Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Stopped The Rot

Tuesday 29 April

After 4 big losing days in a row, it was good to get a few quid back on Tuesday.

Blue Sky advised an each way bet on Stagecoach Diamond at 7/1, horse duly came third for a small profit.

SLH's all weather man returned from a short break and advised an each way bet on Cape of Storms at 12/1. As you know, I now back all these win only so there was nothing to come when the horse finished second at 15/2. My new strategy cost me there today, but in the long term I reckon it will pay more to back them on the nose.

The Isiris mark your card line came good again after a quiet few days, with 3 winners from the 10 races, at 10/1, 11/2 and 3/1.

Profit on day £333

With just one more day left in April I'm £1180 down on the month, so it's going to take something special to wipe that out. Unlikely, but you never know. A few steady winning days would be just what the doctor ordered. Plus there's my ante-post ticket on the 1000 guineas at 20/1 to look forward to at the weekend, so good times ahead.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Tale of Woe Again

Monday 28 April

Been losing hand over fist since Friday and that continued again today.

Isiris gave an insider bet at Yarmouth, £100 each way. As on Friday, the horse was one mentioned on the mark your card line, and with the same end result as the horse led to halfway before fading out tamely to finish last.

Mathematician's best of the day was Multicultural. Backed it each way at 20/1 and as with all good each way bets, I was out of luck when the horse finished 4th beaten 3/4 length for a place at an SP of 9/1.

Only other action today was from the mark your card line, but while the bottom line result was disappointing, things could have worked out very differently. The only winner was the strongest message of the day, Checklow at 4/6. However in the same race, there was a mark for Gaia Prince which I backed each way and which was second at 12/1.

Other notable results were an each way third at 25/1, and a second with Orpenindeed backed to win at 10/1 with an SP at 4/1.

Loss on day £573

So the last four days have seen a loss of £2825 and turned a profitable month into a significant losing one.

Not particularly bothered, as this is the way it's going to play out now having gone down the route of more bets at the same time as I have increased stakes.

However, it does bring into focus whether, I ought to mitigate some of these losses by trading back at lower odds on Betfair. Easier said than done at the moment as I don't have access to Betfair when I'm working and I can't do anything in the morning as I don't get the tips until lunchtime.

When I get some time, I will look at the results since I started and try and come up with a strategy, which would satisfy my requirements on this score.

I've been struggling with the idea of trading back for a long time now and still have yet to finalise any sort of plan. Any opinions gratefully received.

Also, when I started this blog last October, my intention was to trade price movements on the favourites whenever I could to generate some profits when my tipsters were struggling. I managed this with some success but it has gone by the board totally since last Christmas, largely due to work pressures - which will ease in the next month or so as I have taken steps to reduce my workload. Will have to start the trading from scratch though as I am way out of practice at the moment.

Plenty to think about as always.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Staking Plan Update

Some big losses booked in the last few days, so I thought I would clarify how I am staking the bets, and how it all adds up.

Isiris account bets are advised as follows, and insider bet is between 4-6 points, a main account bet is 8 points and a maximum bet is 12 points. Currently I stake £50 per point.

Steve Lewis Hamilton account bets are between 1 - 10 points and again I stake £50 per point.

The SLH all weather service advises either win or each-way and as previously stated, I am now backing them all win only, with a level stake of £100 on each horse.

Optimum racing bets are valued at 1-5 points and I am putting £100 a point on each.

Blue Sky advise either win or each way, and I've decided to go £200 win / £100 each way.

Mathematician advises account bets of up to £100 on his e-mail for ease of staking. I put £200 (£100 e/w) on his strongest bets, and £100 (£50 e/w) on his other recommendations. The other horses he mentions in his introduction to his e-mail are backed for a total of £50.

Finally the mark your card line, I put £50 win (£25 each way) on every horse mentioned on the line. KB also advises which is the strongest message of the day and which he thinks is the best message, and I put £100 on these.

So as you can see, it's very busy now. There's a lot of money going out week to week and so the profits / losses are going to be volatile. I'm prepared for this financially (and emotionally) and very much look forward to how things play out for the rest of the year.

Expensive Couple Of Days

Friday 25 April

Got myself up and running with Blue Sky Racing today, and also decided to rejoin Optimum Racing, as well as renewing with Steve Lewis Hamilton for another year. It all comes out of the pot of course and will all be accounted for at the end of this year. Going to be plenty of excitement in the next few months thats for sure.

