their ante-post maximum bet on the King George came unstuck so they had a losing day overall. Henry Rix gave out two small stake losers against Straw Bear and Harchibald at Kempton, Mathematician gave Notaproblem as a best bet at Sedgefield which ran poorly and Optimum gave Victor Daly which was unplaced at Wetherby.

Loss on day £367

Thursday 27 December

Best of the day from the SLH all weather service which gave out Glenridding, a 4/1 winner at Wolves, their other bet lost. Isiris had an each way insider bet which finished second to get my money back, Optimum's ante-post each way bet on the Welsh National at 16/1 suffered the fate of all good each way bets when finishing fifth. I was also advised Gungadu and Halcon Generlardais in the same race so a very frustrating afternoon but a small profit on the day.

Profit on day £28

Friday 28 December

Just the one bet today with SLH giving Turn On The Style, finished second beaten 1/2 length.

Loss on day £100

Saturday 29 December

Great way to finish off the year from Isiris with a main account bet winner. Horse advised at 10/1, but I only got on at 8/1 as I was a few seconds late calling the message as I was busy helping my Dad move house. They gave out an each way maximum bet an hour or so earlier but I was unable to get on. No internet access meant I had to use the phones, but Ladbrokes, Hills, and VC bet put me into a queue and I didn't have any other account details on me. So had to give up, horse finished second which would have been a small loss for me so very luckily no harm done. Optimum, Mark Holder and Mathematician all advised losing bets. Personal bets - had a £100 double on Airdrie and East Fife for a profit of £216 on the bet

Profit on day £876

Sunday 30 December

Just the one bet today, SLH all weather - Alfresco each way, a winner at 11/2 advised price.

Profit on day £344

Monday 31 December

A frustrating end to the yeart, Mark Holder played in one race - the 1.10 Warwick and the outcome summed up how things are going on his service right now. Advised two horse each way including Cemcraft at 20/1. A late withdrawal meant the each way terms were reduced to the first three only and Cemcraft of course finished 4th.

SLH gave out Just Bond at Wolves. Was on at 7/1 and this looked to have got the race won before hanging in the final furlong and finishing second having traded at 1/6 in running !!

Loss on day £200

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Nothing doing on Sunday so I am looking at a loss of £661 on the week.

Since 1 October, I am £3169 in profit - £1529 from the tipping lines and £1640 from my own betting and trading.

As I've said previously, I am going to start the profit and loss from scratch from 1 January and set a new profit target for 2008, don't have a figure in mind yet but I will give it some thought during the coming week.

I don't plan to update the blog again until Sunday 30th, when I hope to be reporting a massive winning week !!!

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.


Seventh Heaven - Not !!!

Saturday 22 December

So much for getting the Christmas money this week. Lost every single day since last Saturday. Nothing too drastic though, lost what I won last Saturday.

Busy day from the services today with Henry Rix putting up Jack The Giant at 17/4 (hmmm) with Hills. This horse was also given by Mathematician as one of his best of the day so I backed him twice using the staking plan I use for each service. HR also advised a bet on Kanad in the same race but he was withdrawn.

Mark Holder and Mathematician both played in the 1.40 at Ascot but neither could get anything out of the race. Optimum gave out Nikola who finished second at Haydock. SLH's all weather bet today was an each way on Parisian Dancer at 7/1 in the Lingfield 3.10 who duly finished third for a small profit on the bet, lost on the race though as Mathematician played here with Watchman. Isiris gave out an each was insider bet which was unplaced.

Overall a profit from the tipsters of £32, but I lost £100 on the footy to ensure another loss on the day.

That's it for the English racing until Boxing Day. Milder weather is forecast for next week, so with a bit of luck we've finished with the abandonments for the time being and we can enjoy some great sport over the holiday.

Loss on day £68

Same Story Again

Friday 21 December

Just the one bet for the blog today with SLH giving Baileys Outshine at Wolves, unplaced.

Loss on day £100

Forgettable Week So Far

Thursday 20 December

A trying week so far, bit more activity on the account but I'm booking another loss.

Only winner of the day was an Isiris insider bet. Unfortunately due to work commitments I was unable to get on at the advised 13/8, got 11/8 and then the horse drifted to 15/8. I wasn't on with a bookie who pays the better SP so lost out with the winner here.

Elsewhere Mark Holder played each way on Manhattan Boy, unplaced. SLH had The King And I at Wolves. Got the odds on fav beat but couldn't beat the 12/1 outsider of 4. Optimum tried Walsingham at Ludlow - third, and a speculative each way bet on Present Oriented, each way - unplaced at 20/1.

Loss on day £144

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Roll on Christmas

Wednesday 19 December

Very little going on again today with a loser on the SLH all weather service at Kempton tonight the only action on the account.

Loss on day £100.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Waste of Time

Tuesday 18 December

Just the one horse today, Gaitskell on the SLH all weather surface - leads until they turn in finds nothing and trails in last.

Trading wise, I tried to log into Bet Trader pro but couldn't - seems they are having major problems at the minute which is absolutely no use to me. Going to have to look at an alternative. However with Catterick delayed, Folkestone abandoned and the races clashing I can't be arsed with any of it this afternoon. What a farce this sport is at times.

Might look for a bet on the footy or the darts later on, see what I can find. Will update the P&L if anything happens.

Loss on day £100

Just the one on Monday

Monday 17 December

Just one bet today, an each way insider from Isiris - finished 4th, beaten a short head for the place money !!

Loss on day £150

Looks like being another quiet day on Tuesday, with just one horse given out so far and only the Isiris call to make as I write this. Might have a look at doing a bit of price trading this afternoon.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Quiet End To The Week

Sunday 16 December

A quiet day was always on the cards, especially with Musselburght being called off. As it turned out just one horse given out today, with SLH selecting Carnivore each way at 10/1 - ran well enough, led until the final furlong before eventually finishing fifth.

Loss on day £100

So the end of a very profitable week, £1345 profit with £1178 from the tipsters and £167 from my own efforts. Overall profit since 1 October now stands at £3830.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Sensational Saturday !!!!

Saturday 15 December

Well this has turned out to be some week. Still got tomorrow but I don't anticipate much from the tipsters on Sunday.

Today, Henry Rix advised an each way bet on Osano at Cheltenham, a winner at the advised price of 9/1, together with an each way bet on Desert Quest in the same race, unplaced. SLH was on Haroldini, a 7/2 winner at Southwell, with Liberate unplaced at Cheltenham. Optimum played in the 1.20 at Lingfield and were in the money again with an each way bet on the winner Magot De Grugy at 5/1. Elsewhere I had two horses advised in the Boylesports Gold Cup but neither reached the frame. Profit on day from tipsters £625.

Personally I had a winning football bet, £100 on Raith at Even money, plus did a bit of trading on the favourites this afternoon for a profit of £67 after commission.

