Tuesday, 26 February 2008

And thanks again....

Tuesday 26 February

Well, was anticipating a busy day today with 5 horses put up by my services.

Unfortunately high winds led to the meeting at Catterick being abandoned after the runners had gone down to the start for the first race hmmmmmm....

Left with just the two bets, SLH gave out a minimum stakes each way bet on Red Ensign in the Leicester 3.20 which fell, and the all weather service gave Joy and Pain at Lingfield who got up to win at 10/3.

Had a bet on the football tonight, just played on the under / over 2.5 goals in 5 games, trebles and an acca. got 3 out of 5, so one winning treble and a loss on the bet of £37

Profit on day £271

Monday, 25 February 2008

Good start to week - Thanks Steve !!

Monday 25 February

A good profitable day today, thanks to Steve Lewis Hamilton who was the only service in action today.

First up, a win bet on Where's Johnny at 7/2 at Plumpton. A length or so down but closing when Canalturn came to grief at the last, personally thought mine was getting there but that's academic now. Followed this up with a lay of Fabulous Jet, who went tearing off again at Hereford and traded well odds on in running, was a spent force turning in and crashed out at the last, took a heavy fall and it was a relief to see him get up.

The third bet, was an each way on Buckland Gold at the early 8/1. Ran a fine race and settled the issue going to the last for a good win at an SP of 5/1.

Finally, the only setback on a top day was the A/W selection Young Gladiator who could only manage third.

Profit on day £452

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Disappointing end to the week

Sunday 24 February

Just one bet today, an Isiris main account bet. Unfortunately ran a poor race and eventually pulled up.

Nothing else to report today.

Loss on day £200

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Much Better Today

Saturday 23 February

A good performance from my services today and a welcome change from the last few days.

Mathematician put up Pigeon Island (e/w) as his best of the day, noted that Mark Holder gave out the same bet and a 7/1 winner yielded an excellent return, and a profit for the remaining Holder followers. Look out for the advert in the next couple of days !!!

Have subscribed to Weatherby's National Hunt Guides this season, along with Paul Jones' e-mail service. Haven't really been backing them until today - main reason for getting involved was for the Cheltenham ante-post advice, but decided to follow their analysis of the two races they covered today, the Racing Post Chase and the Tote Eider. Their main pick for the Racing Post was Gungadu, although they highlighted the chances of Ungaro, Dream Alliance and Wee Robbie....and in the Eider, their headline selection was Newbay Prop, with mentions from Bannister Lane, Aka Jake and Comply or Die. Ended up backing all the highlighted horses in both races and came out nicely in front.

Other selections today, Alfresco from SLH's all weather man which finished second, small bet from SLH on Tarateeno, unplaced, Isiris gave out a split stake each way insider bet on 3 horses in the 2.25 at Newcastle - unfortunately none of them found the frame. Finally SLH advised two lays, on Unowatimeen and Binocular - 1 winner, 1 loser so nothing gained or lost there.

Profit on day £595

Friday, 22 February 2008

Poor Day Again

Friday 22 February

Another disappointing day.

Start with the good news, an Isiris main account bet, each way second at 8/1 against the odds on favourite, so a profitable bet, and that was about as good as it got. SLH gave Still Dreaming on the all weather at Wolves, finished second but I was on win only (advised at 5/1 earlier in the day and drifted to 7/1). Henry Rix continued his poor run with Important Business unplaced at Sandown. SLH advised Jazz Dance on his private service, faded quickly in the straight and finished last. SLH also advised a lay of Arnold Layne, who couldn't have been more impressive in winning at Warwick.

Loss on day £320

A Grim Day

Thursday 21 February

Not a pleasant day, Isiris had an insider bet at Ayr with an each way advice on Good Evening who was in the process of running a good race when he broke a leg. SLH gave out two bets on his private service, with Miss Shakira taking a horrible fatal fall at the water jump last time round. The other horse advised Carrick Dhu ran a good race to finish second at 7/1, looked set to win for much of the straight but had to give best to Mr Multifix. His all weather pick Wheatfromthechaff was most definately chaff and was disappointing, whilst Mathematician had a speculative bet on Avoncreek at Wolves - unplaced.

Loss on day £255

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Another Thrilling Day

Wednesday 20 February

A blank day over the jumps meant just one bet for me today with SLH going for Moon Mix at Lingfield. Didn't see the race but the tip finished a well beaten 7th.

Loss on day £100

Looks like the weather has turned for the better and all tomorrow's fixtures should go ahead. Hope for a busier day and a winner or two.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Happy to take anything

Tuesday 19 February

Only one race today, with Mathematician playing in the Taunton 4.20. Recommended a best bet of the day on Emerald Wilderness but with a saver on Seven Is My Number. Well the saver came to the rescue (just) and ensured a small profit on a very quiet day.

