Thursday, 24 January 2008

Time for Trading

or should that be no time for trading.

Thursday 24 January

A losing day to report, Isiris main account bet - an unusual bet for them, going win only in what was effectively a two horse race but on the wrong one. SLH advised a lay on Classic Fiddle at even money, thought i had a chance coming to the last but he jumped out to his right, hampering Russian Around, but then going on to win well. Steve's all weather pick was Music Box Express. I was on at the morning price of 5/1, backed all the way down to 7/4 on the off but never looked like winning. I really need to be trading out of positions like this but I'm just so busy doing other things at the minute that I can't find the time. This will have to change going forward. I know what I want to do, it's getting to do it thats the biggest problem at the moment. Will work it all out eventually.

Loss on day £400

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