Sunday, 9 December 2007

Where Did It All Go ??

Weekly Profit and Loss

Big loss to report this week of £1945, £1057 from the tipping lines and £888 from my own trading. Not much to say apart from the bare figures speak for themselves and that the profit since I started now stands at £2485, just under half of where it was just two weeks ago.

Large swings in fortune are inevitable when you follow tipsters but it is a sobering experience recording everything here. Regarding my personal trading, I've not been too keen on getting involved after Tuesday's shambles. Had I kept my discipline then, I would have been more inclined to trade on Friday and Saturday when I had the time to do so. But I didn't and so the loss is what it is.

Got to stay positive and focussed on what I am trying to do, still nicely in front despite the last two weeks.

Looking ahead, I've got to work Monday and Tuesday which will mean no trading again. The rest of the week should be OK although I need to start making some sort of an effort to get ready for Christmas, haven't done any shopping or anything yet. So I better get something sorted, even if it's just working out what I want !!

As regards the blog, it has been difficult to keep up to date the last couple of weeks, especially so when I am only recording bad news, but I will try and update on a daily basis.

I am also going to start again from January with setting a profit target for the year of 2008. The figure of £25,000 from 1 October this year to the end of next was plucked of the air really with no great thought behind it. However now I've been going a few weeks, I will re-assess the situation and work out what I can realistically aim for over a 12 month period.

Thanks for looking in and hope you have a good week.

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