Profit on day £30

No jump racing again tomorrow as expected. Never got above freezing all day here so no surprise to lose Doncaster. Looks like tomorrow is the last of the really cold weather so we should be ok later in the week.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Quiet Start

Monday 18 February

The freezing weather meant only the all weather card at Lingfield went ahead today, and as a consequence only one bet courtesy of SLH's all weather team. Nothing doing though as the bet on Corlough Mountain went west.

Doesn't look too promising for action on turf for the next couple of days either, although Taunton tomorrow might have a chance. My local track Doncaster is due to race on Wednesday, but they've got no chance unless conditions change drastically tomorrow.

Loss on day £100

Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Muppet Show

Sunday 17 February

Just the one bet from the tipsters, a loser from SLH going for Cleveland against the favourite Came Back - didn't see the race but sounds like the favourite was very impressive here and my horse had to settle for second, and a losing bet for me.

Logged in just before the final race at Southwell today with the intention of updating my records and posting todays entry. Decided to have a quick dabble on the last to see if I could nick a fiver. Not one of my better ideas. Put my initial lay in of the favourite as they were milling around the back of the stalls. Suddenly the market was suspended and went in play. wtf ??? Then I realised I was watching on sky plus around a minute behind live. Of course the favourite went off in front and I had to bail out for a £42 loss. What a hero I am. Ah well, another lesson learned. Hadn't thought of that one !!!

Loss on day £142

So a much better week, cleared just over a grand and brought down the losses on the year to £1588.

Monitoring the results of Mark Holder and Optimum via Dirk Diggler's blog, I've saved myself £450 this week by not being involved with them. Optimum have offered me a discounted subscription, which I have yet to decide upon. They were very good before Christmas, but have been very poor since then. Not sure what to do.

On the subject of Dirk Diggler, he is finishing his blog as he has decided to get himself a "proper" job as he is no longer enjoying what he is doing. Shame to see his blog go as it's been a very entertaining read for the last year or so. Wish him all the best in his new career.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Not so super Saturday

Saturday 16 February

A relatively quiet day from the tipsters and nothing to write home about. Mathematician put up Senora Snoopy each way as his best of the day, and didn't get the most enterprising ride shall we say just managing to collect the each way money and so dropped a fiver there. They also put up a place advice on Racing Demon and an each way on Idle Talk as suggested bets, so no movement either way there. Henry Rix's dry run continued. Put up an each way on Princelet which ran as badly as it did when he gave it out last month. SLH gave out Fyodor on his all weather service, horse missed the break and eventually finished fourth.

Elsewhere played on one or two races based on some of the information received by the services, nothing too thrilling either way - lost £26, even did a bit of trading just to get my eye back in, nothing too major but i won on 12 of 15 races. Unfortunately 2 of the losses were bigger than any of the wins but I made £45 on the trades.

Finally, still monitoring Mark Holder and after a glorious each way 4th yesterday at 20/1 (and a 1 point profit on the day !!!) he gave out a 2 point each way bet on Merry Music at 9/2. The horse started at 7/1 and ran like a drain. Looks like I'm not the only one who has given up. Saved myself a couple of hundred this week.

Loss on day £179

Friday, 15 February 2008

Fantastic Friday

Friday 15 February

A very good day today with Isiris giving out their first maximum bet of the year, a 5/2 winner advised each way. The only other action today came from SLH with an each way bet on Eleanor Eloise at Lingfield who showed up well for a while until fading and finishing last of the eight runners.

Looks like a good days racing tomorrow, so lets hope for a busy and profitable day.

Profit on day £350

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Dull Day

Thursday 14 February

Very little to get excited about today with just two horses from SLH the only action and no returns. Todwick Owl led up for a while but was beaten when his rider dropped his whip, whilst Kalca Mome was never sighted at Chepstow, his victory over Voy Por Ustedes last year a distant memory.

Call it a day for today and hope for better tomorrow.

Loss on day £200

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Back in front for the month

Wednesday 13 February

Just two bets today, both from SLH...A Dream Come True, a winner at the early 6/1, backed in to 7/2 at Lingfield, and an each way bet on Valain at Musselburgh, who ran very well against the odds on favourite but had to settle for second and land me the place money and a small profit on the bet.

Not getting involved with the racing or the football tonight. Happy with what I've got today. In positive territory again this month, a few days of steady profit would be very welcome to keep the trend going - out of my hands of course, but thats what I want !!

Profit on day £620

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Nothing To Write Home About

Tuesday 12 February

Just the two horses today from SLH and Mathematician, with neither Plateau or Her Name Is Rio troubling the scorers - much like the England cricket team early this morning. Chucked away £67 on some daft football bets tonight, late in from work and nothing planned apart from watching sky sports news or whatever its called in midweek and wanted something to watch. Very professional. Still at least I saved £100 by following Mark Holder's daily donkey, another 16/1 yak which finished nowhere.

