Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Quest Begins

Hi there, thanks for stopping by and hope you find something of interest here. There are numerous other betting blogs out there and I have taken inspiration, and some ideas lets be honest, from them.

The target is to make £25,000 by 31/12/2008 from betting, starting with a £6,000 bank on 01/10/07.

I'm going to utilise the services of several of the leading racing tipsters (well thats what it says in the ads !!), as well as my own personal views on the horses, plus trading on price changes on the favourites. I will also be betting and trading other sports, with a bias towards football, cricket and tennis, all supplemented (hopefully) by my desire to finally turn myself into a winning poker player.

If you want to make a success of your betting, and you lack discipline, patience, money management skills and so on, then this blog could be the one for you, because that sums me up perfectly.

Throughout my gambling life, I've always been prone to rushes of blood, tilting, chasing, and now there's a new enemy to separate me from my hard earned - the misclick !

But it's time to address those issues and it's time to make some serious cash. Welcome aboard the rollercoaster !!

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