Thursday, 13 March 2008

A Day to remember

Thursday 13 March

The Racing Post billed it as "The Best Two Days of Racing Ever". Hard to argue with that statement, and from a personal point of view I hope tomorrow follows the pattern of today which was one of the most amazing of my betting life.

Apart from the one all weather bet from SLH which was a loser at Wolves tonight, all my bets were at the 10 race Cheltenham Festival.

Race 1

A stunning start to the day as my ante-post advice from Paul Jones, Old Benny won the first - advised each way at 25/1. Even better, Mathematician advised the same horse this morning as an each way bet at 14/1, easily beating the SP of 9/1. Paul's other ante-post selection in the race Over The Creek came second but this was advised win only a couple of weeks ago. Other plays in this race were an each way bet on Pass It On who got a good word on Paul's overnight service, which was brought down early in the race.

Race 2

A bit of misfortune here, as Paul put Albertas Run on the ante-post service each way at 25/1 before it won the Reynoldstown chase at Ascot in February. Unfortunately I never picked the e-mail up until after the Ascot race had been run and of course the price was long gone. Backed £100 on the horse on Betfair today, and also SLH advised it as a bet today so had another £50 on at 5/1. Other bets in the race on Roll Along (each way), Silverburn, Oscar Park and Verasi after positive mentions from Paul Jones and Mathematician. A good winning race but not as much as it should have been, missing the ante-post bet cost me a large win here. Although events later in the afternoon offset this.

Race 3

Another wide open affair, but once again managed to land on the winner Finger On The Pulse at 12/1 on Betfair. Also backed Ambobo, Barbers Shop, Gold Medalist and Lord Ryeford, as well as my ante-post on Mr Strachan who fell. So got the first two again and another profitable race. However the placepot went down at this point.

Race 4

Isiris put up an ante-post each way on Fair Along here a couple of weeks ago and the horse ran on to get third place and set up another good payout here. Paul Jones put up an ante-post on Newmill weeks ago, also laid Voy Por Ustedes here and backed Tamarinbleu.

Race 5

F*** up of the day here. Layed Our Vic here which wasn't the main problem. SLH advised a bet on the same horse, so they evened each other out. Unfortunately when I checked my accounts tonight, I realised that I didn't back Our Vic, but backed The Listener by mistake. So a £330 loss due to a misclick from me due to rushing to get the bets on and not checking before I submitted. An expensive lesson learnt.

Other horses backed here were L'Antartique, advised ante-post by Paul Jones at 16/1, Henry Rix also advised the same horse this morning and Paul's other ante-post pick Turko also lost. SLH also advised a place lay on The Listener which helped a bit but a big losing race unfortunately.

Race 6

Another great ante-post selection from Paul here, with an each way advice on Kasbah Bliss at 16/1. Just failed to out battle the great Inglis Drever in one of the best races of the meeting so far. Also backed My Way De Solzen here, as well as The Market Man each way (Henry Rix), and Blazing Bailey each way (Mark Holder) which finished fourth unfortunately.

Race 7

Still keeping up ? It was a bloody long day wasn't it but keep reading as it gets even better, but not with this race. Backed 4 here, but if I backed 14 I doubt I would have inclued Mister McGoldrick who won at 66/1 (done at 500 on Betfair for bits). Fourth placed Bible Lord was as close as I got.

Race 8

Very hard race this one. Had two ante-post picks from Paul with Robin Du Bois and Dancing Tornado, neither of whom were placed. Picked another four in the race with Buena Vista, Footy Facts, Onnix and Russian Trigger all running for me as well. Despite covering a quarter of the field, couldn't get one in the frame. Just reading back todays e-mail from Mathematician, he had the winner in his final 3 but discarded him and selected Onnix and Footy Facts.

Race 9

Coming to the end now.

My Immortal 12/1 win and Idle Talk 25/1 (e/w) were my two ante-post bets here. Unfortunate with Idle Talk as he finished once place out of the money, although a distant fifth. Backed another handful on the day and managed to include High Chimes at 18/1 on Betfair, backed the place as well - this was Mathematicians best bet on this race. Also had Bob Bob Bobbin and Whispered Secret here as well as Jaunty Times (Henry Rix).

Race 10

Cousin Vinny was an ante-post bet from Isiris a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I couldn't get all my £200 @ 16/1 with Corals who only allowed me £50 @ 16/1 with £100 @ 12/1. The advice from KB was then to trade this back for a no lose bet. Didn't do that and decided to let the horse run, and I'm so glad I did as I copped £2000 on the bet. Other picks here were an ante-post win bet on Corskeagh Royale at 12/1 from Paul Jones, which came second (got the 1/2 again for the third time today !!) and Apt Approach and Cottage Oak (each way)

Profit on day £3735

So an absolutely stunning day with some remarkable tipping from Paul Jones, Mathematician and Isiris. It's pretty late now, and I'm feeling a bit drained by it all. Will have a good nights sleep and come back fit and raring to go again tomorrow. Can't possibly have a repeat of today, well I can dream can't I ?

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Well done on a great day mate - hope you do as well if not better today!