Thursday, 18 October 2007

This is a non-smoking blog - no cigar again

Thursday 18 October 2007

Another day of what could have been from the tipping services as 4 advices produce another 2 second places (that's 7 seconds in the last week now).

Both advised each way and both ran terrific races, Rashida looked for a moment after the last as if he might turn over the hotpot and then in the evening Cragganmore Creek ran a blinder, punted down to 4/1 (I got on at 8/1 early doors).

The other two horses were win bets and both jumped poorly and never looked like collecting. Overall a loss of £125 on the tipping lines.

Unfortunately, I had to work today but managed to trade the favourites at Wolves tonight. Seemed to catch everything right and copped £103 after commission.

Loss on day £22


leonthefixer said...

Mate you seems to be very good at trading - so why not stick to that? Also are you trading these tips as they seem to be showing a great opportunity to trade them > 8-1 into 4-1 would be an excellent trade and profit would it not?

JP said...

Hi Leon,

Good to see you again mate, thanks for your comments.

Enjoying the price trading, especially when it goes like it did tonight, managed to get on the right end of some pretty big moves - the markets on the a/w are particularly volatile but you have to be careful not to be too greedy.

I do need to tighten things up though as I've said in my blog, especially I must get out before the race starts at all times, as I have been caught a couple of times already.

Regarding the tipsters, I have every confidence that I have made a sound decision here. Clearly there will be many ups and downs, almost certainly far more losing days than winning ones, and probably there will be days when I have doubts about things. However I have subscribed to all of them for a minimum six months which I think is long enough for them to prove themselves.

Regarding trading the price movements on the tips, then this is something I will almost certainly start doing before too long. They don't all move as sharply as that one did tonight, those Wolves markets are something else, but generally the SP's are a fair bit shorter than the early prices I am getting so I should be able to do something with them.

I'm only just starting out and will no doubt pick up and discard ideas (and tipsters) as I go along, as long as the figures are all right in the end then I'll be delighted.

Thanks for stopping buy again and look forward to hearing from you again.

Enjoy Paris !!