Profit on day £792

Friday, 14 December 2007

One Too Good

Friday 14 December

Losing day today, SLH gave out Alfadora, Meadow Vale (e/w) and Tanforan (AW service), with nothing doing on any of them. Henry Rix and Mark Holder both played each way in the Cheltenham 2.30. Mark advised Roman Villa at 8/1 and Bremen was the Henry Rix advice at 14/1. Unfortunately, the well handicapped Jack The Giant proved too good but the tips filled both the minor places, adding yet more frustration for Mark Holder followers.

Good racing scheduled for tomorrow, weather permitting. Lets hope for a good day.

Loss on day £175

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Feeling Good Again

Thursday 13 December

Well just two horses advised today, but a memorable day none the less.

Isiris put up their third main account bet of the week, a 40/1 each way bet. Managed to get my £100 e/w on the phone with Ladbrokes at the advised price, which surprised me to be honest as I was expecting a knock back or at least to be restriced, Kevin advised getting on in the shops as he didn't think they would lay it over the phones. Anyway I must have got on very early as when I walked into the tote shop a minute later the horse was 12/1. As for the race itself, I collected on the place part as we finished third for a profit of £700 on the bet.

The only other bet given today was a speculative punt on Backscratcher at Ludlow, advised by SLH to minimum stakes at 33/1 - pulled up.

Profit on day £675

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Two in a row

Wednesday 12 December

Optimum racing, not for the first time recently, were the stars of the show giving out Mibleu each way at Leicester - on at 13/2, winning very impressively at 9/2. Mark Holder had yet another placed each way bet in Arthurs Dream (11/1). So the long run without a winner continues, but thats now 11 placed horses in that time - and all except two at 8/1 and over. Only need to get one or two over the line in front and we'll be in clover I'm sure. The other two horses today were from SLH, Castlecrossings who was second, and Glenridding unplaced on the all weather.

Was at home today but decided against getting involved for three reasons, firstly my recent performance is still gnawing away at me somewhat so I'm a little reluctant to play at the moment. Second, I wanted to see how the new Betfair SP would impact on the markets, can't say I noticed anything too alarming from my point of view, and third the trading software I use - Bet Trader pro seems a bit sticky just now, slow to log in, sticking when switching from grid to ladder etc. I'll keep an eye on it in the next few days and see how things are. The last thing I need at the moment is to lose a huge chunk of money due to a software glitch. I can fuck it up very nicely on my own thank you very much !!

Profit on day £218

Halting The Slide

Tuesday 11 December

Isiris came to the rescue this afternoon with a main account winner, each way at 3/1 against the odds on favourite. Elsewhere Steve Lewis Hamilton advised Cash Man each way, second at 15/2 having led until the run in. Optimum racing advised two losers and Mark Holder gave out a small stakes each way bet, again unplaced.

Profit on day £135

Monday, 10 December 2007

Monday Misery

Monday 10 December

Well misery is probably overstating things, but another two losers with two each way bets advised today by Steve Lewis Hamilton - Yachvili in the first three everywhere apart from where it mattered in the first at Musselburgh and Karmest at Lingfield who travelled in the front rank for a long way before fading out tamely in the straight.

Loss on day £200

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Where Did It All Go ??

Weekly Profit and Loss

Big loss to report this week of £1945, £1057 from the tipping lines and £888 from my own trading. Not much to say apart from the bare figures speak for themselves and that the profit since I started now stands at £2485, just under half of where it was just two weeks ago.

Large swings in fortune are inevitable when you follow tipsters but it is a sobering experience recording everything here. Regarding my personal trading, I've not been too keen on getting involved after Tuesday's shambles. Had I kept my discipline then, I would have been more inclined to trade on Friday and Saturday when I had the time to do so. But I didn't and so the loss is what it is.

Got to stay positive and focussed on what I am trying to do, still nicely in front despite the last two weeks.

Looking ahead, I've got to work Monday and Tuesday which will mean no trading again. The rest of the week should be OK although I need to start making some sort of an effort to get ready for Christmas, haven't done any shopping or anything yet. So I better get something sorted, even if it's just working out what I want !!

As regards the blog, it has been difficult to keep up to date the last couple of weeks, especially so when I am only recording bad news, but I will try and update on a daily basis.

I am also going to start again from January with setting a profit target for the year of 2008. The figure of £25,000 from 1 October this year to the end of next was plucked of the air really with no great thought behind it. However now I've been going a few weeks, I will re-assess the situation and work out what I can realistically aim for over a 12 month period.

Thanks for looking in and hope you have a good week.

Woe Is Me

Friday 7 December

Just two horses advised today with Andronicos and Know The Law both given out each way and neither of them making the frame.

Loss on day £150

Saturday 8 December

A very busy day from the tipsters but it's another poor day in terms of the account.

Steve Lewis Hamilton provides the only winner of the day on his all weather service with Mafeking given at 11/8 eventually returning at 8/11. His other all weather pick Sir Douglas e/w fails to trouble the judge. Steve's private service fares less well giving out El Dee each way at Wetherby, unplaced and Catch The Perk, who is a non-runner on account of the bad ground, as well as advising a small stakes each way double on the two. His lay of Caiporoska in the Wetherby 12.40 is similarly unsuccessful as it wins in great style.

Henry Rix gives out Edgeover each way, as does Mark Holder, however Isiris is negative towards this in their message which proves to be correct as the horse is unplaced. Isiris give Pancake as an Insider bet but it's jumping proves to be crepe (!!!) and it trails in a remote third. Mark Holder gives out two other selections on the day with Arafan each way second at 16/1 and Wingman each way who dead-heated for third place.

All in all a very poor day and a loss of £594.

Personally, didn't bother with any trading - just had a bet on the football which cost me £100.

Loss on day £694

Sunday 9 December

Well I've been losing all week so I might as well lose a bit more. Isiris main account bet, each way on Kentmere at 11/1 which fell before the race was on in earnest and Steve Lewis Hamilton gave Cold Turkey on his all weather line which came nowhere.

Loss on day £300

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Better Day

Thursday 6 December

Isiris put up Ashkazar as an insider bet at Wincanton who won very impressively. The only other horse advised today was from Optimum Racing, who gave out L'Oiseu - unplaced at Leicester after jumping poorly. Profit on day £150.

Personal trading yielded a profit of £85 after commission, steady enough.

Profit on day £235

Nothing Doing Again

Wednesday 5 December

After yesterday's disaster, I left it to the tipping lines today. Isiris decided against giving out the horse he was discussing on Tuesday night, which proved to be a good decision as it finished out of the frame. He went main account on Edmo Yewkay, which just managed to grab the each way money on the line for a small loss on the bet. Elsewhere Mark Holder's unfortunate run continued with an unplaced 20/1 advice on Goodnight Dick at Catterick. Finally Steve Lewis Hamilton put up Mairead's Boy at Kempton which was unplaced.

Will be trading myself on Thursday, and holding it all together with a calm and disciplined approach. But I've got my canoe out of the garage in case it all goes wrong !!!!

Loss on day £163

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Oh My God, What Am I Doing

Tuesday 4 December

Well, big losing day today and it's all down to me. Lost my discipline and it's cost me.

