Saturday, 29 March 2008

Steve Keeps On Going

Saturday 29 March

Four bets from SLH today, an each way on Dancing Partner - advised at 11/2. Managed to get on at 6/1 with Coral but was hit with a 25p rule 4, which meant I was worse off than the 5/1 SP which the horse won at. The other bet on his private service was Lysander, advised at 4/1 and winning at 10/3.

The other two bets were from his all weather service, with Great Hawk at Kempton and Count Ceprano at Wolves. Neither of which received the best rides you will ever see and finished 4th and 2nd respectively.

Spent a happy couple of hours at B&Q which meant I never had chance to read the e-mails from Paul Jones and Mathematician, still haven't read them even now so don't know if i've missed anything...too late now if I have !

Added a link here to Free Bets (see right). Will have a good look at their site tomorrow.

Profit on day £470

Friday, 28 March 2008

Time for an update

Apologies for the lack of daily updates recently.

House is still a tip, new kitchen two weeks away and decorating two other rooms. Stuff everywhere. Can't relax when I'm home and it's all getting me down a bit. Glad to be at work during the week just now to be honest.

Some good priced winners given out by Steve Lewis Hamilton, but could only finish level on the week when all results taken into account.

Saturday 22 March

Four bets today, as well as playing on the Lincoln with the Weatherbys / Paul Jones analyis, with two unplaced from Mathematician (Figurita and Top Spec), an all weather pick from SLH with Super Frank which was also unplaced. The best of the day was from SLH giving out Hopkins at 10/1 (managed to get 11/1), a fortunate winner when the leader came down two out when 3 lengths in front. Lucky to collect there, but I don't think I've always had the best of it since I started - just shows how things even out eventually. The only disappointing aspect was that the horse was only backed to the minimum stakes.

Regarding the Lincoln, Blythe Knight one of three I backed in the race at odds of 30 on Betfair. Finished second traded much shorter in running and I really should have made something on the race rather than losing £100.

Making plenty of money this month, but I don't think I am being greedy when I say I should be doing better. Backing an 11/1 winner and a 29/1 second and winning £29 on the day really isn't good enough.

Not with it at all at the moment trading wise. Tried trading some favourites but all over the shop with it, dropped around £40 before giving it up as a bad job.

I will be changing my staking plan come 1 April, more of that in the next few days.

Profit on day £29

Sunday 23 March

Two bets on Easter Sunday, with an unplaced each way bet from Isiris - unusually they played in a seven horse race each way and the horse duly finished third, ran well enough without ever threatening a win before getting very tired by the end of the race.

The other bet was a win bet on Synchronised from SLH. Advised to back at the morning 9/4, managed to get 5/2 with Betfred - the only firm going the price. Unfortunately for me the horse drifted to an SP of 9/2, and won at the much bigger price. Should have gone with one of the firms going 9/4 guaranteeing the best odds, or split my stake between 9/4 and 5/2. Trying to get an extra £25, cost me £200 here. Should be doing better than that.

Profit on day £150

Monday 24 March

Played on the Irish national, with the information from Weatherbys NH guide. Managed to get the second and third but couldn't find the winner. Decided to ring the Isiris mark your card line for some action. Managed one winner with Bedouin Blue at Redcar but a couple of close seconds and a few losers thrown in meant a big losing day overall.

Loss on day £570

Tuesday 25 March

Just one bet today from SLH, with Royal Prodigy an early faller.

Loss on day £50

Wednesday 26 March

Two bets today from SLH, Guns And Butter a win bet at Newcastle, unplaced and an each way bet on the all weather on Taboor, a winner at 10/1 at Wolverhampton to get things back on track again.

Profit on day £525

Thursday 27 March

Scuzme was a minimum stake bet from SLH, unplaced while Zazous nabbed third in the blanket finih race at Lingfield beaten two heads for the win. Profit of a tenner on the race. Isiris weighed in with a winning insider bet at 9/4 to ensure a profitable day again.

