Sunday, 2 December 2007

Day Off

Sunday 2 December

Day off today, as I was at the christening of my mate's little lad. Top day and good to relax at the end of what has been a bit of a trying week.

Was going to ring the messages to see what came through, and get on where I could. But that plan was scuppered by leaving my mobile at home !!! Luckily only one advice from all the services, which would have been a loss of £50 so pleased to miss out.

Should have a bit more time this coming week, as my work schedule is somewhat easier than last, although Monday will be busy. Need to think about my work situation though, I presently have two part time jobs, one which I do from home - the other which is office based for 15-20 hours week on average. It's the office job which might have to go. If I can prove to myself that I can make a proper go of this, then I will pack it in.

Don't get a great deal of satisfaction from it, and the social side of things is pretty much non-existant. With one or two exceptions they're certainly not people who I would choose to spend time with.

The money is ok - it pays the mortgage, but I'm there in the morning and thinking now that I really don't want to go. Only 4 weeks to Christmas though and I think I can tough that out. The break will give me time to think things through and work out which way to go.

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Hi! I've recently launched I've already added a link to your blog/site and I'll be including your posts to the updates. Keep it up!