Tipsters first, a surprisingly busy day for a drab days racing. Mark Holder played 2 horses each way in the first at Hereford, and for the third time in a week a late non-runner wrecked the place terms as the field was reduced to 15. In the end neither horse was in the first four anyway but the bet wouldn't have been given if the non-runner had been known 10 minutes earlier and £100 would have been saved.

Steve Lewis Hamilton gave out two horses on his all-weather service with Atlantic Story and Hello Man both winning, however his private service bet on Monro Gold in the Hereford 2.40 went west (more on this race later)

Optimum Racing nominated an each way bet on Tosula at Hereford, but the money was left behind this time as the horse ran poorly and was pulled up.

Finally Isiris played on the 2.40 Hereford, giving out Monro Gold with a saver on Penric.

Profit from the tipsters today £168.

Personal trading now, as detailed earlier I was advised bets in the Hereford 2.40. The vibes were all against Sonnengold, so I layed £150 at 3.20 5 minutes before the off. Part way through the race things looked promising and I could have greened out for a profit of around £100 which is what I should have done. Of course I didn't and the result is in the book now. Not only do I drop £250 by backing the tipsters advice, I add another £330 to it.

Doesn't get any better because I had already layed Never So Blue and Over The Creek earlier in the afternoon dropping another £344.

Finally dropped another £200 on the football tonight with Leyton Orient and Doncaster Rovers letting me down.

A very disappointing day, feel I've let myself down today. I already stood to win a decent amount on the Hereford race if Sonnengold had lost. I was influenced by what I had lost on Never So Blue and Over The Creek earlier in the afternoon. I was also chasing when I was staking the football bet, trying to turn a profit on the day - god knows why because I'm miles in front since I started and losing £500 while not a good day is hardly disasterous. I think I am guily of looking at things too short term, while I'm well in front I have lost a fair bit in the last ten days since I briefly passed the £5000 mark.

Ah well, I've done it all before. It's how I respond to this that is what matters. Feeling a bit low now, but I'll sleep on it and move on. Things have gone very well so far, and any lapses on my part have been kept to a minimum. Potentially a busy day from the tipsters tomorrow. Isiris may be having a main account bet, and I think it might be a good one - Kevin not happy with the Hereford race either, and in the mood to make amends.

Loss on day £706

Should have been a winning day

Monday 3 December

Frustrating day today with Isiris advising their first maximum bet since I began my subscription with them. An each way second at 9/4 advised (but only 2/1 available within seconds of the message going out), never looked like collecting the win part although the winner nearly came down at the last, so a loss on the bet of £90 at the stakes I play at.

Elsewhere Steve Lewis Hamilton gave out Ogre in the 4.10 at Wolves, I was on at 5/1 and this should have won. The in running comment in the paper reads "slowly into stride, held up in rear, not clear run over 2f out, headway over 1f out, soon ridden, ran on inside final furlong". Beaten a neck by a 25/1 shot....nice work Queally.

Loss on day £190

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Day Off

Sunday 2 December

Day off today, as I was at the christening of my mate's little lad. Top day and good to relax at the end of what has been a bit of a trying week.

Was going to ring the messages to see what came through, and get on where I could. But that plan was scuppered by leaving my mobile at home !!! Luckily only one advice from all the services, which would have been a loss of £50 so pleased to miss out.

Should have a bit more time this coming week, as my work schedule is somewhat easier than last, although Monday will be busy. Need to think about my work situation though, I presently have two part time jobs, one which I do from home - the other which is office based for 15-20 hours week on average. It's the office job which might have to go. If I can prove to myself that I can make a proper go of this, then I will pack it in.

Don't get a great deal of satisfaction from it, and the social side of things is pretty much non-existant. With one or two exceptions they're certainly not people who I would choose to spend time with.

The money is ok - it pays the mortgage, but I'm there in the morning and thinking now that I really don't want to go. Only 4 weeks to Christmas though and I think I can tough that out. The break will give me time to think things through and work out which way to go.

A Steady Start to the Month

Saturday 1 December

Typically busy Saturday from the tipping lines, but a small loss overall. Henry Rix has the best of it with Baharah winning at 5/1 advised, however his other advice Clopf was a loser. Isiris gave out a main account bet, an each way second at 10/3 producing a small loss on the bet, their other advice being an Insider bet loser. Mark Holder gave out 3 each way bets, Special Envoy second (money back) and European Dream 10/1 third finishing in the frame, finally Mathematician racing advised a bet on Climate which lost at Wolves. Overall losses of £76 from the tipsters.

Personal trading concentrated on trading the favourites for a profit of £139 after commission, didn't have enough time to pick out a decent football bet or to look at anything on the horses.

Profit on day £63

A Challenging Week

Said last week that work was getting in the way and that has certainly proved the case this week.

Just a couple of lines about each day of what has been a losing week.

Monday 26 November

Working away from home Monday and Tuesday means I am only able to back the tipping line advices, with just two today - Star Shot falling 4 out when in third and being asked for an effort, plus Alfresco advised each way at Lingfield, hampered 1 out and missing out on third by a short head. Unable to make the call to Isiris and missed an each way third which would have produced a small profit on the bet. So a £200 loss on the day.

Tuesday 27 November

The kind of day to drive me mad. Unable to make the calls to two of my services due to being in a meeting at work and guess what - missed a 9/2 winner and £450 worth of profit, the messages I did get produced 3 losers and a loss of £350 on the day. Don't Give Up The Day Job, the title of Leon's blog. Well I bloody feel like doing that after today.

Wednesday 28 November

Back home now, but unable to do any trading again. Two losing tips mean another £150 gone.

Thursday 29 November

Well this is turning into a nightmare week, another 4 losing tips with none of them ever looking like coming in adds another £450 to the tale of woe.

Friday 30 November

Well thank god it's Friday as they say. Steve Lewis Hamilton puts up two winners - Nicozetto at 7/2 and The Package e/w at 11/2. Unfortunately his lay advice of Roman Villa was unsucessful and his all weather advice Red Romeo e/w also lost. Optimum Racing capped a fantastic month with Top Dressing advised at 5/2 (which I took) eventually winning at 3/1. Unfortunately I backed it with Blue Square who were the best morning price but don't pay out the better SP. Henry Rix advised Osiris Way at Lingfield and Isiris gave out an each way on Nice Wee Girl at 6/1 (SP 9/4) which missed the places by a short head. Nevertheless a very welcome profit of £437 reduce the damage on the week.

November Profit and Loss

Final figures for the month show a profit from the tipsters of £2414 and my own trading of £1074, giving a total profit of £3488 on the month.

Overall profit since starting now stands at £4367 - down from the update last Sunday but very pleasing all the same in only two months.

Weekend update to follow.....

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Milestone Reached

Sunday evening

Another profitable week, not too much action from the tipsters apart from the usual busy Saturday and as you've gathered work is a pain in the arse and is severely restricting my trading activities. However £312 from the tipsters, £136 from my own bets / trades means a profit on the week of £448.

