Saturday, 29 March 2008

Steve Keeps On Going

Saturday 29 March

Four bets from SLH today, an each way on Dancing Partner - advised at 11/2. Managed to get on at 6/1 with Coral but was hit with a 25p rule 4, which meant I was worse off than the 5/1 SP which the horse won at. The other bet on his private service was Lysander, advised at 4/1 and winning at 10/3.

The other two bets were from his all weather service, with Great Hawk at Kempton and Count Ceprano at Wolves. Neither of which received the best rides you will ever see and finished 4th and 2nd respectively.

Spent a happy couple of hours at B&Q which meant I never had chance to read the e-mails from Paul Jones and Mathematician, still haven't read them even now so don't know if i've missed anything...too late now if I have !

Added a link here to Free Bets (see right). Will have a good look at their site tomorrow.

Profit on day £470


nokiaman1 said...

Hi JP,

I have been reading your blogs and thanks. What i would like to know is did you join Henry Rix in 2007 and did he give some decent winners. Overall did you make a Profit?
I have joined and want to know how things went. Also i m joining Paul Jones what did he tip on Sat(i know you didnt read his emails!) did they fare any better.



nokiaman1 said...

Hi JP,

I am thinking of joining Henry Rix though i know his strike rate is appaling these last few weeks. Did you have any success in 2007?
Any winners at big odds. Also did you use Paul Jones during the flat season last year and how was he?

As i joining Paul this week for Aintree.

Much Appreciated


JP said...

Hi Gary,

I joined Henry Rix at the end of September last year.

He did give out a few good results before Christmas - Haatef won 14/1, Dansant won 11/1, Osana won at 9/1 etc.

Indeed at Christmas I was £1900 in front in 3 months, less the £1000 sub of course.

However as detailed in my blog, he then proceeded to advise 27 successive losers, 26 of them unplaced to wipe out the profit.

From reading posts on the Betfair forum he still hasn't given out a winner and has dropped something like another 12 points.

Catastrophic results by anyones standards, especially at £1000 for 6 months, £1500 for a year.

Another thing which rankled, when my sub expired, I didn't receive a reminder, an invitation to re-subscribe, an explanation of recent results, a loyalty discount etc. My pin was simply de-activated with out notice and I was directed to provide my card details again and pay the full price.

Well thank you Henry but no thanks.

As for Paul, didn't study last weeks e-mail too closely, but if you're on board for his Aintree overnights then you should be in for some fun !!

All the best