As for Friday, the current run decreed that I would lose, and that's what happened.

My first bet from Blue Sky was a loser, You're The Top - backed from 2/1 into 5/4 but could only finish in 6th place.

Whenever an Isiris main account bet fails to cop, then I'm looking at a big red on the day. This happened with the bet being a split stake in the Sandown 3.00. Bit of a messy race, but looked like I would collect until the last 100 yards or so until General Eliott got on top close home. Suffered the double whammy of the same bet being put up on the mark your card line, so following the staking plan I lost twice.

Mathematician's best of the day was Hawaana in the first at Sandown, but the well backed favourite couldn't land a blow and finished 7th.

Finally the mark your card line found winners at 10/1, 5/2 and 5/4 as well as a place at 11/1. However with 12 races marked and more than one given out in some of them, a small loss on the day was the final score here.

Loss on day £798

Saturday 26 April

Bad day today, very little went right. Of course when I've got as much action as I have nowadays, if the winners don't come I'm looking at a big loss. There's the other side of the coin of course, but a poor day today and a four figure loss (which I think is a first for the blog).

The biggest losses came on the Bet365 Gold Cup. Paul Jones had given two ante-post bets earlier in the week in the shape of Iris De Balme (9/1) and Lothian Falcon (12/1). Got the best of the prices and they both ran respectable races finishing 4th and 5th.

Steve Lewis Hamilton also gave a bet on Iris De Balme, and the Weatherbys NH guide shortlisted another two in the race with Royal County Star and My Immortal added to the list. None of the various sources I use gave a chance to Monkerhostin and as a result I suffered a big loss when he obliged.

Mathematician put up a main account bet on Winged Farasi each way at Ripon, but a poor run and a well beaten seventh. Also gave a favourable write up to Andronikos and Always Brave at Leicester. The latter finished second to a 50/1 shot, so my 350/50 bet went the way of so many others yesterday. Bit of a sore one, but what can you do.

First bet of my new spell with Optimum was Wednesday Country at Market Rasen, well backed from the early 10/3 to an SP of 5/2, but a disappointing effort beaten a long way in fifth.

Three bets from Blue Sky, a winner at 6/4 in Jabal Tariq, an each way second at 5/1 Auntie Kathleen beaten a neck, and an unplaced effort from Querega at Punchestown. So a small but very welcome profit from Blue Sky.

The mark your card line found winners at 11/2, 4/1 twice and 4/5 but again with 6 meetings and 12 races covered, a small loss on the day was the result.

Finally, just to put the cherry on the icing on the cake, I lost £115 on my football bets.

Loss on day £1105

Sunday 27 April

Two bets from Blue Sky today were the only ones from my services except for the mark your card line.

Blue Sky put up an each way on Fiery Lord at 12/1. Was late in picking up the message, my fault - new to the service and forgot about the time if i'm honest (what a pro !!). Still I managed to secure a decent bet and the horse duly finished second, didn't see the race at the time but watched it back later and it travelled like a winner in the straight and must have traded very short in running. Didn't find much when asked and was eventually beaten 5 lengths. Still I secured a profit on the place part at least.

The other bet was Accordion, ran green and again would have traded very short in running, before getting beat. Will be winning before long though.

The mark your card line managed winners at 5/1, 6/4 and 11/8, but both the strongest mark and KB's best pick got beat and so another loss to book.

Loss on day £349

Friday, 25 April 2008

And so it goes on.....

Thursday 24 April

To maintain the current sequence, Thursday had to be a winning day and so it proved.

Mathematician gave out an each way bet on Karmest who was an impressive winner at Beverley, on at the morning price of 5/1 backed down to an SP of 3/1.

However, the profit on Maths bet was wiped out by a losing insider bet from Isiris, advised each way but finished unplaced, disappointing.

Paul Jones e-mail previewed three races at Punchestown, Wonderkid finishing second despite looking very likely to win, Aitmatov finished third, and J'Y Vole was also third, so no returns from Paul today.

The Isiris mark your card line was the star of the show giving out Auditor at 10/1, although I could only achieve 9/1, which was still excellent given the horse won at 9/2. There were three other winners at 6/1, 4/1 and 11/4. There were also some near misses with seconds at 13/2, 4/1 and 8/1 as well as three third places including one at 14/1, but nothing to come from these as I was backing everything win only.

