Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Nothing To Write Home About

Tuesday 12 February

Just the two horses today from SLH and Mathematician, with neither Plateau or Her Name Is Rio troubling the scorers - much like the England cricket team early this morning. Chucked away £67 on some daft football bets tonight, late in from work and nothing planned apart from watching sky sports news or whatever its called in midweek and wanted something to watch. Very professional. Still at least I saved £100 by following Mark Holder's daily donkey, another 16/1 yak which finished nowhere.

Loss on day £267


paul said...


Like you just given up on holder totally frustrated by his lies and exaggerations.He told me just before xmas he would never advertise his service again and what do you know two weeks later an ad in the RP.

Also that stake re jigging and profit manipulation along with the lies of the 2007 flat season made it easy for me to give him the spanish archer and it seems even loyal Dirk diggler is losing his patience with MH.

Quite frankly the worst tipster i have ever delt with and i've tried a few.

JP said...

Thanks for your comment Paul. Well I've certainly had enough of him. Will keep tabs on his results for the next month or so until my sub runs out, more out of morbid curiosity than anything else. Hope he does fire in a couple of winners for the sake of those who are still following him.

All the best