Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Oh My God, What Am I Doing

Tuesday 4 December

Well, big losing day today and it's all down to me. Lost my discipline and it's cost me.

Tipsters first, a surprisingly busy day for a drab days racing. Mark Holder played 2 horses each way in the first at Hereford, and for the third time in a week a late non-runner wrecked the place terms as the field was reduced to 15. In the end neither horse was in the first four anyway but the bet wouldn't have been given if the non-runner had been known 10 minutes earlier and £100 would have been saved.

Steve Lewis Hamilton gave out two horses on his all-weather service with Atlantic Story and Hello Man both winning, however his private service bet on Monro Gold in the Hereford 2.40 went west (more on this race later)

Optimum Racing nominated an each way bet on Tosula at Hereford, but the money was left behind this time as the horse ran poorly and was pulled up.

Finally Isiris played on the 2.40 Hereford, giving out Monro Gold with a saver on Penric.

Profit from the tipsters today £168.

Personal trading now, as detailed earlier I was advised bets in the Hereford 2.40. The vibes were all against Sonnengold, so I layed £150 at 3.20 5 minutes before the off. Part way through the race things looked promising and I could have greened out for a profit of around £100 which is what I should have done. Of course I didn't and the result is in the book now. Not only do I drop £250 by backing the tipsters advice, I add another £330 to it.

Doesn't get any better because I had already layed Never So Blue and Over The Creek earlier in the afternoon dropping another £344.

Finally dropped another £200 on the football tonight with Leyton Orient and Doncaster Rovers letting me down.

A very disappointing day, feel I've let myself down today. I already stood to win a decent amount on the Hereford race if Sonnengold had lost. I was influenced by what I had lost on Never So Blue and Over The Creek earlier in the afternoon. I was also chasing when I was staking the football bet, trying to turn a profit on the day - god knows why because I'm miles in front since I started and losing £500 while not a good day is hardly disasterous. I think I am guily of looking at things too short term, while I'm well in front I have lost a fair bit in the last ten days since I briefly passed the £5000 mark.

Ah well, I've done it all before. It's how I respond to this that is what matters. Feeling a bit low now, but I'll sleep on it and move on. Things have gone very well so far, and any lapses on my part have been kept to a minimum. Potentially a busy day from the tipsters tomorrow. Isiris may be having a main account bet, and I think it might be a good one - Kevin not happy with the Hereford race either, and in the mood to make amends.

Loss on day £706


leonthefixer said...

Sorry to see the loss mate! It is days like that that are the most trying - were you still wishing you had given up your day job after lossing £700??? Think carefully before making that decision and get the discipline back under control and you will be alright!


Anonymous said...

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