Sunday, 21 October 2007

How I Needed That

Sunday 21 October 2007

Well after Saturday's horror show I needed a good day just to get me back on track.

Two horses advised by the tipping lines today and two very welcome winners, at 5/2 and 8/1 for Isiris and Mark Holder giving a profit of £615.

Personally, I traded half a dozen races on Betfair and made £59 after commission.

Profit on day £674

Looking at the month so far, I am showing a loss of £682, made up of a profit on my personal trades and bets of £508, and a loss on the tipping lines of £1190. The very nature of this blog means that there are going to be swings in the profit and loss depending on the success of the tipping lines. That's why I am trading the favourites in order to try and keep a regular profit coming in from one source when the tipsters are not producing the results.

Depsite the loss on the month so far, I am happy with the performance of the tipping lines. I've been advised 7 winners (9/1, 8/1, 7/1, 11/2, 4/1, 10/3, 5/2) and also 12 seconds, 8 of which were advised each way (16/1 twice, 14/1, 8/1 twice, 7/1, 13/2 and 5/1). Plenty of losers along the way of course, but the number of bets will reduce from next month with the revised Isiris operation which I am looking forward to.

Personally, I have been happy with the way I've traded the favourites on Betfair with a couple of obvious exceptions. Yesterday's blunder is still eating away at me. The fact is that twice now I have made losses from not getting out before the off - on 11/10 and yesterday, which have cost me around £500. This must not happen again !!

Enough of that, not going to dwell on it anymore, the line is drawn here !


Still ten days of the month to go and plenty of time to get in front.

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