Sunday, 2 March 2008

A new month.....

Saturday 1 March

An interesting day, and once more a profitable one. Irisis gave our a main account bet on Natal, each way at 4/1 with instructions to lay back at 3/1 for a no lose bet.
This I did and the horse duly won. Felt afterwards that I had missed a trick and should have had more on and traded for a profit. This is what I need to do on my betting anyway and should have done that here. Never mind, a profit on the bet and another few quid in the bin.

Other bets on Saturday, Mathematician gave out Quicuyo at Kelso who was all the rage in the morning before drifting to an SP of 13/2. Ran up well for most of the race before fading dramatically on the run-in and eventually only beat three home. SLH gave out a speculative bet on Mister McGoldrick at Newbury to minimum stakes at a big price. Was on at 28/1 and happy enough with the bet, with the horse running well and eventually finishing fifth.

However had to wait until the very last race of the day for the best of it, with SLH going each way on Terminate at the morning 8/1, being heavily backed on-course into an SP of 5/1 and winning readily to ensure I had a very good day.

Profit on day £460

Sunday 2 March

A quiet day with just one horse put up by Mathematician. Shavansky won the 2.20 at Huntingdon and I made a £90 profit (10p rule 4 on my early 2/1).

Profit on day £90

So on the face of it, a very solid, steady week until you add it up and realise that I've won nearly £1200 since Monday. If only every week were like this, no violent swings either way and nicely in front at the end of it. Can't be of course, but I'm happy to enjoy the moment and look forward to the week ahead.


leonthefixer said...

Well done on the profitable week - I think you should take advantage of the tips you get and trade them more - I would be keeping the normal bets going but also suplementing them with trading profits. 8-1 into 5-1 would give a £50 profit for just £100 staked! Put an extra couple of hundred on and you could be making some very big money from these tips! Obviously some are going to go against you but from what I have read on the whole they would seem to be mainly going shorter.

Thanks heaps for the comment on my blog, a lot of what you say has hit home. When reading other blogs and seeing people make £1k a week or £1-200 a week from trading I let it get to me and makes me wonder why I am not hitting those levels. As you say things are going in the right direction, the weather played a big part this month as you said, a lot of meeting were cancelled and whole days lost here and there. It would have only have taken 4 or so decent days and I would have hit the £1k mark I guess. I need to just get my consistancy back, I seem to be losing on more races now than I was before, not sure why but I do have a bit of an idea. Think it may be that I am now using larger stakes I am timing the placement of the counter order wrongly.

Also making £70 in in a day is actually great - I have become a bit forgetful as to what £70 actually is which is easily done when you are just looking at numbers on a screen. I think I need to get some real money in front of me which will amek me appreciate it more!

Also the stuff you said about lifestyle has hit home, I have become very lazy, getting up at 9am having a long breakfast then messing on the internet and playing on the xbox until 12 before thinking I need to do something with the morning by which time it is racing time so I sit in front of the computer for the afternoon until 5.30, back on the xbox and end up watching tv for the evening. Before I know it it is 1am and I havn't even gone out the house!

I need to start getting to bed at a decent hopur and getting up at a decent hour, going for a run or a bike ride or something in the morning which will make me fresh and bring back my appitite for trading!

Hopefully I can put it all into practice now though!

Good luck for the week ahead!

martin said...

told you ,you should give up following tipsters :-)