Profit on day £266

Friday 28 March

Disappointing day today, played on Mathematicians information at Newbury but three unplaced horses was the result and a hefty loss. SLH put up Karma Llama at Wolves, well backed and showed up well until they turned in and finished lame.

Loss on day £397

So I've lost £47 since last Friday. Disappointed with that really, given that I have backed 5 winners in the past week, including two at double figure prices.

The staking plan needs some work. It's easy enough with the SLH and Isiris bets, given that they advise their bets to specific points or units - plus the all weather bets are staked at level stakes which works well.

It's the other bets I'm having trouble staking, the Paul Jones / Weatherbys analyse the races and produce a shortlist with which to work. Plus the bets on Easter Monday from the mark your card line were not staked and I overdid the betting on these - to be honest I was bored and looking for action, which is not a good thing. Was never in a chasing mood, so it wasn't going to be too drastic but if my headline services cannot find an account bet despite all the racing that takes place on a bank holiday, then I should have sat out as well.

March is going to be a fantastic month for me no matter what happens in the next three days. I'm over £5400 ahead this month, but it should really be more. Backing the wrong horse at Cheltenham, missing the best price at Towcester last week, losing £570 on Easter Monday are all things that shouldn't be happening now. Really need to be tightening up here. I know my concentration is not the best lately, got to raise my game.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

There's a hole in my wallet dear Henry dear Henry

Saturday 22 March

Profit or loss will be updated later on but I've made my mind up to dump both Mark Holder and Henry Rix.

Results for the last 6 months cannot justify investing another £2000 for the next six months, never mind £3000 for another year. Money better spent on a holiday I reckon, not had a break yet this year and I'm ready for one.

I will stick with Isiris, SLH, Mathematician and Paul Jones. I might look to add one more service, but I'm happy to go forward with these for the rest of this year.

Will also be looking to back more of my own selections when the time allows and also going to be doing much more trading in the next few months.

Exciting times ahead.....

Friday, 21 March 2008

Renewal Time

So very nearly six months into the blog and two of my services are coming up for renewal, namely Mark Holder and Henry Rix.

Among the services I subscribe to, along with Isiris these two are the most high profile tipping services around - and also the most expensive.

As far as the blog is concerned Isiris are showing a profit of £5500 to their advised stakes since I started. Absolutely delighted with them, couldn't ask for more. Also Steve Lewis Hamilton is producing the goods after a slow start, and I'm also starting to get the best out of the e-mails Mathematician sends out, and Paul Jones Cheltenham service was stunning.

It's Henry Rix and Mark Holder which are the problem. Mentioned about 5 weeks ago that I had given up backing the Mark Holder selections after a run of 2 winners in 50 odd bets.

Have been monitoring the service since, indeed I backed a couple of his at Cheltenham and things have improved somewhat with 3 winners in the past few weeks but still not enough to get the account in profit or to cover the subscription cost.

As far as Henry Rix is concerned, I was more than happy at Christmas, with the service showing a healthy profit. However since 22 December, he has given out 27 horses, with not a single winner. Frankly even worse is the fact that only one of them has placed. A loss of 69 points equates to £1725 at my staking level for his selections. A truly appalling run of results by anyones standards, let alone someone who charges £999 for 6 months worth of tips.

Despite that shocking run, I am still £200 in front from his tips but that doesn't cover the subscription.

I believe that his strength is on the flat during the summer months, although at the moment I think his strength is writing advertising copy for the Racing Post !!

At the moment, I am considering my options as to the renewals. Haven't made my mind which way to go yet. I am looking at other services to go alongside the ones which are doing the business for me.

I will be spending more money, just not sure where yet....

Pause for Reflection

Good Friday and no racing today, one of just three blank days left now. However the betting shops are open and Deauville is on At The Races as I speak if anyone needs a fix. But a welcome day off for me from both betting and working, but will try and put it to some good use.

Update on the last two days...

