Thursday, 10 January 2008

Just The One Today

Thursday 10 January

Just one bet today. SLH advised a win bet on Cleveland at 9/2. Eventually sent off at an SP of 5/2 but could only finish third.

Loss on day £100

No time for trading again today. Haven't had a single trading session on Betfair this year, partly cos I was ill in the first few days and this week because I've been busy working. Not really how I want things to be, but I feel a bit stuck just now. A good day on Betfair could have earned me £100 today I'm sure. Indeed I am just over £1000 down so far this year, £100 a day - could cover that with trading the favs, assuming I maintain my discipline. Time and money management is the key to success here, at the moment I'm not doing very well with either. Got to get my act together !!!

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