Thursday, 3 April 2008

Catch Up Time Again

Again, apologies for the lack of daily updates. This will change now I promise.

I'm finally back in my office after re-decorating the house, after 4 weeks of living in s**t things are beginning to take shape now and I'm feeling a bit more cheerful and starting to enjoy living here again. Bit of money to spend on a new computer, and other equipment in here, but I'll do that over the next couple of weeks.

Still got the kitchen to sort out, so downstairs is still a bombsite but I can cope with eating out every night quite happily, although I'm not sure my body can. A dieting blog might be just round the corner.

Sunday 30 March

Busy DIY'ing etc today, sister is also doing her house up just now, so spent a bit of time there. Didn't manage to place either of the two advised bets, which on this occasion saved me £450. An unplaced Isiris maximum bet and a loser from SLH were the two I missed.

Monday 31 March

Just one horse today, Her Name Is Rio from SLH - unplaced at Southwell, finished last in fact.

Loss on day £100

Tuesday 1 April

Again one horse today, Springvic given out each way by Mathematician - unplaced at Wetherby.

Added to the losses on the football tonight, played the under / over 2.5 goals. Got two out of four right in my yankee but a poor bet really.

Loss on day £177

Wednesday 2 April

The quiet week continued with just the one bet from SLH on the all weather. Gimme Some Lovin was todays selection, and again nothing doing with the horse finishing last.

Loss on day £100

So a quiet few days but that will all change now as the Aintree festival swings in to action.

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