Wednesday 19 March

SLH advised win bets on Pentalisea and Share My Dream at Chepstow both to minimum stakes, together with an each way double on the pair. 2nd and 1st to give a £54 profit on the bets.

However the other bets today both lost, with SLH a/w service giving Balerno each way, unplaced and Isiris giving out an unplaced insider bet at Chepstow.

Loss on day £146

Thursday 20 March

SLH is in very good form lately and so it proved again on Thursday with two bets advised - an each way on Bees Knees which won at 12/1 (advised price) and Double Mead in the last at 6/1, looked all over the winner until getting collared on the run in. However it wasn't all bad news as Mathematician, while not giving them as account bets, just analysed one race yesterday and gave positive mentions to Nakama (3rd) and the winner First De La Brunie. Had a score on each and so made a nice profit on the race.

The other action yesterday was from Isiris who gave out an ante-post bet in the 1000 guineas. Credit to Ladbrokes here again who took my £200 win bet at 20/1 with no problems, referrals or whatever. Pleased with that as I was on the phone at work and ringing round with the price collapsing is not something I relish.

But the bet is on, and the best price now is 10/1 so in a good position to trade it back if I want to.

Profit on day £435

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Two Losing Days

Monday 17 March

Just one bet today, with Ambrix given out each way at Wolves by SLH. Didn't see the race but from reading the post, the horse raced close up until the straight before fading out of contention.

Loss on day £100

Tuesday 18 March

An unplaced insider bet from Isiris today, 10/1 each way advised and finished one place out of the money in 4th.

SLH gave Valhillen each way at Kempton, advised at 13/2 I managed to get on at 8/1 for a small profit when the horse finishes second.

Another losing bet on the football in the evening.

Loss on day £120

A quiet end to a great week

Saturday 15 March

A losing day on Saturday following the crazy few days that has been Cheltenham.

Steve put up 2 bets on his all weather service, with each way bets on Matsunosuke (6/1 advised) finished second and Gimme Some Lovin (12/1 adv) which finishes 4th.

Play on the Midlands national with the information from the Weatherbys guide, but draw a blank.

Finally drop £50 on a football bet to cap the first losing day of the week.

Loss on day £402

Sunday 16 March

Nothing from any of my services on Sunday

Friday, 14 March 2008


Friday 14 March

So how do you follow a day like yesterday....well no idea, I'm updating this blog race by race through the afternoon - see how it goes.

Race 1

Just one ante-post bet from Paul Jones, with a win bet on Theatre Girl. One other horse to get a positive mention was Gaspara, so had two running for me here. In the end a cracking finish and a 1.01 gubbing as they say, but neither of mine were there when it mattered altough Gaspara showed up well for a long way.

Race 2

The ante-post bet was Forpadydeplasterer and the other selections were Aigle D'Or (Henry Rix), Lightening Strike e/w (SLH), Group Captain, Venalmar, Breedsbreeze and Trafford Lad. Got half the field covered but still couldn't get the winner, although I got the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th !!! So 0/2 so far.

Race 3

Don't have an ante-post interest here and just going with the three from Paul Jones overnight e-mails - Naiad Du Misselot, Song of Songs and Kicks for Free.

Well what a thriller, Naiad Du Misselot beats Kicks For Free by a nose and gets me up and running for the day. Still behind, but back in the hunt.

Race 4

Ante-post bet here is Silverhand at 16/1 each way. Other ones I'm with are Personal Column and Serabad each way 1st 4 with Bet 365 despite only 15 runners. Hopefully get a Brucie if one of them fills the 4th spot. I do like Franchoek here to be honest and he featured in an ante-post treble with Sizing Europe and Inglis Drever. That bet is already blown out of the water, and I'm not going in at 11/10. Will lose £200 here if I don't get anything.....

Loss of £200 as I didn't get anywhere near the frame.

Race 5

Ante-post bets each way bets on Nenuphar Collonges and Siegemaster. Also got Hills of Aran from Henry Rix and also backing Gone To Lunch and The Tother One in the win market....