The overall profit now stands at £5080, £2758 from the tipsters and £2322 from my personal trading. Great stuff, more of the same please !!!!!

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Thursday - Sunday

Got far too much going on workwise at the moment. Hopefully it should slow down again towards the end of next week. Will update the blog as and when I can, also want to be writing more than just a bland statement of profits or losses - unfortunately just haven't got the time right now.

Thursday 22 November

Three small stake losers advised by the tipping services, as well as a successful lay of Presenting Copper - £75 loss on the day.

Traded the favourites on betfair for a profit on £116 after commission.

Profit on day £41

Friday 23 November

Two winning tips, Livingonaknifedge 9/2 and Elusive Lady 7/4, loss of £25 in race played by Mark Holder with an 8/1 each way third, plus two small stakes losers add up to a profit on £237 on day. No time to trade.

Profit on day £237

Saturday 24 November

Isiris give out Hardy Eustace and Afsoun in the same race for a £200 profit on the race, lay of Dusky Warbler adds another £96, Fier Normand each way second is a money back job, as is Davidia, elsewhere losers with Strawberry Lolly, Evens And Odds, World Spirit, Isle De Maurice and Redemption so a loss of £225 here. Made £48 trading the favs, but lost £100 on football bets. So a poor day overall.

Loss on day £277

Sunday 25 November

Day off today, and just the sort of day I want. Just one horse advised - Fine By Me an 11/4 winner, and yet another success for Optimum Racing who are flying this month with 5 winners and 2 each way places from 10 bets. Profit on day £275.

Profit on day £275

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Catch Up Time

Not a lot of time this week but just to update the latest results.

Tuesday 20 November

Just the one bet on Tuesday, with a main account bet from Isiris - a 6/4 second in the 4 horse race at Fakenham and a loss on the day of £200.

Wednesday 21 November

Kevin at Isiris back to his best today with an insider bet winning at 10/1 advised and a profit of £625 on the bet. Elsewhere Quiet Times was second at Kempton and Aston Lad unplaced. Profit on day £400.

Been a quiet week so far in terms of the blog, but I've been very busy work wise - too busy really. It's getting to the stage where I would rather be doing this than anything else now. Give it until after Christmas and then it might be time to make a decision about which way I go.

I'm at home all day tomorrow, got a few things to catch up on but I should be able to do some trading in the afternoon. Might trade the evening card at Wolves if I get the chance.

Tuesday / Wednesday profit £200

Monday, 19 November 2007

Blue Monday

Monday 19 November

An instantly forgettable days racing produced three losers from the tipsters and a loss on the day of £200.

Traded the favourites for a profit after commission of £72.

Nothing else to report so I'll keep it brief and hope for something better tomorrow.

Loss on day £128

Sunday, 18 November 2007

More of the same

Sunday 18 November

The icing on the cake today with another profitable day. Just three bets advised with Steve Lewis Hamilton advising Kalca Mome at 6/1 (20p rule 4) and a lay of Predateur and Optimum giving out Spirit Calling each way third at 13/2. Another £362 profit.

No trading or bets from me today.

Profit on day £362

So what a fantastic week this has been. A profit of £2657 since Monday, £2183 from the tipping lines and £474 from my own trading. So far this month a profit of £3753 and since I started on 1 October I'm £4632 ahead. Must not get carried away though, hopefully the tipsters will keep doing their stuff and I've got to plug any leaks in my own betting to ensure this project is a success. But what a start !!!

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Mixed Emotions

Saturday 17 November

A great day profit wise, but it was a dark day at Cheltenham with the terrible falls of Granit Jack and Willyanwoody and the loss of two great prospects for the future. I love the jumps game, but it can be very hard sometimes. Commiserations to the Paul Nicholls team.

On to Saturday's results - Optimum Racing advised a couple of ante-post bets on the Paddy Power Gold Cup, L'Antartique and Bob Hall, and it was L'Antartique just prevailing up the hill to land my 10/1 bet.

Henry Rix gave out three horses with Traprain a very impressive winner at Wetherby, also at 10/1. His other two horses were unplaced.

Mark Holder gave Lemon Mill at Cheltenham and he was third at 16/1, having briefly looked good turning for home and trading at even money on Betfair so I'm told.

Couple of other losers given by the other services, but a profit on the day of £1330.

Personally, I was doing well trading the favourites until I came unstuck on the 2.20 at Wetherby and had to bail out for a £57 loss. Packed it up once L'Antartique had won. Overall I made £14 trading the favourites, lost £25 by laying Traprain before the last to ensure a profit, made £41 on the NI / Denmark over 2.5 goals market, made £39 laying Israel at half time and backing them back at 1-1, but i dropped £50 on my football treble this afternoon wit Doncaster and Walsall letting me down. Profit on day £19.

Profit on day £1349

Can't Win Every Day

Friday 16 November

Well it's been a fantastic week so far, but nothing doing from the tipping lines today.

The only return of the day was the place part of Henry Rix's advice of Dark Bolero at 16/1, Isiris advised an each way bet on Le Duc who was still travelling well when coming down in the Cross Country race. 4 other losers elsewhere mean a loss of £438 from the tipsters.

Personally I traded the favourites well today, 16 races traded, won on 14, even on 1 and lost on 1. Profit after commission of £221.

Loss on day £217

Thursday, 15 November 2007

On A Lighter Note

Or not as the case may be.....

I saw today that the darts player Andy Fordham has lost 10 stone in 10 months and now weighs 16 stone.

Thats the same as me !!!!!

ffs, that's never right. I've got to do something about it, looks like a weight loss / fitness type blog might be on the cards before too long.

The Run Goes On

Thursday 15 November

Another great day for me with Optimum Racing doing the business advising a win bet on Dun Drinan, put the bet on early with Boylesports at 11/4 and once again benefited from their policy of guaranteeing the best price, returned an SP of 7/2.

Elsewhere Mark Holder gave out Lyster in the Ludlow 2.30, stayed on into third - got lucky here as Cresswell Willow had the race won when she came down at the last, so a bonus of a £50 pick up on the place.

Soviet Sceptre was my other winner of the day at 7/4, and it looked like I was going to get another with Music Review going clear as they turned in and just run out of it in the last 100 yards. Really need to start trading these tips somehow as I was on this at 11/2 and it went as low as 1.3 in running. Things are going really well right now but I've got to make the most of every opportunity to nick a few quid here and there.

The final horse given out today was a speculative small bet on Absolutelythebest at Ludlow, against Lake Imperial. Was on at 12/1, he finished second and I did manage to lay this one in running between the last two to make another £48 after commission (included in the personal trades profit). Profit on day £363.

Managed to do a bit of trading for the first time this week - traded the favourites for a profit of £139 after commission. Was tempted to lay Lake Imperial in the win market, decided to lay him for a place instead, figuring that if he didn't win he probably wouldn't place either. Pulled up before halfway so something was clearly amiss. Once he was headed I was confident of collecting anyway, but hope he comes back ok. Profit of £234 on day from my trading.

