Friday, 8 February 2008

Profit again but it should have been more

Friday 8 February

The Isiris main account bet came to grief with the race at it's mercy. The strongest bet he had given out for years Kevin said, and it certainly looked that way turning for home, but not to be and a £300 swing against me. However SLH came up with the goods again on his AW service with Note Perfect winning at an advised price of 9/2. The only other business today was a lay of Barbers Shop advised by SLH, who was an easy winner of the race but helped considerably by the jumping failings of his two market rivals. Whether he was a fortunate winner is debatable but the result from my point of view was a loss of £99 on the race.

Profit on day £151

Decided against doing any trading, just happy to have a day off and relax a bit. Plus the winner from SLH came fairly early on in the afternoon and I wasn't going to get involved after that.

Happy with how things have gone in the last few days and that I am now just in front for February with plenty of time to get the January losses back as well. Just shows that you have to take a long term view of things, although another few weeks like the last would test the strength of most people I should imagine.

Need to get to work on my staking plan and personal trading to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. At least half my profits should be coming from personal trading, need to work hard to ensure this is the case.

Workwise, the pressure will ease for the next few weeks in terms of the hours I have to put in, but I could do with a holiday before much longer so might have a week away somewhere. Might even go Cheltenham week, as long as I can watch the racing.

Henry Rix has already put up two for the Totesport Trophy tomorrow so it's looking like a busy day already.

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leonthefixer said...

Hi mate - good to see you are back updating again! I need to update my blog, not done it for the last couple of days. Wasn't really in the mood to as I have been on a poor run just about breaking even over the last three days! I was on a good run, in fact my best start to a month and it has now turned around 100%. Overall though it is still an okay start to the month. Hopefully today will give some profit and then I think I may take a day off to try and freshen up ready for a new week! Good luck today!