Friday, 2 November 2007

Quick Update

Monday 29 - Wednesday 31 October

Monday : Main account bet from Isiris was a winner at 15/8 advised, but I was in a dodgy mobile area and by the time I got through to Ladbrokes, I could only get on at 7/4.

They also advised 4 Insider bets which produced 1 winner, advised at 7/2 but because I was travelling I couldn't ring the message until late afternoon, and only got on at 3/1. However because I rang the message late I missed a loser that they gave out earlier, which just about made up for the difference on the prices.

Elsewhere I was advised an each way bet on Kathleen Kennett which finished 3rd at 7/1 advised to round off a profitable day.

Tuesday : Again I was late picking up the messages which meant I missed 3 losers - saving myself £200. The two Isiris insiders I did get on both finished second at 4/1, meaning the first losing day for a week.

Wednesday : Didn't back anything at all today because I forgot to take my mobile with me when we went out, and I didn't have a list of the phone numbers with me. Obviously I've got my holiday head on. Perhaps I should just forget it whenever I go away away and hope I don't miss anything too drastic.

Anyway I apprehensively checked the messages in the evening. It was the final day of the Isiris insiders and it wouldn't have surprised me if they had gone out with a bang given their current form. Fortunately for me only 1 of the 5 won and coupled with results elsewhere, I would have been £123 down had I played today.

Monday to Wednesday profit £207

So that is it for October, a total profit of £879 - £1248 from my own efforts and a loss of £369 from the tipsters.

A steady enough start, which I'm pleased with. Should have been a lot better had I not made a couple of major f*** ups. However that's gone now and there's plenty to look forward to in the next few months.

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