Sunday, 16 December 2007

Quiet End To The Week

Sunday 16 December

A quiet day was always on the cards, especially with Musselburght being called off. As it turned out just one horse given out today, with SLH selecting Carnivore each way at 10/1 - ran well enough, led until the final furlong before eventually finishing fifth.

Loss on day £100

So the end of a very profitable week, £1345 profit with £1178 from the tipsters and £167 from my own efforts. Overall profit since 1 October now stands at £3830.


Talkbet said...

Congrats on a good week. How do you get your tips, through premium rate lines ?

Phil said...

Hi there

Found your blog whilst searching for feedback and comment on SLH. Reaching the end of my short term weekend only subscription and trying to decide whether to resubscribe!

Interesting to read your progress which I will keep an eye on in the future. Thanks for posting and good luck with your bets.


JP said...

Hi Talkbet, the messages are given out on a non-premium rate number ie 0870 or 0871, I pay a subscription for a set period to each service.

Phil, re SLH looking at my figures I am around £500 in front since I started at the end of September. I take the full service including the all weather and I'm subscribed until the end of April. If you want more details, please reply again with your e-mail address (which I won't publish) and I will answer any questions if I can.