Profit on day £597

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

and today....

Wednesday 14 November

Hoh Wotanite was the best of the day winning at the early price of 4/1. An each way double also given out with Open Ditch (13/8) and Marino Prince (3/1 - 30p R4) both winning.

She's Humble was nailed near the line, to deny me another winner and Isiris played in the first at Bangor advising two horses each way, with April San finishing third and the 40/1 pick out of the frame.

Will be at home Thursday and should be able to trade in the afternoon, and hopefully continue a very good week so far.

Profit on day £277

Busy Couple of Days

Tuesday 13 November

Not been around during the day to trade for last couple of days so relying on the tipping lines to do their stuff. So to bring things up to date......

Isiris gave out an each way insider bet at 6/1 advised which duly finished second, however I was unable to get the message on time and had to back it at the 5/1 SP, but a small profit on the bet.

Mark Holder played in the 2.20 at Kempton, backing Cool Roxy (14/1) and Turtle Soup (40/1) each way. Cool Roxy was second whereas Turtle Soup was nabbed close home to be denied third place, and a great profit - having traded at 1.01 in the place market on Betfair after the last I found out later. So very unfortunate to lose £5 on the race.

Finally, I was advised a lay of Ouninpohja - which I had already picked out myself to ring in to Betfair - so another £96 profit.

Profit on day £109

Monday, 12 November 2007

Manic Monday

Monday 12 November

No more alliteration after today I promise !

A much busier day than expected for a Monday with five horses advised by the various services I subscribe to.

Best of the day from Optimum Racing who gave Super Road Train at 4/1 to ensure a profitable start to the week.

Isiris gave a main account bet, an each way second at 5/1 - so money back on that one. The other three horses all lost - finishing second, third and fourth.

Profit on day £180

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Super Sunday !!!

Sunday 11 November 2007

Just one horse from the tipsters today, Littledodayno on the all weather at Kempton - advised at 4/1, got on at 9/2 with Boylesports who pay best odds if the SP is bigger than the morning price. The horse eventually won at 6/1 for a profit of £600.

No price trading today, just a couple of bets - I place layed Granite Man at Market Rasen on account of his jumping problems and collected £48 after commission. I also had a treble on the under / over 2.5 goals market in the footy. Had Man U and Bolton under, Spurs over. Then backed Man U on Betfair over 2.5 late on to ensure a profit on the bet of £200.

Profit on day £848

So an up and down week to say the least but its another profitable week with £696 added to the total - £314 from the tipsters and £382 from my own bets and trades.

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Shocking Saturday

Saturday 10 November

A disappointing performance from the tipping lines today with 9 horses advised and not a single winner amongst them. Although to be fair, they were all decent prices with the shortest being advised at 6/1, so the strike rate was never going to be that high. The best result was Sandbuch who was second, advised each way at 8/1 and Turthen who was third, given out as an each way bet at 8/1. None of the others made the frame, although there was an each way 4th, and a faller whilst lying third three out. It all adds up to a £505 loss on the day.

Personal trading was mixed, made £79 trading the favourites this afternoon, but lost £200 laying Pepporoni Pete and Abragante and lost £50 on the footy to add another £173 to the days losses and to fall behind on the week.

Tomorrow's racing looks dismal so hopefully a quiet day will be on the cards.

Loss on day £678

Quiet Friday

Friday 9 November 2007

A very quiet day with two losers advised by the tipsters and no time to trade for me due to work commitments.

Out on Friday night so no trading the evening racing either.

Loss on day £200

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Down to Me Today

Thursday 8 November

Three horses advised today including an Isiris account bet, advised each way and placed third, a small loss on the bet plus two other losers result in a loss of £182 from the tipsters.

Personally I traded 15 races on Betfair, making £205 after commission and I also laid Royal Fantasy in the 8.50 at Wolves to add another £96 and take the profits on my personal trading over £300 today.

Profit on day £119

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Football Crazy

Wednesday 7 November

Just the two horses today on a pretty desperate days racing, Southpaw Lad winning at 5/2 at Kempton with Always Waining a loser at Chepstow - profit on day £100.

Traded 13 races on Betfair this afternoon, winning on 12 and collecting £63 after commission.

Gave it away tonight though on the Champions League. Played Man Utd (-2), Barcelona (-1.5 & -2)and Arsenal (-1) on the Asian Handicaps, had a £50 trixie but Barcelona won by only 2 so half the stake returned here, and Arsenal drew a blank against a team they put 7 goals past two weeks ago !! so a loss on £74 on the bet, but still an overall profit on the day.

Profit on day £89

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Giving A Bit Back

Tuesday 6 November

Three horses advised today, but nothing doing from any of them and a loss of £250 was the result.

Working today so no trading either.

Nothing much else to say really, so I'll keep it brief and see what tomorrow brings.

Loss on day £250

Monday, 5 November 2007

I Do Like Mondays

Monday 5 November

A great start to the week with 3 winners from the tipsters, Coolers Quest 7/4, Lake Imperial 10/3 and Prince Noel 11/2 producing a great profit of £751.

Personally, just traded three races for a profit of £17 after commission - feeling a bit under the weather this afternoon so watching the numbers going round seemed too much like hard work.

Profit on day £768

Sunday, 4 November 2007

A Quiet End to the Week

Sunday 4 November

Just two horses advised today, a win bet on Feifdom at Wolves who finished third, and small each way bet on Spirit Calling (14/1 advised), again third, at Carlisle, loss on day £37.

Fancied a quiet day today, so just traded 3 races whilst waiting for the Wolves race to run and made £30 after commission.

Loss on day £7

So another profitable week with £607 added to the pot, £525 from the tipsters and £82 from my own efforts this weekend, the profit for the month of November stands at exactly £400.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

A Profitable Day - Eventually

Saturday 3 November 2007

Had to wait until late in the evening to hit the front tonight as Dansant just got up to win the 8.20 at Kempton and provide the only winner of the day for the tipping services. Henry Rix advised this one at 11/1 with Hills (which had gone within 20 seconds of the message going out), or 10/1 elsewhere which I managed to get. Obviously plenty of others were on as well as the SP was 7/2. That winner ensured the tipsters produced another profit on the day of £137, lost on 5 other races today.

Personally I traded the favourites on Betfair for a profit on £130 after commission but chucked away £80 on a football bet and other racing bets.

Profit on day £189

Friday, 2 November 2007

And right up to date....

Thursday 1 November

The start of a brand new month and a new era for Isiris, the Insider bets are no more, and so the number of bets they advise will be drastically reduced.

Nothing from Isiris on Thursday, but three bets elsewhere with a 7/1 each way third the best on offer and a loss of £180 on the day.

Loss on day £180

Friday 2 November

Another Isiris main account bet and another winner, advised at 7/2. Unfortunately the favourite which they were against bolted at the start and was withdrawn and a hefty 40% rule 4 was applied.