Well thats another great call by Paul Jones, on Nenuphar Collonges each way at 16/1, Siegemaster given out at 25/1 finishes 4th but only three places paid.

Race 6

The big clash, and a superb performance from Denman who steamrollered the opposition with a fantastic display of galloping and jumping. Backed Denman at 5/1 before the Hennessy last December on the advice of Optimum and so another winning race for me. Also on Neptune Collonges each way, from Isiris.

Disappointed here though because Paul Jones gave out another great ante-post bet here which I couldn't get on. He advised Neptune Collonges each way at 9/1 with the Tote without the front three in the market. The Tote were the only firm to offer this bet, was at work the day it was given out and when I read the e-mail in the evening the price had been smashed. However yet another winner for the service.

Race 7

The two ante-post selections were Bon Accord (win) at 16/1 and Man of Highworth (e/w) at 16/1. Also on Agus A Vic and Alert The Earth here.

In the end Bon Accord stayed on well to finish second at 15/2, although well beaten by the 33/1 winner. None of the others featured at the business end of the race.

Race 8

Would you believe it, another 25/1 winner from Paul's ante-post service. I really am stunned by how good this has been. Bought the festival guide for a good few years now, but this is the first time I've subscribed to the ante-post e-mails. Amazing performance. Tiger Cry advised each way at 25/1, the other ante-post pick from him was a win bet at 8/1 on My Petra which finished second at 3/1. Other horses backed here were Enlightenment (Math & H Rix), Tramantano (Math), Mister Quasimodo (SLH) and Maralan (HR)

Race 9

Had seven running for me in the last, but couldn't get anything in the frame here as the 50/1 shot Silver Jaro beat the favourite Psycho who got a terrible ride from Paul Carberry to leave the bookies happy.

As a footnote to the day, SLH's all weather pick, Josh You Are finished second at Lingfield.

Profit on day £814

So another fantastic day, and the kind of week you dream about. Over £5300 up since Monday, hard to believe really. Not sure how much action I will see tomorrow, but I will give reflect on this weeks events on Sunday when I have updated all my records and gathered my thoughts.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

A Day to remember

Thursday 13 March

The Racing Post billed it as "The Best Two Days of Racing Ever". Hard to argue with that statement, and from a personal point of view I hope tomorrow follows the pattern of today which was one of the most amazing of my betting life.

Apart from the one all weather bet from SLH which was a loser at Wolves tonight, all my bets were at the 10 race Cheltenham Festival.

Race 1

A stunning start to the day as my ante-post advice from Paul Jones, Old Benny won the first - advised each way at 25/1. Even better, Mathematician advised the same horse this morning as an each way bet at 14/1, easily beating the SP of 9/1. Paul's other ante-post selection in the race Over The Creek came second but this was advised win only a couple of weeks ago. Other plays in this race were an each way bet on Pass It On who got a good word on Paul's overnight service, which was brought down early in the race.

Race 2

A bit of misfortune here, as Paul put Albertas Run on the ante-post service each way at 25/1 before it won the Reynoldstown chase at Ascot in February. Unfortunately I never picked the e-mail up until after the Ascot race had been run and of course the price was long gone. Backed £100 on the horse on Betfair today, and also SLH advised it as a bet today so had another £50 on at 5/1. Other bets in the race on Roll Along (each way), Silverburn, Oscar Park and Verasi after positive mentions from Paul Jones and Mathematician. A good winning race but not as much as it should have been, missing the ante-post bet cost me a large win here. Although events later in the afternoon offset this.

Race 3

Another wide open affair, but once again managed to land on the winner Finger On The Pulse at 12/1 on Betfair. Also backed Ambobo, Barbers Shop, Gold Medalist and Lord Ryeford, as well as my ante-post on Mr Strachan who fell. So got the first two again and another profitable race. However the placepot went down at this point.

Race 4

Isiris put up an ante-post each way on Fair Along here a couple of weeks ago and the horse ran on to get third place and set up another good payout here. Paul Jones put up an ante-post on Newmill weeks ago, also laid Voy Por Ustedes here and backed Tamarinbleu.