Profit on day £722

Thursday, 24 April 2008

And Down Again.....

Wednesday 23 April

Mathematician gave a positive mention to three horses on Wednesday, but no winners amongst Planetarium, Leyte Gulf or Nefertari.

Paul Jones e-mail for Punchestown highlighted four horses but the best he came up with was an each way on Academy Sir Harry in the bumper, which was third at 16/1.

The Isiris mark your card line found two winners at 7/4 and 11/8, gave a quiet word for two other winners at 7/1 and 9/4, plus each way places at 16/1 and 7/1, but it was a losing day overall.

Loss on day £373

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

An Up Day Today !

Tuesday 22 April

The current rollercoaster ride continued today.

Isiris got straight back to winning ways following on from yesterday's disappointment with a winning insider bet, advised at 7/4 - split my stake between Hills and Bet 365 so got the benefit of the drift out to the 9/4 SP, and more than wiped out yesterdays Isiris loss.

SLH put up a minimum stake win bet on Summer Of Love in the 7.0 at Towcester, speculating that the first time blinkers would work the oracle. Horse traded at 1.40 in-running but made a mistake at the second last which did for his chance.

Paul Jones sent an e-mail last night previewing 4 races at Punchestown, backed the Jered in the 3.05 at the 7/4 SP. Didn't back any of the other advices which was a good move as he didn't find any more winners.

The Isiris mark your card message found 3 winners at 7/1, 4/1 and 5/2 from the 12 races covered. Also gave an each way second which I backed at 14/1, although he mentioned 25/1 was available I didn't have time to try and ring round and find it. Four of the other horses mentioned on the line also finished second.

Should mention for calculation of profit and loss purposes I am taking £15 per call for the mark your card message. Although when I'm at work I'm calling on my mobile so that might need revising (mobile bill is due the end of this week so if the call charges are ridiculous, I'll have to think of something else).

Profit for the day £643

Very up and down the last week or so, with 5 winning days and 3 losing days adding just £28 to the profits.

Introducing the mark your card line into the mix has certainly added some potential for volatility to the figures, yet to hit a really big win from the info given out but I'm sure that will come. When I've got time, I'll chuck a couple of quid on a daft multiple bet, and if I can line a few up then I can cop a right few quid.

Hope it comes across that I'm really up for this at the moment and enjoying what I'm doing. Nicely in front on the year, although a bit behind target there's plenty to look forward to. My Sub to SLH is due for renewal on May 1st and I'll have no hesitation in rejoining. Absolutely delighted to be with him. Start with Blue Sky on May 1st as well, which I'm looking forward to. Paul Jones has joined up with them for the summer and I'm anticipating good things. Still got my mind on rejoining Optimum Racing as he did show me a profit, just let the sub expire at the end of Jan and never got round to renewing it. Got to shell out some cash on renewals next week, might well sign up with them again.

It takes something of a leap of faith to back horses on someone elses advice, and of course there's nothing like finding them yourself. But I just don't get the time needed to study the horses these days, and I'm happy to go with the opinions of these services with hard cash. Think I've found the best that is out there, always on the look out for more of course, any information regarding other services is always welcome.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Getting Nowhere

Not making as much progress as I would like this month. Still a week or so for that to change, and I am still £320 in front, but a couple of hefty reverses in the last few days have put the brakes on.

Saturday 19 April

Saturday was a very busy day, but I eventually racked up a big loss.

The best tipping came from Mathematician with a win bet on Pee Jay's Dream flagged up in his e-mail. Managed to get the early 5/1 against an SP of 11/4 which was badly needed as it turned out.

SLH had Openide each way in the Scottish National, unplaced. I also had the analysis of this race from Weatherbys, Mathematician and an ante-post from Paul Jones on Old Benny. Managed to get the second, but no chance with the winner and a big loss on the race.

The SLH all weather service put up Methaaly at Wolves, advised at 5/1 - the drift out to 9/1 was ominous, and although the horse was third there was never any chance of collecting.

The Isiris mark your card line could only find 4 winners from the 12 races covered which was disappointing, although the strongest mark of the day won easily.

Finally Bayern Munich conceded a 90th minute goal in the German Cup final to scupper my footy bet and a swing of £210 there.

Loss on day £787

Sunday 20 April

No action from my services today, so was left with the mark your card message from Isiris. Managed to get 3 winners from the 6 races including the strongest of the day which won at 5/1 as well as a 6/1 winner.

