Thursday, 13 December 2007

Feeling Good Again

Thursday 13 December

Well just two horses advised today, but a memorable day none the less.

Isiris put up their third main account bet of the week, a 40/1 each way bet. Managed to get my £100 e/w on the phone with Ladbrokes at the advised price, which surprised me to be honest as I was expecting a knock back or at least to be restriced, Kevin advised getting on in the shops as he didn't think they would lay it over the phones. Anyway I must have got on very early as when I walked into the tote shop a minute later the horse was 12/1. As for the race itself, I collected on the place part as we finished third for a profit of £700 on the bet.

The only other bet given today was a speculative punt on Backscratcher at Ludlow, advised by SLH to minimum stakes at 33/1 - pulled up.

Profit on day £675


Anonymous said...

Greetings, your article is included in Profitable Days of Thanks for sharing! Congrats on the big win today!

Rebelred said...

Hi JP,

Just found your blog for the first time and found it a very enjoyable read.

Its painful adding the losing days, but I find they are helpful to the learning process of where you go wrong, plus it makes for a much more honest and rounded account.

I think you're right in your assessment of looking at the long term picture, ok you're going to have losing days but just remember how well you've done since day 1.

I've added your link to my rammblings

Good to see you've had a rebound of late, best of luck


JP said...

Thanks for the comments Simon, much appreciated. Had a tough couple of weeks but thinks looking good again now. As you say this is a long term project, and it will pay not to get too carried away either way. Plus having to record the personal balls ups on here will hopefully help to eliminate them. Will have a read of your blog tomorrow and I have put a link up on mine for you.

All the best