Loss on day £267

Monday, 11 February 2008

Great start to the week

Monday 11 February

After the torrid events of the weekend, today was just what the doctor ordered with just one selection put up by my services and Isiris came up with a 14/1 winner !!

Nice little insider bet and a great profit of £840, and something to build on for the rest of the week.

Yesterdays blog entry provoked a good response and I've just replied to all the comments on there now. Keep the comments coming, always good to read them.

Profit on day £840

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Where Next

So a terrible weekend, and back to where I was at the start of the week, over £2600 down on the year.

There were always going to be periods like this and I am well prepared for it financially. However it's not a great position to be in, when you're trying to clear £2000 a month.

Hopefully, I will be able to do a lot more trading on my own account from now on which will help stem the flow when things are not going my way on the tipping lines. But my main concern at the moment is the performance of the services themselves, one in particular.

I'm not happy with Mark Holder. I paid £897 to join his service for 6 months, starting at the end of September. His first bet advised to me was a 10/1 winner on 29 September last year, not uncluded in this blog, which started on 1 October. Since then he has advised 51 horses, only two of which have won. In fairness, most of his selections are advised each way and fifteen of them have been placed - half of them at double figure prices.

However had I joined a day later, I would have had 2 winners in 4 1/2 months, and frankly that is not good enough. I know that there are no guarantees in this business, but the relentless optimism of his nightly updates and the half truths of the adverts are grating on me somewhat.

You will probably have gathered that I don't intend to re-subscribe, indeed as of now I won't be ringing for his tips. I've only lost £400 in addition to the initial subscription, but that's as far as I am prepared to go.

As for the other services, Henry Rix is quiet - no winners since Christmas, but has only played in 5 races since then. I am however well in front, even after accounting for the subscription and I know his strenghts are the flat and the big festival meetings, so I remain confident that he can do a job for me.

Isiris have been doing very well since I joined, although this is not their best time of year. I have subscribed to this service in the past and they certainly know what they are doing, expecting a very good year from them.

Steve Lewis Hamilton's strength is his all weather service, which has been firing in decent priced winners regularly, and has been holding down my losses in 2008 to manageable proportions. His private service is not producing spectacular results, neither is his lay service, but nor are they costing me much so I'm happy enough with how things are with Steve.

Mathematician Betting offer a very interesting service, with analysis of the days racing via e-mail each morning. Their headline account bets aren't producing much in the way of profits recently, but the content of the messages is very good most days and I haven't been making best use of it so far. That will change in the months ahead and I am happy to continue with them and looking forward to making some decent money on the back of their analysis.

Finally, my trial sub to Optimum Racing expired at the end of January. They were in fantastic form before Christmas but very poor since then. I am still in front with them but have yet to renew. Will give them a call this week I think and hope they can recapture their form.

Right, thats more than enough from me for today. Any comments would be very welcome.

What A Shocking Weekend

Absolutely dreadful performance from the tipping services this weekend, with not a single winner among the thirteen horses advised over the two days. Worse, only one of them even placed !!!

Saturday 9 February

The only semblance of a chance of collecting anything came in the 3.55 Newbury where SLH had advised a win bet on Orfal D'Airy. Traded lower than 1.25 in running on Betfair but was eventually beaten by a 20/1 shot. Elsewhere Mark Holder put up another two losers to add to his ever growing collection, Henry Rix put up Blue Bajan and Palomar in the big Newbury hurdle which I still fondly remember as the Schweppes Gold Trophy, yes I am really getting old ( bring back the Massey Ferguson Gold Cup and the Irish Sweeps Hurdle I say !!!). Anyway, two more losers from Henry who hasn't given out a winner since before Christmas. The other losers were courtesy of Mathematician, and SLH with two more selections. The tale of woe was completed by a losing football bet from me, although only £22 worth.

Loss on day £597

Sunday 10 February

Another £400 down the khazi today with Isiris playing in the Exeter novice chase, putting up two each way selections, neither of which made the frame. SLH played in three more races, with Or Bleu finishing third and Down The Stretch blundering his chance away before the race really got going. SLH's all weather service put up Batchworth Blaize each way, who was never seen with a chance.

Loss on day £400

Friday, 8 February 2008

Profit again but it should have been more

Friday 8 February

The Isiris main account bet came to grief with the race at it's mercy. The strongest bet he had given out for years Kevin said, and it certainly looked that way turning for home, but not to be and a £300 swing against me. However SLH came up with the goods again on his AW service with Note Perfect winning at an advised price of 9/2. The only other business today was a lay of Barbers Shop advised by SLH, who was an easy winner of the race but helped considerably by the jumping failings of his two market rivals. Whether he was a fortunate winner is debatable but the result from my point of view was a loss of £99 on the race.