Took in Wetherby races on the way home from my short break and had action in three races from the tipsters.

Mark Holder was against Smugglers Bay in the 2.50 at Wetherby and put up Cornell Precedent (9/4) and Mr Crystal (10/3) to beat it. Mr Crystal was a length to the good when he tipped up at the second last when it was all looking good. I have to say though that Callisto Moon did finish his race off very well, and maybe Mr Crystal would have had a fight on his hands for the win had he stood up. Nevertheless a £200 loss on the race.

Earlier Mark had put up Moon Melody in the first e/w at 12/1, which finished second (familiar story !!), although well beat by Alfadora.

Finally at Wetherby, was advised to lay Atticus Boy in the last, and he duly trailed in last of 6.

Elsewhere I was on Cyd Charisse at Uttoxeter, which won - just.

Profit on day £398.

Quick Update

Monday 29 - Wednesday 31 October

Monday : Main account bet from Isiris was a winner at 15/8 advised, but I was in a dodgy mobile area and by the time I got through to Ladbrokes, I could only get on at 7/4.

They also advised 4 Insider bets which produced 1 winner, advised at 7/2 but because I was travelling I couldn't ring the message until late afternoon, and only got on at 3/1. However because I rang the message late I missed a loser that they gave out earlier, which just about made up for the difference on the prices.

Elsewhere I was advised an each way bet on Kathleen Kennett which finished 3rd at 7/1 advised to round off a profitable day.

Tuesday : Again I was late picking up the messages which meant I missed 3 losers - saving myself £200. The two Isiris insiders I did get on both finished second at 4/1, meaning the first losing day for a week.

Wednesday : Didn't back anything at all today because I forgot to take my mobile with me when we went out, and I didn't have a list of the phone numbers with me. Obviously I've got my holiday head on. Perhaps I should just forget it whenever I go away away and hope I don't miss anything too drastic.

Anyway I apprehensively checked the messages in the evening. It was the final day of the Isiris insiders and it wouldn't have surprised me if they had gone out with a bang given their current form. Fortunately for me only 1 of the 5 won and coupled with results elsewhere, I would have been £123 down had I played today.

Monday to Wednesday profit £207

So that is it for October, a total profit of £879 - £1248 from my own efforts and a loss of £369 from the tipsters.

A steady enough start, which I'm pleased with. Should have been a lot better had I not made a couple of major f*** ups. However that's gone now and there's plenty to look forward to in the next few months.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

A Profitable Week

Sunday 28 October 2007

A fairly quiet day from the tipping lines produced one winner, Monet's Garden, but an overall loss on the day of £50.

Personally I didn't have any bets although I traded the favourites for a couple of hours and made £142 after commission to ensure a profitable day again and to cap a good week.

Profit on day £92

Looking back at the week I have made a profit of £1354, made up of £614 from the tipping lines and £740 from my own bets and trades, so I'm now £672 in front this month with just 3 more days to go.

I need to think about how I use the advices I am getting from the tipsters, and whether to stake more on the bets and then trade the anticipated shorter prices on Betfair. The majority of the tips are trading shorter come race time - half the price in some cases this past week, so there is something to work with for sure. Will have to try a few things out over the coming few weeks.

Going away to the Lakes for a few days tomorrow. I will be ringing the tipping lines daily, although it looks like it might be a quiet week - two of them already say no bet until Wednesday. But no trading from me until I get back on Friday.

Will update again next weekend.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Four In A Row

Saturday 27 October 2007

Another busy day for the tipsters, but the final profit of £50 was disappointing given that I was advised a 7/1 winner and also had a big bet on Indian Blessing at the Breeders Cup, but too many losers elsewhere unfortunately.

On my personal bets, had a very good day. Laid Dylan Thomas in the Breeders Cup Turf, backed a few horses for a small profit - the best being Leslingtaylor, and I made £138 trading the prices on Betfair for a total profit of £335 today.

Profit on day £385

A Long Good Friday

Friday 26 October 2007

A busy day on the tipping lines, particularly for the Isiris insider bets which are in good form right now. Best bet of the day from them was Morristown Music at Ayr, backed at the advised 5/2 and winning well at an SP of 11/8. An each way second on Red Sun at 9/1 boosted the profits further and I was also advised Silk Affair who won the first at Ayr at 4/1.

Unfortunately gave half of it back in the last at Wolves which took the gloss off the day. Had already been advised Kalasam earlier in the day and Isiris were keen to get the favourite here, putting up three against it including Kalasam. In the end Boz won it and I did £200 on the race. So final profit from the tipsters £229.

Didn't do a lot of trading today - just 4 races traded for a small profit of £18 after commission.

Profit on day £247

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Fantastic Day

Thursday 25 October 2007

A great performance today from the tipping lines with 4 horses advised producing 3 winners - Mr Preacher Man 5/2, Bafana Boy 4/1 and Bermacha 2/1, and an each way second Seattle Robber at 8/1, beaten less than a length. All told a profit on the day of £745.

Out all day again today so no time to trade. As I write this there are a couple of races left at Wolves, but it's job done already today and I'm a bit tired so I'm not going to mess around tonight just to try and add another £20 or £30 to the profit. Besides there's a bottle of red with my name on it that seems to be calling me.

Profit on day £745

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Steady Day

Wednesday 24 October 2007

A busy day at work meant that trading was restricted to just 4 races at Kempton tonight. Didn't try anything too clever and made £37 after commission without any alarms.

Busy day from the tipsters, particularly Isiris who gave out 5 Insider Bets which gave me the problem of getting on quick on my mobile because I had no internet access. Managed OK, in fact the two winners they gave actually returned bigger prices at SP but I was on at the advised prices. Three other losers advised by my other services but a small profit of £90 on the day.

Profit on day £127

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Knocking on The Door Again

Tuesday 23 October 2007

Three horses advised by the tipping lines, Jack Rolfe @ 3/1 was beaten just over a length by Warsaw Pact at Exeter. Then later in the afternoon I was on Maysarah at Lingfield, who drifted from the early 7/2 which I took to be 5/1 on the off. Finished 3rd beaten half a length and a short head, having been denied a clear run at a crucial stage and finishing fastest of all when the post came. So unlucky there again, but it's a £300 loss on the day from the tipsters.

Traded very well on Betfair today, with 20 winning races out of 24 and a profit of £208 after commission helping to offset the tipping line losers.

Loss on day £92

Monday, 22 October 2007

A Quiet Start To The Week

Monday 22 October 2007

Nothing much to report today. Was out and about this afternoon and so no personal trading for me.

Just a couple of horses advised, finishing 3rd and 4th resulting in a loss on the day of £150.

Loss on day £150.

Sunday, 21 October 2007

How I Needed That

Sunday 21 October 2007

Well after Saturday's horror show I needed a good day just to get me back on track.

Two horses advised by the tipping lines today and two very welcome winners, at 5/2 and 8/1 for Isiris and Mark Holder giving a profit of £615.

