Saturday, 20 October 2007

A Terrible Day

Saturday 20 October 2007

Where do I start today.

Personal trading I think. I had a narrow escape last night but I took a huge hit tonight and it was all my fault. Again I failed to get out for a modest red pre race and for some reason I didn't get out in running when I had the chance. I just sat there fiddling around with the prices and by the time I came to submit my back it was too late. Cannot explain it - I would have been out if I did what I should have done which was submit straight away. Instead on the 8.55 at Wolves I lost £388. Absolutely gutted, I've done it before. I hope I never do it again....what a ****. This is made all the more galling because prior to this race I was actually £204 up on the day on my trades. So a minute or so of madness wipes out a good days work and I end up doing £185 on Betfair today.

Had a bet on the Rugby World Cup final - didn't really fancy England to win, but I thought it would be a close game and that they could cover the 9 point handicap with Boylesports. So £150 on at 11/10. As we all know the final score was 15-6 and so another kick in the nuts and another £150 gone.

Add to that £27 down on my football bets today and I ended up doing £362 on my personal trading today.

As for the tipsters, an overdose of horses from them today with 11 horses advised. The unfortunate spate of seconds continued today with 3 more, including at 14/1 and 16/1 (an unachievable 20/1 was the advised price). But the final analysis shows a loss of £518, including £200 from an Isiris main account loser. Looking forward to November when the number of insider bets will be cut drastically. Can certainly do without trying to get 5 bets on at once with the prices evaporating by the second.

By far my worst day since I started this blog. In the long-run the tipsters profitablilty will take care of itself I'm sure, no fewer than 10 of the horses I've been advised since last Saturday have finished second, plenty of these were each way to be fair - just need to convert a couple of these into winners and the profit and loss would look very different.

I'm more concerned with my own performance today. I still cannot believe what I did even now 2 1/2 hours later as I write this.

Might reflect more on this tomorrow, but thank god today is over.

Loss on day £880

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