Saturday, 20 October 2007

Nearly A Nightmare

Friday 19 October 2007

Had a narrow escape tonight. Was trading 8.25 Wolves - had laid Evita £100 @ 4.3 when I lost my internet connection. Not Betfair, which occasionally goes down but my connection at home. It was literally seconds before the off. Oh god !!!! I have a mobile internet connection through my laptop but I didn't have this plugged in and ready to go (lesson learnt, won't do that again), also I didn't have the telephone number and account details for Betfair as I have never placed a bet with them by phone (another lesson learnt, details now to hand). So there I was staring down the barrel at a potential £330 loss and nothing I could do about it. Very fortunately, the horse finished second but that was it for the night for me. Final outcome was a profit on the evening of £120 on my trading.

The tipping services produced a loss of £111, Isiris managed a 7/2 winner (having advised three horses in the same race !!), but I could only get 10/3 as I was out and didn't have time to ring round all the bookies. Henry Rix added another second place to my growing collection with Rajeh advised at 11/1 or 10/1, but again I missed the price and could only get 15/2 by the time I was able to place my bets. Had to work yesterday and while I was able to pick up the message OK, I was unable to get the bets on quick enough although I did beat the SP of 13/2. Got to get these advised prices though wherever possible.

Profit on day £9

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