Personally, I traded half a dozen races on Betfair and made £59 after commission.

Profit on day £674

Looking at the month so far, I am showing a loss of £682, made up of a profit on my personal trades and bets of £508, and a loss on the tipping lines of £1190. The very nature of this blog means that there are going to be swings in the profit and loss depending on the success of the tipping lines. That's why I am trading the favourites in order to try and keep a regular profit coming in from one source when the tipsters are not producing the results.

Depsite the loss on the month so far, I am happy with the performance of the tipping lines. I've been advised 7 winners (9/1, 8/1, 7/1, 11/2, 4/1, 10/3, 5/2) and also 12 seconds, 8 of which were advised each way (16/1 twice, 14/1, 8/1 twice, 7/1, 13/2 and 5/1). Plenty of losers along the way of course, but the number of bets will reduce from next month with the revised Isiris operation which I am looking forward to.

Personally, I have been happy with the way I've traded the favourites on Betfair with a couple of obvious exceptions. Yesterday's blunder is still eating away at me. The fact is that twice now I have made losses from not getting out before the off - on 11/10 and yesterday, which have cost me around £500. This must not happen again !!

Enough of that, not going to dwell on it anymore, the line is drawn here !


Still ten days of the month to go and plenty of time to get in front.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

A Terrible Day

Saturday 20 October 2007

Where do I start today.

Personal trading I think. I had a narrow escape last night but I took a huge hit tonight and it was all my fault. Again I failed to get out for a modest red pre race and for some reason I didn't get out in running when I had the chance. I just sat there fiddling around with the prices and by the time I came to submit my back it was too late. Cannot explain it - I would have been out if I did what I should have done which was submit straight away. Instead on the 8.55 at Wolves I lost £388. Absolutely gutted, I've done it before. I hope I never do it again....what a ****. This is made all the more galling because prior to this race I was actually £204 up on the day on my trades. So a minute or so of madness wipes out a good days work and I end up doing £185 on Betfair today.

Had a bet on the Rugby World Cup final - didn't really fancy England to win, but I thought it would be a close game and that they could cover the 9 point handicap with Boylesports. So £150 on at 11/10. As we all know the final score was 15-6 and so another kick in the nuts and another £150 gone.

Add to that £27 down on my football bets today and I ended up doing £362 on my personal trading today.

As for the tipsters, an overdose of horses from them today with 11 horses advised. The unfortunate spate of seconds continued today with 3 more, including at 14/1 and 16/1 (an unachievable 20/1 was the advised price). But the final analysis shows a loss of £518, including £200 from an Isiris main account loser. Looking forward to November when the number of insider bets will be cut drastically. Can certainly do without trying to get 5 bets on at once with the prices evaporating by the second.

By far my worst day since I started this blog. In the long-run the tipsters profitablilty will take care of itself I'm sure, no fewer than 10 of the horses I've been advised since last Saturday have finished second, plenty of these were each way to be fair - just need to convert a couple of these into winners and the profit and loss would look very different.

I'm more concerned with my own performance today. I still cannot believe what I did even now 2 1/2 hours later as I write this.

Might reflect more on this tomorrow, but thank god today is over.

Loss on day £880

Nearly A Nightmare

Friday 19 October 2007

Had a narrow escape tonight. Was trading 8.25 Wolves - had laid Evita £100 @ 4.3 when I lost my internet connection. Not Betfair, which occasionally goes down but my connection at home. It was literally seconds before the off. Oh god !!!! I have a mobile internet connection through my laptop but I didn't have this plugged in and ready to go (lesson learnt, won't do that again), also I didn't have the telephone number and account details for Betfair as I have never placed a bet with them by phone (another lesson learnt, details now to hand). So there I was staring down the barrel at a potential £330 loss and nothing I could do about it. Very fortunately, the horse finished second but that was it for the night for me. Final outcome was a profit on the evening of £120 on my trading.

The tipping services produced a loss of £111, Isiris managed a 7/2 winner (having advised three horses in the same race !!), but I could only get 10/3 as I was out and didn't have time to ring round all the bookies. Henry Rix added another second place to my growing collection with Rajeh advised at 11/1 or 10/1, but again I missed the price and could only get 15/2 by the time I was able to place my bets. Had to work yesterday and while I was able to pick up the message OK, I was unable to get the bets on quick enough although I did beat the SP of 13/2. Got to get these advised prices though wherever possible.

Profit on day £9

Thursday, 18 October 2007

This is a non-smoking blog - no cigar again

Thursday 18 October 2007

Another day of what could have been from the tipping services as 4 advices produce another 2 second places (that's 7 seconds in the last week now).

Both advised each way and both ran terrific races, Rashida looked for a moment after the last as if he might turn over the hotpot and then in the evening Cragganmore Creek ran a blinder, punted down to 4/1 (I got on at 8/1 early doors).

The other two horses were win bets and both jumped poorly and never looked like collecting. Overall a loss of £125 on the tipping lines.

Unfortunately, I had to work today but managed to trade the favourites at Wolves tonight. Seemed to catch everything right and copped £103 after commission.

Loss on day £22

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A Forgettable Day

Wednesday 17 October 2007

A frustrating day for the tipping lines, 4 horses advised in total with two second places being the best results. Added to this a faller from a strong Isiris insider bet and an unplaced all weather selection all adds up to a loss of £400 from the tipsters.

I am managing to get the advised prices without too much difficulty at the moment, and this is going to be the key to making a profit from the services.

I only have to list todays price details to illustrate how important this is

Horse 1, advised 3/1, backed at 7/2, SP 5/2
Horse 2, advised 4/1, backed 4/1 (10p R4), SP 2/1
Horse 3, advised 3/1, backed 11/4 (never saw any 3), SP 2/1
Horse 4, advised 13/2, backed 7/1, SP 9/2

Got to get on at the advised prices wherever possible and the key to that is being able to make the calls at the appointed time, then I have to move fast to get on.
Haven't had any knock-backs so far, no doubt that will come and I will have have to plan for that eventuality. I've got accounts with just about every firm listed on oddschecker and I also have accounts with the Betfair, Betdaq and WBX.

I have been impressed with the quality of the information received so far, the majority of the horses have run well and I am very confident about how this project is going to turn out.

Traded the favourites well today, making a profit of £133 after commission. I failed to get out twice before the off today, but this time I was able to immediately trade a profit in running. However as I have stated previously, I've got to tighten things up here. Got to be out before the race turns in-play whether my position is green or red.

Got a busy couple of days workwise coming up so I will only be able to do the tipping lines during the day. Might trade the evening racing at Wolves, see how I feel when I get in.

Loss on day £267

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

A Quiet Day

Tuesday 16 October 2007

Just a couple of horses advised, including one advised twice - which ran poorly. The other finished 3rd at 8/1. advised each way.

Nothing else to report today, hope for a busier and better day tomorrow.

Loss on day £200

Monday, 15 October 2007

A Good Start to the Week

Monday 15 October 2007

Had a day off from Betfair and so just backed the two horses advised by the tipping services.