Profit on day £293

Monday 21 April

I knew my fate early today as an Isiris main account bet in the first at Plumpton went west, ran very badly and I was immediately £400 down.

SLH put up two account bets today and a similar tale of woe unfortunately with neither troubling the judge, nor ever looking likely to.

The Mark Your Card line only found one winner from 10 races. Disappointed to only get 9/2 on the winner against an SP of 6/1. A few near misses, although in no way unlucky with an each way second at 25/1, an each way 4th at 25/1, an each way 4th at 14/1 and a second at 10/1.

It was left to Mathematician to salvage something from the day with his account bet on Go Amwell, an each way second at 15/2, and an each way double highlighted in the evening message - Mirage Dore and Cape Colony who both won.

Loss on day £467

Friday, 18 April 2008

Ups and Downs

Friday 18 April

An interesting day and a good profit.

SLH advised an each way bet on Three Mirrors at Ayr, a winner at 6/1. He also advised a lay of Mahogany Blaze at Cheltenham, which conflicted with Isiris who put the horse up as an insider bet. In the end Isiris were proved to be right.

Mathematicians best was Salut Saint Cloud at Yarmouth, however the horse could only finish second.

The Isiris mark your card service gave out 4 winners, but showed a small loss overall.

Profit on day £547

Worst Day for a While

Thursday 18 April

A poor day today with the biggest loss coming from an unplaced Isiris insider bet. SLH put up Moon Crystal at Kempton which finished third. Mathematicians message highlighted the chances of Robby Bobby at Ripon and Multidimensional and Doctor Freemantle at Newmarket in an each way double, but nothing doing with these either.

The Isiris mark your card pointed out just two winners on Thursday to show a loss.

SLH advised a place lay of Gold Medallist at Cheltenham which was successful and put £58 back in the account.

Loss on day £605

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Steady Profit Again

Wednesday 16 April

Only headline tip from my services was from SLH on the all weather. Advised Opera Writer each way at 6/1. As mentioned the other day I am backing these win only from now on as I think this will prove more profitable in the longer term. As it was the horse finished unplaced anyway.

Mathematician didn't put up an account bet, but gave Wait For The Will as his best of the day which I backed and it won at 5/2.

Called the Isiris mark your card line again today. Came up with 4 winners at 5/1, 3/1, 2/1 and 5/4 as well as a 16/1 second. Put them all on with Ladbrokes over the phone as I was at work today and I didn't have the time or inclination to ring round 4 or 5 firms trying to get the best price on 11 horses. Will shop around when I am at home and on the net.

Profit on day £220

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Profitable Day In The End

Tuesday 15 April

SLH gave an each way bet on Winsley Hill in the first at Exeter at 10/1. Ran very well but had to settle for the runner-up spot. Still a small profit on the bet.

Mathematician gave an account bet on Dusk each way at 4/1 at Warwick. Isiris then gave the same horse as an Insider. Unfortunately the horse didn't run that well and finished unplaced.

Maths also mentioned a couple of other horses Spoof Master and Sky Dive, backed them both to small stakes but nothing doing.

Being the action junkie I am, called the Isiris mark your card line. Gave out two winners at 12/1 and 3/1, although both returns were savaged by rule 4's (30p and 20p). Also an each way place at 16/1, as well as a couple of seconds from the 11 horses put on the line. Putting £50 on each horse. Managed to clear £234 after taking account of the cost of the call.

Finally managed to get my nose in front tonight with a decent pick up on the football. Had Airdrie, Burton and Bath in a trixie and then Lyon, Rochdale, Burton, MK Dons, Queens Park and Airdrie done as any 4/5/6. MK Dons drawing 0-0 preventing me from getting a full house. Still cleared over £200 to put me in profit for the day.

Profit for day £185

Monday, 14 April 2008

Disappointing Start

Monday 14 April

A poor start to the week with SLH advising an each way on Stormont Dawn at Newcastle, never travelled a yard and beaten 72 lengths !! - a shocker.

The all weather bet today was a win bet on Ermine Grey, who could only manage fifth place.

Finally Mathematician's highlighted horse of the day, although not recommended as a bet, was Nigella which finished third.

Loss on day £250

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Sunday 13 April

Two bets from SLH today with Naxos out stayed on the run-in in the first at Kelso having traded very short in running and another near miss, while Aimigayle was given each way at Newton Abbot and was a ready winner at 9/2.

