Sunday, 27 April 2008

Staking Plan Update

Some big losses booked in the last few days, so I thought I would clarify how I am staking the bets, and how it all adds up.

Isiris account bets are advised as follows, and insider bet is between 4-6 points, a main account bet is 8 points and a maximum bet is 12 points. Currently I stake £50 per point.

Steve Lewis Hamilton account bets are between 1 - 10 points and again I stake £50 per point.

The SLH all weather service advises either win or each-way and as previously stated, I am now backing them all win only, with a level stake of £100 on each horse.

Optimum racing bets are valued at 1-5 points and I am putting £100 a point on each.

Blue Sky advise either win or each way, and I've decided to go £200 win / £100 each way.

Mathematician advises account bets of up to £100 on his e-mail for ease of staking. I put £200 (£100 e/w) on his strongest bets, and £100 (£50 e/w) on his other recommendations. The other horses he mentions in his introduction to his e-mail are backed for a total of £50.

Finally the mark your card line, I put £50 win (£25 each way) on every horse mentioned on the line. KB also advises which is the strongest message of the day and which he thinks is the best message, and I put £100 on these.

So as you can see, it's very busy now. There's a lot of money going out week to week and so the profits / losses are going to be volatile. I'm prepared for this financially (and emotionally) and very much look forward to how things play out for the rest of the year.


nokiaman1 said...

Hi JP,

Had the same downs mostly since Fri. Have been using Blue Sky and Rix and mark your card(not all of them). Put me in alot of deep doo doo so to speak as alot of info didnt bring hardly enough winners.
I paid for it and lost all my bank. Well my cousin told me a horse running at Ripon would win from what jockey told Dave Nevison in week. The form looked rock solid and it was a 16/1 shot. Trainer was in flying form but me being greedy staked over what i should have and didnt see race only have to start from scratch.
Will start small stakes and stick to it. I thought my luck was bad and yes it is as when i backed some footie matches(correct score) and lost also (usually i m okay with this). I think Patience is definately a virtue and i am going to stay focussed from now on.



JP said...

Hi nokiaman,

Sorry to read about your losses this weekend and hope you will soon be back to winning ways.

A hefty loss this past weekend, but only £900 down on the month and well in front on the year.

Can I ask, what sort of staking levels, betting bank etc you are / were using.

I won't publish it on here if you don't want me to, but I would be interested in how you go about things if you fancy a chat about it. Can do this via e-mail if you like. I still have your address I think.

All the best

informer said...


Just started reading your blog

Man you are going to to busy man backing all these with this staking plan..... so days madness chasing prices etc....

People dont understand you will lose if you staking is wrong and you can't deal with losses....

Its not about the short turn profit its about long term and dealing with the losing runs...

I would say if you back level stake be able to deal with 20 losing bets in a row and still have 50% of your betting bank left.