Monday, 5 November 2007

I Do Like Mondays

Monday 5 November

A great start to the week with 3 winners from the tipsters, Coolers Quest 7/4, Lake Imperial 10/3 and Prince Noel 11/2 producing a great profit of £751.

Personally, just traded three races for a profit of £17 after commission - feeling a bit under the weather this afternoon so watching the numbers going round seemed too much like hard work.

Profit on day £768

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leonthefixer said...

Hey mate thanks for the comments - hope you had a good break. The win today was a nice welcome back gift as well! Unfortunately I did not realise how small the video was going to be on the blog and it seems you cant make them bigger. Also as it was over 10minutes I couldnt put it onto Youtube where it can be made full screen. Lesson learnt though for the future and will be making the videos less than 10minutes then they can actually be seen :-). The football is going okay tonight though I do expect losing days with it. Will redo the blog once the game finishes. Best go goal just scored!