Friday, 11 January 2008

Ready for The Weekend

Friday 11 January

Only one bet placed today, that was an each way advised by Optimum, on Northern Quest at Huntingdon and in keeping with how things are going this week it finished in 4th.

Elsewhere work intervened again today, however this time things were in my favour as I missed a losing bet on Harry Wood from SLH, along with a lay of The Polomoche who just prevailed at Huntingdon. In all, missing these messages probably saved me about £300 and along with a missed loser from Isiris last weekend means I'm just about level on the week in terms of bets missed.

In the long term of course I need to get myself better organised, as I was fortunate today and that will not always be the case. Still it's the weekend now, and hopefully the weather won't intervene too much and I can finally hit the winning trail this month.

Loss on day £100

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SecretGambler said...

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