Monday, 21 April 2008

Getting Nowhere

Not making as much progress as I would like this month. Still a week or so for that to change, and I am still £320 in front, but a couple of hefty reverses in the last few days have put the brakes on.

Saturday 19 April

Saturday was a very busy day, but I eventually racked up a big loss.

The best tipping came from Mathematician with a win bet on Pee Jay's Dream flagged up in his e-mail. Managed to get the early 5/1 against an SP of 11/4 which was badly needed as it turned out.

SLH had Openide each way in the Scottish National, unplaced. I also had the analysis of this race from Weatherbys, Mathematician and an ante-post from Paul Jones on Old Benny. Managed to get the second, but no chance with the winner and a big loss on the race.

The SLH all weather service put up Methaaly at Wolves, advised at 5/1 - the drift out to 9/1 was ominous, and although the horse was third there was never any chance of collecting.

The Isiris mark your card line could only find 4 winners from the 12 races covered which was disappointing, although the strongest mark of the day won easily.

Finally Bayern Munich conceded a 90th minute goal in the German Cup final to scupper my footy bet and a swing of £210 there.

Loss on day £787

Sunday 20 April

No action from my services today, so was left with the mark your card message from Isiris. Managed to get 3 winners from the 6 races including the strongest of the day which won at 5/1 as well as a 6/1 winner.

Profit on day £293

Monday 21 April

I knew my fate early today as an Isiris main account bet in the first at Plumpton went west, ran very badly and I was immediately £400 down.

SLH put up two account bets today and a similar tale of woe unfortunately with neither troubling the judge, nor ever looking likely to.

The Mark Your Card line only found one winner from 10 races. Disappointed to only get 9/2 on the winner against an SP of 6/1. A few near misses, although in no way unlucky with an each way second at 25/1, an each way 4th at 25/1, an each way 4th at 14/1 and a second at 10/1.

It was left to Mathematician to salvage something from the day with his account bet on Go Amwell, an each way second at 15/2, and an each way double highlighted in the evening message - Mirage Dore and Cape Colony who both won.

Loss on day £467


paul said...


Firstly thanks for your detailed response to my earlier post.

I have one further question regarding the mark your card line and that is, is the call to the point or is there plenty of waffle on it as you easily be paying £10-£15 per day for the phone call which seems steep.And also have you been calling it long and if so what time is the message on line and are the prices easier to get than the main isiris bets.

Anyway keep up the good work and good luck I read everyday with interest.


JP said...

Hi Paul,

The mark your card line is charged at £1.50 per minute so you are looking at a daily phone call of £10-£15. Message usually lasts 7/8 minutes. If you are prepared for that and prepared to stake accordingly then it's worth a go I think.

I've only been calling regularly since last week, mainly because KB was mentioning the number of good messages on there, and also because he has stated that he will be finishing at the end od this year, and if that turns out to be the case then I want to get everything I can from them.

Gives out info from 2 races for each meeting, so on busy days as we're going to get from now on there's a lot to go at.

He doesn't class them as tips, they are information to do as you wish. He highlights the strongest message of the day and also what he considers the "best" message.

Message goes on between 1 and 1.30pm, ideally you need access to oddschecker to do your best with the prices. As I've been at work today, I did them all on the phone with Ladbrokes. Prices do tend to hold up better than the mainline service.

All the best

JP said...


One more thing, if you are interested in the Isiris main service, they are offering places for the remainder of this year on their site.


emma said...

Are you saying isiris is closing all its services at the end of the year , he must be making a packet
from subcriptions.
Maybe he has enough money already.

Doing well with blue sky £450 up in two weeks and i am on infallible in the guineas at 33-1
best is now 4-1 will probably
lay to a profit on betfair.
Apparantly blue sky are closing membership at 250 ,currently 130
and he's got a big advertising blitz going on at the moment.
good luck emma

JP said...

Hi Emma,

He has said that he is planning on finishing at the end of this year.

Said the service may well continue in some form being run by his colleagues, and he may come in for the odd month to do the line to cover holidays etc.

Whether it's all BS or not remains to be seen.

Have to take a lot of what KB says with a pinch of salt, although to be fair there have been no more ads as he promised last year.

Hope he carries on, because regardless of what you think of him he knows his stuff.

Glad to hear Blue Sky are doing well, my trial with them starts on May 1st, and I look forward to it especially now Paul Jones is going to be on board.

All the best