Tuesday, 22 April 2008

An Up Day Today !

Tuesday 22 April

The current rollercoaster ride continued today.

Isiris got straight back to winning ways following on from yesterday's disappointment with a winning insider bet, advised at 7/4 - split my stake between Hills and Bet 365 so got the benefit of the drift out to the 9/4 SP, and more than wiped out yesterdays Isiris loss.

SLH put up a minimum stake win bet on Summer Of Love in the 7.0 at Towcester, speculating that the first time blinkers would work the oracle. Horse traded at 1.40 in-running but made a mistake at the second last which did for his chance.

Paul Jones sent an e-mail last night previewing 4 races at Punchestown, backed the Jered in the 3.05 at the 7/4 SP. Didn't back any of the other advices which was a good move as he didn't find any more winners.

The Isiris mark your card message found 3 winners at 7/1, 4/1 and 5/2 from the 12 races covered. Also gave an each way second which I backed at 14/1, although he mentioned 25/1 was available I didn't have time to try and ring round and find it. Four of the other horses mentioned on the line also finished second.

Should mention for calculation of profit and loss purposes I am taking £15 per call for the mark your card message. Although when I'm at work I'm calling on my mobile so that might need revising (mobile bill is due the end of this week so if the call charges are ridiculous, I'll have to think of something else).

Profit for the day £643

Very up and down the last week or so, with 5 winning days and 3 losing days adding just £28 to the profits.

Introducing the mark your card line into the mix has certainly added some potential for volatility to the figures, yet to hit a really big win from the info given out but I'm sure that will come. When I've got time, I'll chuck a couple of quid on a daft multiple bet, and if I can line a few up then I can cop a right few quid.

Hope it comes across that I'm really up for this at the moment and enjoying what I'm doing. Nicely in front on the year, although a bit behind target there's plenty to look forward to. My Sub to SLH is due for renewal on May 1st and I'll have no hesitation in rejoining. Absolutely delighted to be with him. Start with Blue Sky on May 1st as well, which I'm looking forward to. Paul Jones has joined up with them for the summer and I'm anticipating good things. Still got my mind on rejoining Optimum Racing as he did show me a profit, just let the sub expire at the end of Jan and never got round to renewing it. Got to shell out some cash on renewals next week, might well sign up with them again.

It takes something of a leap of faith to back horses on someone elses advice, and of course there's nothing like finding them yourself. But I just don't get the time needed to study the horses these days, and I'm happy to go with the opinions of these services with hard cash. Think I've found the best that is out there, always on the look out for more of course, any information regarding other services is always welcome.

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