Race 5

F*** up of the day here. Layed Our Vic here which wasn't the main problem. SLH advised a bet on the same horse, so they evened each other out. Unfortunately when I checked my accounts tonight, I realised that I didn't back Our Vic, but backed The Listener by mistake. So a £330 loss due to a misclick from me due to rushing to get the bets on and not checking before I submitted. An expensive lesson learnt.

Other horses backed here were L'Antartique, advised ante-post by Paul Jones at 16/1, Henry Rix also advised the same horse this morning and Paul's other ante-post pick Turko also lost. SLH also advised a place lay on The Listener which helped a bit but a big losing race unfortunately.

Race 6

Another great ante-post selection from Paul here, with an each way advice on Kasbah Bliss at 16/1. Just failed to out battle the great Inglis Drever in one of the best races of the meeting so far. Also backed My Way De Solzen here, as well as The Market Man each way (Henry Rix), and Blazing Bailey each way (Mark Holder) which finished fourth unfortunately.

Race 7

Still keeping up ? It was a bloody long day wasn't it but keep reading as it gets even better, but not with this race. Backed 4 here, but if I backed 14 I doubt I would have inclued Mister McGoldrick who won at 66/1 (done at 500 on Betfair for bits). Fourth placed Bible Lord was as close as I got.

Race 8

Very hard race this one. Had two ante-post picks from Paul with Robin Du Bois and Dancing Tornado, neither of whom were placed. Picked another four in the race with Buena Vista, Footy Facts, Onnix and Russian Trigger all running for me as well. Despite covering a quarter of the field, couldn't get one in the frame. Just reading back todays e-mail from Mathematician, he had the winner in his final 3 but discarded him and selected Onnix and Footy Facts.

Race 9

Coming to the end now.

My Immortal 12/1 win and Idle Talk 25/1 (e/w) were my two ante-post bets here. Unfortunate with Idle Talk as he finished once place out of the money, although a distant fifth. Backed another handful on the day and managed to include High Chimes at 18/1 on Betfair, backed the place as well - this was Mathematicians best bet on this race. Also had Bob Bob Bobbin and Whispered Secret here as well as Jaunty Times (Henry Rix).

Race 10

Cousin Vinny was an ante-post bet from Isiris a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I couldn't get all my £200 @ 16/1 with Corals who only allowed me £50 @ 16/1 with £100 @ 12/1. The advice from KB was then to trade this back for a no lose bet. Didn't do that and decided to let the horse run, and I'm so glad I did as I copped £2000 on the bet. Other picks here were an ante-post win bet on Corskeagh Royale at 12/1 from Paul Jones, which came second (got the 1/2 again for the third time today !!) and Apt Approach and Cottage Oak (each way)

Profit on day £3735

So an absolutely stunning day with some remarkable tipping from Paul Jones, Mathematician and Isiris. It's pretty late now, and I'm feeling a bit drained by it all. Will have a good nights sleep and come back fit and raring to go again tomorrow. Can't possibly have a repeat of today, well I can dream can't I ?

F*** me, I've won a fiver !!!

Wednesday 12 March

Couldn't believe the news when I got up Wednesday morning and the festival was abandoned for the day. The right decision obviously and made good and early, which should be applauded.

Left with Huntingdon and the all weather and only bets from Steve Lewis Hamilton. First bet was an each way on Lady Pilot, given at 11/2 - managed to get 6/1 with Betfred but then the horse drifted to an SP of 15/2 and no best prices, so a few quid went astray when the horse stayed on well to win. Second bet came in the next race, with another each way on Grantsville at 9/2, backed into 5/2. The horse raced keenly but looked likely to win turning for home before emptying quickly in the straight and fading to finish fourth, taking down the bet and the additionally advised each way double.

The all weather bet was Guadaloup, who led until the turn for home before fading out and finishing unplaced.