Mathematician also gave a mention to Silver By Nature in the first at Kelso, backed it and finished third.

Paul Jones previewed the Gladness Stakes at the Curragh and gave a favourable write up to Jumbajukiba against the short priced favourite. Put £25 e/w on it and never looked in any danger as he led throughout for a very nice win at 12/1.

Profit on day £750

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Regular Posting

Well I am posting regularly, every three / four days at least !!

Would like to do more, hopefully after another week I should be able to. Been decorating this week and kitchen is finally being fitted next week, so I can finally get the house back to normal and enjoy living here again.

Results for the last three days are as follows:-

Thursday 10 April

SLH put up an account bet on Realism at 7/4 in the 4.50 at Towcester. Was right there three out but struggled up the hill and thereafter finishing a well beaten fourth. The all weather bet was an each way on Magic Amigo which finished unplaced.

Loss on day £350

Friday 11 April

Disappointing day from my services with 3 losers, an unplaced insider from Isiris, Obe Royal unplaced on the all weather - given a poor ride and could have won with a better passage - and Fandani a loser at Ascot, both for SLH.

Missed a trick with Mathematician earlier in the week. He has slightly amended the format of his e-mails now, and gives his best of the day in the first paragraph even if they aren't strong enough for the account. Will do these on a day by day basis depending on the "feel" of the message but I missed an each way double from him on Monday or Tuesday where both horses won. Was at work but can access his website from there, so thats not a problem. Just forgot to do it when I was busy (this working lark is no good to me).

Anyway, his best two today were Blue Spinaker and Boundless Prospect and I backed them both and it was good to see them both win to mitigate the losses on my other services.

Loss on day £334

Saturday 12 April

A good day which could have been a great day. Isiris gave an each way insider at 9/2. Unusually for an Isiris bet the SP was bigger at 5/1, and as my bet was with Bet 365 I got paid the best price when the horse won.

Elsewhere Mathematician's advice was an each way double on Pressgang and Don't Panic, both placed but neither won so I got my money back. SLH gave Mcnairobi on the all weather who was backed from 10/1 to 6/1 but ran disappointingly, as did Mister Quasimodo who plugged on to finish in the frame at Newbury, without ever threatening to land my win bet.

The hard luck story was my each way on Mixterthetrixter at Uttoxeter. Was on at the best SP of 8/1, the horse cleared away in the straight and looked sure to win, but hit the last when about 6 lenghts in front and stopped to nothing to be caught on the run in having traded at 1.02 on Betfair. Didn't trade out because I didn't see the race, whether I would or not I really don't know. Only seem to lay them back when they win these days, another leak which needs plugging.

Profit on day £376

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Catch Up Time Again

Monday 7 April

Again just one bet today, with SLH putting up a win bet on Joli Classical at Plumpton. Horse finished a well beaten third.

Loss on day £100

Tuesday 8 April

A winner and a loser from SLH today with an Isiris style each way bet on Theatre Belle at 4/1 in the Sedgefield first, a ready winner and the all weather pick was an each way back of On Every Street which was unplaced. Threw away most of the profit on Tuesday night with some poor bets on the football.

Profit on day £20

Wednesday 9 April

No selections today.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Quiet Sunday

Sunday 6 April

Just one bet today, coming from SLH with an each way on Timetwogo at Southwell. Horse ran poorly and trailed in a well beaten 8th.

Loss on day £100

Nailing The National

Saturday 5 April

SLH was back on track after a disappointing week, with one bet on his private service, Mango Catcher at 9/4 - backed it with Stan James who paid out the enhanced SP when the horse won at 5/2. Stan James was also my port of call for the all weather bet, Lough Beg, at the morning 8/1, and despite a rule 4 I did better on the payout than the SP of 13/2 when the horse won.

Nothing from Isiris or Mathematician for the account today, so I played at Aintree with Paul Jones e-mails. Among the horses he shortlisted were Pearl King (W 10/1), Tidal Bay (W 6/4), Al Eile (W 11/4), and Touch of Irish (2nd 12/1). Overall I lost a bit following these this week but he came up with a few winners and a few places so no harm done, not nearly so good as Cheltenham but as I said yesterday my staking probably wasn't the best and thats something to work on for future meetings. I will definately be signing up to his flat service for this season.