Best of the day was Eva Soneva So Fast, a winner at 11/2 advised each way, with the other selection being unplaced.

Profit on day £280

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Not My Sunday Best

Sunday 14 October 2007

Not sure what went wrong today, perhaps I had too much to drink last night. Whatever it was, my trading was hopeless today and I ended up doing £101. Cocked up an Irish race big style for £70 and decided to call it a day.

4 horses advised to me, including a 7/1 each way winner. Unfortunately this was advised to small stakes and didn't cover the other losers.

All in all a day to forget.

Loss on day £216

The Boys Done Good

Saturday 13 October 2007

6 horses advised yesterday but unable to add to Friday's profits. An each way second at 8/1 was the best result and the only advice to show a profit, so a loss of £345 on the day from the tipping lines.

Personally, I made £110 after commission from trading the favourites, but the highlight of the day from a punting and sporting point of view came in the evening with the Rugby World Cup.

After watching last week's performance I felt that if England could play as well as they did against the Aussies, they would have every chance of winning and certainly a good bet with the 8.5 point start they had on Betfair. Had £150 on England (+8.5 pts) at 1.94 for a profit on £134.

Loss on day £101

Friday, 12 October 2007

A Very Good Day

Friday 12 October 2007

Very good performance from the tipping services today, not so good from me though. It felt like I was getting it wrong more times than I was right. The final analyis shows I made £30, but I wasn't happy with how it went today.

Three horses advised to me.

50 e/w @ 7/2 (advised at 4/1, but I was late calling the message) winner, 450/50 and 111/50 place on Betfair winner, with the third horse unplaced, adding up to a profit of £674 after commission.

Profit on day £704

Learning The Lessons

Thursday 11 October 2007

More action from the tipping services today, which I will come to shortly.

Managed to make £69 trading the favourites after commission, but I should have done better. Lost £130 on one race because I didn't get out for a small loss before the off and had to take a much bigger one in running when the favourite immediately traded much shorter. Should have had at least £180 from my trades today, because I played well again apart from this one blunder.

I do trade in running on the horses from time to time, but theses trades are purely price movement trades and I need to be out green or red before the off. Schoolboy error !

A total of seven horses were advised to me by the various services I subscribe to, more than I would like on one day really but that will reduce when Isiris change their operations from the beginning of next month.

Summary of results as follows:-

The 4 Isiris horses included an 11/2 second and an 8/1 each way bet which finished a staying on 4th.

Elsewhere I backed Sturbury each way at Wincanton, who was hampered by two fallers half way round and eventually finished 5th, beaten only a length for a place.

Finally at Kempton I was on Inside Story each way at 13/2, and the horse got no run at all, finally getting out far too late and finishing 5th, beaten a length by the winner. Would probably have won with a clear run, but not to be.

A loss on the advised horses of £450, could have been so much better with any luck at all but thats the way things go.

Loss on day of £381

Thursday, 11 October 2007

The First Positive Step

Wednesday 10 October, 2007

Another fairly quiet day from my services, 2 horses advised...e/w 3rd at 15/2 and an unplaced 8/1 shot. However made a few quid from trading price movements on the favourites. Timing seemed to be on today, as there weren't too many mistakes or alarms and only had to take a small loss once.

Profit on day £54

Quick Update

Tuesday 9 October, 2007

As luck would have it, I missed a couple of winners while I was away, including a 33/1 shot on Thursday. I managed to pick up all the Thursday messages bar one before I left for the airport - missed the last message, containing the big winner, by about 20 minutes, but that's the way it goes.

It is inevitable that I will miss some calls, and, therefore, some winners during this project. Hopefully the winners and losers I miss will balance each other out.

Also, when I was planning all this, I knew I would be in Paris last weekend and so I wasn't going to start the subscriptions until I got back. Had I stuck to that I wouldn't have made the £1500 profit at the end of September, so there's no point in getting upset about it.

First day back, just one bet advised - unplaced. Loss of £100 is offset by profit on personal trades (just price movements today) of £53.

Loss on day £47.

A Great Weekend

Had a fantastic time in Paris.

Was my 6th time over there for the Arc weekend, and I reckon it was about the best of the lot.

Saturday was a big bonus. Not a fan of Rugby Union by any means, but it was a great performance from England, with the added enjoyment of the company of a load of Aussies in the bar while we were watching it.

Great atmosphere in the city on Saturday night, think the whole of Paris turned out after they beat New Zealand...was a hell of a day.

Then to Sunday, a beautiful day weatherwise. Fantastic setting, only 8 Euros to get in and the racing as always was top class.

Punting wise it was a good weekend as well. Four of us there, sharing all winnings. Managed to get a couple of footy bets in on Saturday, 5 of the 8 winners on Sunday and landed two winning bets on the Argentina v Scotland game on the Sunday night. Paid for plenty of food and drink over the weekend.

Can't wait for next year !!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Another Quiet Day

Wednesday 3 October 2007

Same story as Tuesday, busy with work all day so only backed the two horses advised. No returns plus a small loss on the football adds up to a loss of £162 on the day.

Won't be here with an update until next Tuesday or Wednesday as I'm off to Paris tomorrow for my favourite weekend of the year, the Arc at Longchamp. Will probably give the tipsters a miss while I'm away and just concentrate on relaxing and enjoying the racing on Sunday.

Loss on day £162

Nothing Doing

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Busy day workwise meant a quiet day on the horse front with no time to pick anything myself, so just the one loser advised, small profit on the football means a loss on the day.

Loss on day £75

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A Successful Warm-Up

For the sake of record keeping, I will only include results from 1 October.

However, I started using the services I have subscibed to on Friday 29 September and they have made a fine start - 4 horses advised to me and two winners at 10/1 and 14/1.

Together with my football bets I cleared £1521 on the weekend. Very nice.

Monday 1 October 2007

Just two bets on the horses today, a 16/1 second (beaten a neck) and an unplaced for a loss of £70, offset slightly by making £18 from trading on price changes on a couple of favourites.

Loss on day £52

The Quest Begins

Hi there, thanks for stopping by and hope you find something of interest here. There are numerous other betting blogs out there and I have taken inspiration, and some ideas lets be honest, from them.

The target is to make £25,000 by 31/12/2008 from betting, starting with a £6,000 bank on 01/10/07.

I'm going to utilise the services of several of the leading racing tipsters (well thats what it says in the ads !!), as well as my own personal views on the horses, plus trading on price changes on the favourites. I will also be betting and trading other sports, with a bias towards football, cricket and tennis, all supplemented (hopefully) by my desire to finally turn myself into a winning poker player.

If you want to make a success of your betting, and you lack discipline, patience, money management skills and so on, then this blog could be the one for you, because that sums me up perfectly.

Throughout my gambling life, I've always been prone to rushes of blood, tilting, chasing, and now there's a new enemy to separate me from my hard earned - the misclick !

But it's time to address those issues and it's time to make some serious cash. Welcome aboard the rollercoaster !!