Sunday, 17 February 2008

The Muppet Show

Sunday 17 February

Just the one bet from the tipsters, a loser from SLH going for Cleveland against the favourite Came Back - didn't see the race but sounds like the favourite was very impressive here and my horse had to settle for second, and a losing bet for me.

Logged in just before the final race at Southwell today with the intention of updating my records and posting todays entry. Decided to have a quick dabble on the last to see if I could nick a fiver. Not one of my better ideas. Put my initial lay in of the favourite as they were milling around the back of the stalls. Suddenly the market was suspended and went in play. wtf ??? Then I realised I was watching on sky plus around a minute behind live. Of course the favourite went off in front and I had to bail out for a £42 loss. What a hero I am. Ah well, another lesson learned. Hadn't thought of that one !!!

Loss on day £142

So a much better week, cleared just over a grand and brought down the losses on the year to £1588.

Monitoring the results of Mark Holder and Optimum via Dirk Diggler's blog, I've saved myself £450 this week by not being involved with them. Optimum have offered me a discounted subscription, which I have yet to decide upon. They were very good before Christmas, but have been very poor since then. Not sure what to do.

On the subject of Dirk Diggler, he is finishing his blog as he has decided to get himself a "proper" job as he is no longer enjoying what he is doing. Shame to see his blog go as it's been a very entertaining read for the last year or so. Wish him all the best in his new career.

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leonthefixer said...

Jp good to see a better week for you - not looking to promising on the racing front this week with the current cold snap but hopefully tomorrow will be okay. I had a similar Sky+ issue a while back, thankfully I had just closed out my position a moment or two before the race started and I realised I was not watching live! It was a scary experience and an easy one to make but hopefully not one to be repeated!

All the best for the week ahead!