Backed a couple of horses from Maths' e-mails but neither Raimond Ridge or Hampton Court were winners, although Raimond Ridge should be winning soon I think.

So on to the national, and a fine piece of aftertiming coming up. After much deliberation I was left with a shortlist of 6 and decided to back them all to try and win £300 on the race. To say I got the race right would be an understatement as my shortlist was Comply Or Die (1st), King Johns Castle (2nd), Snowy Morning (3rd), Slim Pickings (4th), Bewleys Berry (5th) and D'Argent (Fell).

Profit on day £1138

Friday, 4 April 2008

Frustrating Friday

Friday 4 April

One of those days today, nothing really went my way and I finished just behind after a great start.

The good start came in the shape of another winning main account bet from Isiris, the 7/2 each way advised shortened to an SP of 11/4 and ran out a ready winner.

That was as good as it got however.

SLH put up three horses in total. Greenbridge a win bet at Aintree - eventually finished sixth but he was right there three out and travelled every bit as well as the winner. Unfortunately he blundered the third last and again at the second last and his fate was sealed.

Next horse from SLH was Poppy's Rose, managed to get 12/1 each way and the horse showed up very well until tiring and finishing one place out of the money in 4th, beaten 3/4 of a length for the each way money.

The final SLH horse was The Geester, on each way at 6/1 and backed to an SP of half that. Horse didn't get home and finished fifth.

Played in all the races at Aintree using the Paul Jones information but unable to show a profit on the shortlisted horses despite giving Oedipe a 20/1 winner in the 4.55. This was the only winner among the horses listed throughout the day, however Battlecry, Gone To Lunch, Irish Raptor, Blue Bajan all finished second and Call Me A Legend was third from shortlists of 2-3 in each race.

The staking of Paul Jones' advice hasn't really worked so far this meeting, although he served me very well at Cheltenham. I've already got tomorrows selections to hand and I'm going to work out how I'm playing it tomorrow.

Regarding the Grand National, he advised Cloudy Lane and Slim Pickings ante-post. Unfortunately, I didn't get on and I've missed the fancy prices. Going to back at least 4 in the race and see how I get on. Will also have a look at the novelty markets and see if anything takes my fancy.

Loss on day £119

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Aintree Day One

Thursday 3 April

I love the Aintree meeting and was looking forward to a busy day.

My two headline services, SLH and Isiris both played today, but neither of them made a selection at Aintree.

SLH advised a win bet on Wiscalitus, who unfortunately fell and broke a leg. The Isiris insider bet won very easily at Leicester.

Played at Aintree using the Paul Jones e-mails, with the aim of winning £150-£200 per race where he shortlisted the winner, and hopefully get more winning races than losers. Unfortunately that wasn't the case on the first day.

Backed Blazing Bailey in the first, and Christy Beamish in the foxhunters race but came up empty handed elsewhere for a small loss on the meeting but a profitable day none the less.

Profit on day £181

Catch Up Time Again

Again, apologies for the lack of daily updates. This will change now I promise.

I'm finally back in my office after re-decorating the house, after 4 weeks of living in s**t things are beginning to take shape now and I'm feeling a bit more cheerful and starting to enjoy living here again. Bit of money to spend on a new computer, and other equipment in here, but I'll do that over the next couple of weeks.

Still got the kitchen to sort out, so downstairs is still a bombsite but I can cope with eating out every night quite happily, although I'm not sure my body can. A dieting blog might be just round the corner.

Sunday 30 March

Busy DIY'ing etc today, sister is also doing her house up just now, so spent a bit of time there. Didn't manage to place either of the two advised bets, which on this occasion saved me £450. An unplaced Isiris maximum bet and a loser from SLH were the two I missed.

Monday 31 March

Just one horse today, Her Name Is Rio from SLH - unplaced at Southwell, finished last in fact.

Loss on day £100

Tuesday 1 April

Again one horse today, Springvic given out each way by Mathematician - unplaced at Wetherby.

Added to the losses on the football tonight, played the under / over 2.5 goals. Got two out of four right in my yankee but a poor bet really.

Loss on day £177

Wednesday 2 April

The quiet week continued with just the one bet from SLH on the all weather. Gimme Some Lovin was todays selection, and again nothing doing with the horse finishing last.

Loss on day £100

So a quiet few days but that will all change now as the Aintree festival swings in to action.