Wednesday, 14 November 2007

and today....

Wednesday 14 November

Hoh Wotanite was the best of the day winning at the early price of 4/1. An each way double also given out with Open Ditch (13/8) and Marino Prince (3/1 - 30p R4) both winning.

She's Humble was nailed near the line, to deny me another winner and Isiris played in the first at Bangor advising two horses each way, with April San finishing third and the 40/1 pick out of the frame.

Will be at home Thursday and should be able to trade in the afternoon, and hopefully continue a very good week so far.

Profit on day £277


paul said...


Just wondering what services you use and which ones you prefer if any.

Thanks and good luck.

JP said...

Hi Paul,

In no particular order the services I have subsribed to are Isiris, Henry Rix, Mark Holder, Optimum Racing, Mathematician Racing and Steve Lewis Hamilton.

It's early days yet, I've only been doing this for 7 weeks but the results have been very good, especially recently. But I am taking the long term view, there will be many losing days - hopefully mitigated by my own trading, plus there are the costs of the subscriptions plus incidental expenses like increased phone bills etc to take into account.

I have subscribed to them all for a minimum of six months (until after Cheltenham) which will give me enough time to evaluate them, and to change some of them if I don't think they are cutting the mustard.

The most important thing to remember if you are considering subscribing to any of these services is that you need to ring every day, you must ring on time as the prices will soon disappear once the message is online, so you will also need accounts with as many bookmakers as you can.

My present work situation fits in well with what I am trying to do as I have a part time job a couple of days a week, and the rest of the time I am at home and can do this.

Hope this is of some help. If you want any more details of the specific services, please reply to this with an e-mail address (I won't publish on here) and I will answer any questions you have.