Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Stopped The Rot

Tuesday 29 April

After 4 big losing days in a row, it was good to get a few quid back on Tuesday.

Blue Sky advised an each way bet on Stagecoach Diamond at 7/1, horse duly came third for a small profit.

SLH's all weather man returned from a short break and advised an each way bet on Cape of Storms at 12/1. As you know, I now back all these win only so there was nothing to come when the horse finished second at 15/2. My new strategy cost me there today, but in the long term I reckon it will pay more to back them on the nose.

The Isiris mark your card line came good again after a quiet few days, with 3 winners from the 10 races, at 10/1, 11/2 and 3/1.

Profit on day £333

With just one more day left in April I'm £1180 down on the month, so it's going to take something special to wipe that out. Unlikely, but you never know. A few steady winning days would be just what the doctor ordered. Plus there's my ante-post ticket on the 1000 guineas at 20/1 to look forward to at the weekend, so good times ahead.



BRQWVE FALCON second race tipperary 10-1 VCBET E/W/

LITTLE NICKERS 6-1 early price.

MOON VALLEY 5-1 last race Folkestone.

I will have a trixie these three hoping to get two up as well and who knows perhaps three.

Staking plan for me is

£100 E/W BRAVE FALCON @ 10/1

£100 win LITTLE NICKERS @6-1

£100 win MOON VALLEY @ 5-1


Had a nother good win in Ireland yesterday at 5-1 no dangers. I ambetting these as they are all value and improving.

I have not heard anything from my spies in Ireland but having discudded my bet BRAVE FALCON he thinks its grea tprice and worthy of consideration at the price.

Staking higher than normal due to an extended good run with horses and football (netted a four timer Saturday)

If one of thse obliges i will be in profit more so Brave Falcon but to be truthful i am hoping for a double today.

Well see. ! If i was being selective today i would just back the horse in Ireland @ 10-1 more heavily e/w hoping it gets its head in front.

maggie said...

DO you think the mark your card is worth the bother and cost must be £70 a week the time KB waffles on. Insiders showed a slight loss last year before plug was pulled probably 2 years later than it should've been. I keep my husbands records and try to see which bets are working and which are not as he wants to steam into them all. Don't know how long you been with Isiris but my figures show main account does well insiders which is now mark your card(stop putting out losers on main line then tell everyone how many winners they are missing and charge £10 a day extra) went off the boil 2 1/2 years ago. It's also funny how KB shouts how wonderful his losers line is for a few days then it goes quiet for weeks as he tips winner after winner on it.


JP i have kep up my incredible 9 out of 10 last bets in IRELAND AND ALL ABOVE 4-1.

I know i am the best in the country at the moment and its no fluke. I told you that was my best bet if i was pushed and hope you had £200 on @ 10-1.

More to follow !

JP said...

Thanks for the info Mark, nice once.


Many thanks for your interesting comments. Have been with Isiris since last September just as he was phasing out the Insider bets from the main message.

I'm quite happy to carry on with the mark your card message for the time being as I am showing a profit from following it, but as with everything else on here, it is always under review.

Regarding the main message, I'm very happy with how things have been going, although the last couple of weeks have been losing ones.

All the best

rvaughan said...

hi jp i have been following you blogs with interest to see how your tipsters have been doing and to compare there results againest the 2 services i am involved with i would apprecate your views on this the fist service which has been proofing to the racing post since aug 2006 advertises under VSR and has shown a profit of 436 points up untill the end of april 2008 the website is updated weekley and can be found at the profit is been reached with a average stake of just under 2 points per bet a very inportent stat.when looking at a tipsters profit the second service can be found at TIP EXCHANGE under rvaughan i have been proofing for 3 years now and have shown a profit of over 550 points so far with selections going out by 11am every morning again with an average stake of 2 points all singles at sp i am sure you will have an opinion on these sevices and look forward to reply thank you for taking the time to read this all the best in your battle with the enemy ron vaughan