Profit on day £5

So a day which promised so much when I went to bed on Tuesday night delivered little. However the action was only postponed, as you will see when I update again shortly.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Day One - A Positive Start

Tuesday 11 March

Well a load of action from my services, as well as a bit of trading on Betfair, a placepot and a football bet. Very up and down, but finding the winner of the last at the festival ensured a positive start.

Previously mentioned that I had subscribed to the Paul Jones ante-post service for the festival. This is the guy that writes the excellent Weatherbys Cheltenham Festival Guide, and I've been getting ante-post bets from him for the last few weeks. Got around 30 bets all told as well as his overnight festival e-mail service, along with the daily bets from my other services, so if it all goes wrong then the numbers could be horrendous by the end of the week.

Away from the festival SLH advised an each way bet on Namroud in the Sedgefield 2.50. The horse finished 4th at an SP of 22/1, wasn't happy with the ride here as I thought the horse didn't get much assistance from the saddle. With a more positive ride, I'm sure I would have collected the each way money, not sure if the win was on but it only got beat 3 lengths so who knows.

The all weather selection was Indecision who was well beaten.

At the festival my placepot crashed and burned in the first despite putting four in, which was a shame as I got through the rest of the card - but I'll try again tomorrow.

Race 1

Ante post bets on Blue Bajan (e/w), Numide and Rippling Ring came unstuck. Henry Rix gave out Rippling Ring and Sentry Duty, decided to follow Mark Holder this week and he put up Pigeon Island who also got a favourable mention from Mathematician and I also backed Binocular, who did best of all finishing second.

Race 2

Ante-post on Clopf got as far as the first, also had Moon Over Miami and I laid Noland. Unfortunately I also laid Tidal Bay and so another hefty reversal.

Race 3

An ante-post treble and an each way double came unstuck when Sizing Europe blew out. Although I offset some of this by laying the horse. I also had losing each way bets on Afsoun (SLH) and Catch Me (HR) so it was 0/3 after three races.

Race 4

The first ante-post success as my 10/1 bet on An Accordion was landed. Losing bets on Mon Mome (SLH), Bob Hall (HR), Ponmeoth (HR) and New Alco (a positive from Mathematician) brought the profit down a bit.

Race 5

Didn't play on this race. Had good marks for a few, including the winner but decided to pass.

Race 6

Best of the day with a back on Crack Away Jack, who got a positive from Paul Jones and also went in my book when I backed him at Sandown last month. Other bets in this race, a lay of Ashkazar, an each way on Grand Schlem (MH), Prince Erik e/w (ante post), as well as bets on Harry Tricker and Metaphoric.

The football bet was a loser thanks to Swansea conceding in the last minute, and my trading the prices was hopeless and I bailed out after 3 losses.

Profit on day £356

So an interesting day, with a huge number of bets, and a couple of decent winners ensuring a profitable day, and I'm happy enough with the first day.

Hopelessly disorganised here this week. My office is still being decorated which isn't giving me much time to plan a strategy for the festival, also I'm having a new kitchen put in soon and this week have had a window blocked up and walls plastered so the house is in a right state.

Don't like living like this, doesn't help when I'm trying to watch the races or trade with builders in, as well as trying to do some painting ! Still it will be worth it when everything is finished.

The abandonment of the festival on Wednesday means tomorrow will be a very long day, with the first race at 12.30 and going on until nearly 6.

Plenty of ante-post action tomorrow, hopefully get one or two of the big priced ones in and have a very good day.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Almost There

Last round up before the festival....

Friday 7 March

Just one bet today, a £25 e/w on Et Maintainant at Leicester finishing unplaced.

Loss on day £50

Saturday 8 March

A disappointing day results wise, but not too much damage done. Henry Rix put up three horses today, an each way on Overclear and two win bets in the Imperial Cup on Halla San and Albinas. Nothing doing from any of them unfortunately. Isiris gave out an each way insider bet which duly finished third and a small loss on the bet. Steve Lewis Hamilton advised a lay on Beau Michel at Sandown - finished well beat. Both Steve and Mathematician played in the 3.35 at Wolves but my bets on Danehillsundance and Alfresco both went west.

