Friday, 28 March 2008

Time for an update

Apologies for the lack of daily updates recently.

House is still a tip, new kitchen two weeks away and decorating two other rooms. Stuff everywhere. Can't relax when I'm home and it's all getting me down a bit. Glad to be at work during the week just now to be honest.

Some good priced winners given out by Steve Lewis Hamilton, but could only finish level on the week when all results taken into account.

Saturday 22 March

Four bets today, as well as playing on the Lincoln with the Weatherbys / Paul Jones analyis, with two unplaced from Mathematician (Figurita and Top Spec), an all weather pick from SLH with Super Frank which was also unplaced. The best of the day was from SLH giving out Hopkins at 10/1 (managed to get 11/1), a fortunate winner when the leader came down two out when 3 lengths in front. Lucky to collect there, but I don't think I've always had the best of it since I started - just shows how things even out eventually. The only disappointing aspect was that the horse was only backed to the minimum stakes.

Regarding the Lincoln, Blythe Knight one of three I backed in the race at odds of 30 on Betfair. Finished second traded much shorter in running and I really should have made something on the race rather than losing £100.

Making plenty of money this month, but I don't think I am being greedy when I say I should be doing better. Backing an 11/1 winner and a 29/1 second and winning £29 on the day really isn't good enough.

Not with it at all at the moment trading wise. Tried trading some favourites but all over the shop with it, dropped around £40 before giving it up as a bad job.

I will be changing my staking plan come 1 April, more of that in the next few days.

Profit on day £29

Sunday 23 March

Two bets on Easter Sunday, with an unplaced each way bet from Isiris - unusually they played in a seven horse race each way and the horse duly finished third, ran well enough without ever threatening a win before getting very tired by the end of the race.

The other bet was a win bet on Synchronised from SLH. Advised to back at the morning 9/4, managed to get 5/2 with Betfred - the only firm going the price. Unfortunately for me the horse drifted to an SP of 9/2, and won at the much bigger price. Should have gone with one of the firms going 9/4 guaranteeing the best odds, or split my stake between 9/4 and 5/2. Trying to get an extra £25, cost me £200 here. Should be doing better than that.

Profit on day £150

Monday 24 March

Played on the Irish national, with the information from Weatherbys NH guide. Managed to get the second and third but couldn't find the winner. Decided to ring the Isiris mark your card line for some action. Managed one winner with Bedouin Blue at Redcar but a couple of close seconds and a few losers thrown in meant a big losing day overall.

Loss on day £570

Tuesday 25 March

Just one bet today from SLH, with Royal Prodigy an early faller.

Loss on day £50

Wednesday 26 March

Two bets today from SLH, Guns And Butter a win bet at Newcastle, unplaced and an each way bet on the all weather on Taboor, a winner at 10/1 at Wolverhampton to get things back on track again.

Profit on day £525

Thursday 27 March

Scuzme was a minimum stake bet from SLH, unplaced while Zazous nabbed third in the blanket finih race at Lingfield beaten two heads for the win. Profit of a tenner on the race. Isiris weighed in with a winning insider bet at 9/4 to ensure a profitable day again.

Profit on day £266

Friday 28 March

Disappointing day today, played on Mathematicians information at Newbury but three unplaced horses was the result and a hefty loss. SLH put up Karma Llama at Wolves, well backed and showed up well until they turned in and finished lame.

Loss on day £397

So I've lost £47 since last Friday. Disappointed with that really, given that I have backed 5 winners in the past week, including two at double figure prices.

The staking plan needs some work. It's easy enough with the SLH and Isiris bets, given that they advise their bets to specific points or units - plus the all weather bets are staked at level stakes which works well.

It's the other bets I'm having trouble staking, the Paul Jones / Weatherbys analyse the races and produce a shortlist with which to work. Plus the bets on Easter Monday from the mark your card line were not staked and I overdid the betting on these - to be honest I was bored and looking for action, which is not a good thing. Was never in a chasing mood, so it wasn't going to be too drastic but if my headline services cannot find an account bet despite all the racing that takes place on a bank holiday, then I should have sat out as well.

March is going to be a fantastic month for me no matter what happens in the next three days. I'm over £5400 ahead this month, but it should really be more. Backing the wrong horse at Cheltenham, missing the best price at Towcester last week, losing £570 on Easter Monday are all things that shouldn't be happening now. Really need to be tightening up here. I know my concentration is not the best lately, got to raise my game.

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