Profit on day £151

Decided against doing any trading, just happy to have a day off and relax a bit. Plus the winner from SLH came fairly early on in the afternoon and I wasn't going to get involved after that.

Happy with how things have gone in the last few days and that I am now just in front for February with plenty of time to get the January losses back as well. Just shows that you have to take a long term view of things, although another few weeks like the last would test the strength of most people I should imagine.

Need to get to work on my staking plan and personal trading to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. At least half my profits should be coming from personal trading, need to work hard to ensure this is the case.

Workwise, the pressure will ease for the next few weeks in terms of the hours I have to put in, but I could do with a holiday before much longer so might have a week away somewhere. Might even go Cheltenham week, as long as I can watch the racing.

Henry Rix has already put up two for the Totesport Trophy tomorrow so it's looking like a busy day already.

Friday, 1 February 2008

14 days later.......

Apologies for the lack of updates for the last couple of weeks, but totally overwhelmed workwise recently.

I only work part time, but my line of work is accountancy and at this time of year part time goes out of the window. I do 20 hours a week on average for the company where I used to be full time. As I've said previously it's OK and it guarantees the mortgage money every month, but with the year end just gone and the auditors due in a couple of weeks then there's plenty to be done.

Added to which I have one or two private clients who I do tax returns for and of course they all had to be in by 31 January so it hasn't left time for much else lately.

Indeed you will see I started collating the results in order to write this blog entry last week but only publishing it today !

Will just do a quick summary of the last couple of weeks and hopefully I can then keep the blog updated on more or less a daily basis from now on. That's the aim anyway.

Friday 25 January - Thursday 31 January

Well this has been a difficult month all round, with the tipsters not pulling up any trees, no time for any trading from me and not that much success from my personal betting.

The last week of January was a poor one with a loss of £1229 to bring the final total for January to a £1645 loss. Certainly not the start to the year that I wanted but thats how it is. Tipsters wise, Optimum have hit a brick wall and have given back much of what was won in November and December. Mark Holder continues to make no progress in terms of profitability and Isiris, despite a very good start to the year had a bad final week as well. No winners from 6 advices in January from Henry Rix adds to the tale of woe, however SLH's all weather service is going well at present with wins at 3/1, 7/2, 3/1, 9/4 and 9/1 in the last week, along with 5 losers.

Personal betting and trading has been limited to outright backs or lays of horses or betting on the football with no time to trade prices and consequently no chance to try and cover any losses incurred on the tipping lines.

So January very much a month to forget, but chin up and move on to February.

Loss for January £1645

Friday 1 February - Thursday 7 February

The first few days of February continued much as January had finished with no winners for the first 5 days, with only a place return on an Isiris main account bet to show for my efforts and another £1050 lost in 5 days and things looking pretty bleak.

However the last couple of days have hinted, finally, at better times ahead.

Loss 1 - 5 February £1052

Wednesday 6 February

Busy day today with Isiris eventually coming up with two main account bets after several call backs during the day. A win bet at 11/10 and split stake bet in another race results in a decent profit on the day as the recovery mission begins. Elsewhere SLH gives out Joy and Pain on his A/W service, advised at 6/1. Horse wins but gutted that the SP is 10/1 and I'm on with Ladbrokes who don't pay the better SP. Could have done with the extras, but couldn't shop around as I'm at work again and I went with the advised price as soon as I got it. Still a very good day despite this. Other bet of the day from Mark Holder who does his usual with an each way 3rd at 10/1 advised, which I missed, on at 8/1 with r4 for a small loss on the bet.

Profit on day £772

Thursday 7 February

Just two horses from SLH today, a win bet on Gustavo at 7/4 advised, won very easily and a win bet on Norwegian at Wolves last night who lost.

Profit on day £162

I should mention at this point that my short term subscription to Optimum Racing expired at the end of January and whilst I had every intention of re-subscribing for the start of February, I was so busy I never got round to it. As of today I still haven't done so, but I will do in the next couple of days. Reading Dirk Diggler's blog, the 30k challenge, it doesn't appear I have missed too much so far this month.

I am in the process of reviewing the services I subscribe to - Henry Rix and Mark Holder subs both expire after the Cheltenham festival so I'm going to take the time to decide who I want to be with for the rest of the year. I also want to review my staking plan, so I can make the best use of the information I get. Pretty much all the services give additional information to their "account" bets and there's some good stuff in amongst it all which I'm not utilising at present.

Got a day at home today, Friday, so a bit of thinking time available. Hell, I might even do a bit of trading !!!

Enjoy your day.