Loss on day £285

Sunday 9 March

Nothing at all from any of my services on Sunday.

Monday 10 March

With the terrible weather, wasn't expecting too much today. However the one bet came from Isiris, with only their second maximum of the year - and like the last one a 5/2 winner, to set me up nicely for the week ahead.

Profit on day £432

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Time for another catch up

Busy week once again has ensured no trading or personal betting from me, so just the tipping lines. Added to which I've got builders and plasterers in at the moment so the PC is living at the side of the bed for a day or two while my office / computer room is re-decorated. Will need a new desk as well, as the last one has fallen to bits after one move to many !!

Monday 3 March

A losing day on Monday with Isiris giving out a split stake bet at Wolves, with neither selection winning and SLH putting up Millfield as a win bet at 5/1. Got on at 6/1 and eventually drifted to 13/2 before finishing a close up third, beaten about a length. Steve also advised a lay on Josear at Stratford, which duly lost to reduce the deficit on the day.

Loss on day £162

Tuesday 4 March

Another winning day courtesy of Steve's all weather service. Two horses given, an each way on Mister Incredible who was unplaced and a win bet on My Friend Fritz, a winner at 3/1, on at the earlier 7/2 advised.

Isiris also gave out an ante-post bet for the Cheltenham festival. Unfortunately Coral would only lay me £50 of the £200 I asked for at 16/1. Then offered me £100 more at 12/1 which I took. Because I was at work, this is all I got, and the price had gone elswhere by the time my bets had been accepted and made the next call. Would have been able to get it all had I been at home I think, as I have accounts with all the bookies and it's quicker via the net than over the phone. Have never had any serious knock backs so far, but no doubt my account will have been marked by Coral now. Interested to see how I get on with them going forward.

The horse is trading shorter on Betfair now and KB has advised to lay it for a free bet. Haven't done so yet. Have got an avalanche on bets at Cheltenham already, and plenty of room for maneouvre so should be able to trade well next week if I decide to go down that route.

Profit on day £250

Wednesday 5 March

I'm really enjoying doing this at the moment, making a steady few quid - no wild swings and busy working as well so money rolling in. Next week will be pivotal to my fortunes of course, but I'm happy to tick over until then.

Steve Lewis Hamilton is in a rich vein of form at the moment and he gave out a win bet on Cleymor House at 10/3 which duly came in to ensure I would finish in front once again. Mathematician's best of the day was Bremen who was given out when the price was 5/4 - 11/8. Advice was to wait for a possible bigger price later on. Had to place the bet at lunchtime, asked for SP and of course it started at 8/11, but at least it won and added another £36 to the account.

Final bet for today was SLH's all weather pick Dickie Le Davoir, advised at 5/1 - got the favourite beaten alright but got done a head by the outsider of the field Methaaly.

Isiris gave another ante-post for Cheltenham, this time I had no trouble getting on with Ladbrokes with my £100 e/w @ 16/1, placed with no referral at all. I've taken plenty of money off Ladbrokes since I started this but they have always accomodated me, they obviously know where some of the bets are coming from but they seem happy to lay me.

Profit on day £186

Thursday 6 March

A minimal profit to report today, Steve put up yet another winner with Cnoc Moy at 5/2, the horse drifted at 5/2 but I was on with Coral and so didn't get the better SP which made a £50 difference. His other bets were a speculative each way on Theatre Belle at 16/1 which fell, and his all weather bet was Royal Amnesty in the last at Wolves, who couldn't peg back the winner, and finished second beaten half a length.

Mathematician bets today were in the 2.20 at Wincanton, main bet on Archie Glen with a saver on Equity Release. Reading the racing post results, Archie Glen was still well there when coming down at the last so might have been unlucky there, and the saver finished second !

