Sunday, 13 April 2008


Sunday 13 April

Two bets from SLH today with Naxos out stayed on the run-in in the first at Kelso having traded very short in running and another near miss, while Aimigayle was given each way at Newton Abbot and was a ready winner at 9/2.

Mathematician also gave a mention to Silver By Nature in the first at Kelso, backed it and finished third.

Paul Jones previewed the Gladness Stakes at the Curragh and gave a favourable write up to Jumbajukiba against the short priced favourite. Put £25 e/w on it and never looked in any danger as he led throughout for a very nice win at 12/1.

Profit on day £750


paul said...

hi JP

A couple of questions you said in an earlier post you were changing your stakes do you mind me asking what they are now .

Secondly is the SLH service very profitable , do you have any ROI figures or pts staked and pts returned over a given period.

JP said...

Hi Paul,

Changed my staking plan on 1 April.

I now stake £50 per point on both the SLH main service and Isiris (SLH advises bets of 1-10 points, Isiris stakes 4-6 insider, 8 main, 12 max).

I level stake the SLH all weather bets at £100 win or £50 e/w per bet, which is the same as I have always done since I started.

As far as profit figures go, the all weather service is showing a level stakes profit of 12.6 points (£1263) from a total of 151 bets. (ROI of 8.36%)

Your question has prompted me to do a bit of analysis of the all weather bets and if I had done them all win only, then I would have won another £1700 (ROI of 19.6%) Think that may the way to go from now on. Of 65 bets advised each way 10 won and 11 were placed. Will have to think about that.

Regarding the private service, the LSP is 78.4 points from 113 bets.

As far as ROI goes, he changed his staking plan on 1 Jan from 1-5 pts to 1 - 10pts. I staked 77.5 pts up to 31/12 (therefore 155
using the new system) and have staked 143 since the new plan came into effect.

Therefore I show a profit of 78.4 points from 298 staked (ROI 26.3%).

I should add that the profit from when I joined up to the new plan coming in was just 0.9 points so all the profits have been achieved since the turn of the year.

Talking in terms of pound notes, overall I am £3808 in front since I joined the service (less the initial subs of £675) which I'm more than happy with.

Hope this is of use to you.

If you need any more information, please ask.

All the best

emma said...

hi jp
I'm still enjoying reading your blog.
Futher to pauls comments about slh,
the figures you give are impressive
i was wondering if you have a win to run ratio and a level stakes profit for the selections.
I am puzzled that with this profit
he does not publish his results online .
I am currently trialing the blue sky service which i am finding very interesting to date.
thanks emma

JP said...

Ref my earlier reply to Paul, I mention a LSP of 78.4 points which is incorrect, that is the profit based on the staking plan. Sorry about that. I will calculate the LSP later tonight if I get time, or more likely it will be here by tomorrow night.

Thanks to Emma for your reply, and I will include the info you ask for.

Good luck with Blue Sky.

All the best

JP said...

quick calculation of LSP for SLH private service

114 bets, 26 winners (22.8%), 1 point per bet win only, at achieved prices....LSP 42.25 points. ROI (37.06%).

Interesting exercise which shows that had I stuck £100 level stake win only on every bet on each service, I would be winning over £7000 now which is not far off double where I am.

Getting late now, might do a bit more digging tomorrow !!