Friday, 1 February 2008

14 days later.......

Apologies for the lack of updates for the last couple of weeks, but totally overwhelmed workwise recently.

I only work part time, but my line of work is accountancy and at this time of year part time goes out of the window. I do 20 hours a week on average for the company where I used to be full time. As I've said previously it's OK and it guarantees the mortgage money every month, but with the year end just gone and the auditors due in a couple of weeks then there's plenty to be done.

Added to which I have one or two private clients who I do tax returns for and of course they all had to be in by 31 January so it hasn't left time for much else lately.

Indeed you will see I started collating the results in order to write this blog entry last week but only publishing it today !

Will just do a quick summary of the last couple of weeks and hopefully I can then keep the blog updated on more or less a daily basis from now on. That's the aim anyway.

Friday 25 January - Thursday 31 January

Well this has been a difficult month all round, with the tipsters not pulling up any trees, no time for any trading from me and not that much success from my personal betting.

The last week of January was a poor one with a loss of £1229 to bring the final total for January to a £1645 loss. Certainly not the start to the year that I wanted but thats how it is. Tipsters wise, Optimum have hit a brick wall and have given back much of what was won in November and December. Mark Holder continues to make no progress in terms of profitability and Isiris, despite a very good start to the year had a bad final week as well. No winners from 6 advices in January from Henry Rix adds to the tale of woe, however SLH's all weather service is going well at present with wins at 3/1, 7/2, 3/1, 9/4 and 9/1 in the last week, along with 5 losers.

Personal betting and trading has been limited to outright backs or lays of horses or betting on the football with no time to trade prices and consequently no chance to try and cover any losses incurred on the tipping lines.

So January very much a month to forget, but chin up and move on to February.

Loss for January £1645

Friday 1 February - Thursday 7 February

The first few days of February continued much as January had finished with no winners for the first 5 days, with only a place return on an Isiris main account bet to show for my efforts and another £1050 lost in 5 days and things looking pretty bleak.

However the last couple of days have hinted, finally, at better times ahead.

Loss 1 - 5 February £1052

Wednesday 6 February

Busy day today with Isiris eventually coming up with two main account bets after several call backs during the day. A win bet at 11/10 and split stake bet in another race results in a decent profit on the day as the recovery mission begins. Elsewhere SLH gives out Joy and Pain on his A/W service, advised at 6/1. Horse wins but gutted that the SP is 10/1 and I'm on with Ladbrokes who don't pay the better SP. Could have done with the extras, but couldn't shop around as I'm at work again and I went with the advised price as soon as I got it. Still a very good day despite this. Other bet of the day from Mark Holder who does his usual with an each way 3rd at 10/1 advised, which I missed, on at 8/1 with r4 for a small loss on the bet.

Profit on day £772

Thursday 7 February

Just two horses from SLH today, a win bet on Gustavo at 7/4 advised, won very easily and a win bet on Norwegian at Wolves last night who lost.

Profit on day £162

I should mention at this point that my short term subscription to Optimum Racing expired at the end of January and whilst I had every intention of re-subscribing for the start of February, I was so busy I never got round to it. As of today I still haven't done so, but I will do in the next couple of days. Reading Dirk Diggler's blog, the 30k challenge, it doesn't appear I have missed too much so far this month.

I am in the process of reviewing the services I subscribe to - Henry Rix and Mark Holder subs both expire after the Cheltenham festival so I'm going to take the time to decide who I want to be with for the rest of the year. I also want to review my staking plan, so I can make the best use of the information I get. Pretty much all the services give additional information to their "account" bets and there's some good stuff in amongst it all which I'm not utilising at present.

Got a day at home today, Friday, so a bit of thinking time available. Hell, I might even do a bit of trading !!!

Enjoy your day.

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