Update - having now seen the race on RUK, I don't know where the Post is coming from, Archie Glen might have placed at best. Can't see how it would have finished in front of the eventual winner.

Profit on day £25

Finally for now, Mark Holder has given out a couple of winners this week, an 11/2 shot on Monday and a 14/1 winner today. Well done to those who have kept the faith. Unfortunately my patience ran out a month ago and I didn't back these two. Maybe I was too hasty, maybe not - but at the end of the day, the results for November through to January simply were not good enough considering what I had paid for his service.

I'm still a subscriber for another two weeks so I will keep monitoring his performance. Once Cheltenham is out of the way Henry Rix is due for renewal, along with Mark Holder and Steve Lewis Hamilton is due at the end of April so I've got some more money to spend - have to decide on the best way of doing it.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

A new month.....

Saturday 1 March

An interesting day, and once more a profitable one. Irisis gave our a main account bet on Natal, each way at 4/1 with instructions to lay back at 3/1 for a no lose bet.
This I did and the horse duly won. Felt afterwards that I had missed a trick and should have had more on and traded for a profit. This is what I need to do on my betting anyway and should have done that here. Never mind, a profit on the bet and another few quid in the bin.

Other bets on Saturday, Mathematician gave out Quicuyo at Kelso who was all the rage in the morning before drifting to an SP of 13/2. Ran up well for most of the race before fading dramatically on the run-in and eventually only beat three home. SLH gave out a speculative bet on Mister McGoldrick at Newbury to minimum stakes at a big price. Was on at 28/1 and happy enough with the bet, with the horse running well and eventually finishing fifth.

However had to wait until the very last race of the day for the best of it, with SLH going each way on Terminate at the morning 8/1, being heavily backed on-course into an SP of 5/1 and winning readily to ensure I had a very good day.

Profit on day £460

Sunday 2 March

A quiet day with just one horse put up by Mathematician. Shavansky won the 2.20 at Huntingdon and I made a £90 profit (10p rule 4 on my early 2/1).

Profit on day £90

So on the face of it, a very solid, steady week until you add it up and realise that I've won nearly £1200 since Monday. If only every week were like this, no violent swings either way and nicely in front at the end of it. Can't be of course, but I'm happy to enjoy the moment and look forward to the week ahead.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Catch Up Time

Been a busy few days, so need to get things up to date and it's been a good week.

Wednesday 27 February

An up an down day but finished on the right side eventually. Isiris gave out and each way main account bet, but unfortunately we finished one place out of the money. Unusually, they played again 40 minutes later with an each way insider bet and this time the horse won and landed the 11/2 for me.

SLH put up Opera Writer on his all weather service but the horse could only manage third place. Steve also had two bets on his private service, an each way on Olympian who was disappointing and a win bet on Flake who won at 4/1. Mathematician gave Silencio in Flake's race, which finished fourth.

Profit on day £200

Thursday 28 February

Just two bets on Thursday and the first reverse of the week. Steve was the source of the action again with Caislean Na Deirge at Ludlow and Earl Kraul at Kempton both given out each way. Unfortunately neither of them reached the frame, although the first named travelled up well for a fair way until fading rapidly once they turned for home.

Loss on day £180

Friday 29 February

Last day of the month and just one bet today from Steve, with a big priced punt at Kempton on Bens Georgie. Unfortunately it ran as its price suggested it would and finished well down the field.

Loss on day £100

So that's February wrapped up and the final analysis shows a small profit of £350. Nothing to get too excited about but a sharp upturn from the first few days of the month when things were looking a bit bleak following a dismal January.

Still £1295 behind on the year to date, but the signs are positive and Cheltenham is just around the corner. As mentioned previously I have susbscribed to Paul Jones / Weatherby's ante-post Cheltenham service and have already built up a large porfolio of bets for the festival. More to follow in the next few days I expect, with additional bets from my other services no doubt. Will be at home for Cheltenham week, so will be trading the prices as well. Hoping for a very good month in March which will get things moving in the right direction and enable me to kick on for the rest of the year.