Friday, 18 April 2008

Ups and Downs

Friday 18 April

An interesting day and a good profit.

SLH advised an each way bet on Three Mirrors at Ayr, a winner at 6/1. He also advised a lay of Mahogany Blaze at Cheltenham, which conflicted with Isiris who put the horse up as an insider bet. In the end Isiris were proved to be right.

Mathematicians best was Salut Saint Cloud at Yarmouth, however the horse could only finish second.

The Isiris mark your card service gave out 4 winners, but showed a small loss overall.

Profit on day £547


nokiaman1 said...

Hi JP,

I have joined Paul's Service and have had some good tips. Am up since Wed last week and overall £700 in profit only been putting on £25 ew stakes. Once my bank gets bigger will increase stakes.Also have a very intuitive mind and have been getting info from "myself" if you believe it..
had 4 from 4 winners Sat and 2 today..i think this is better than tipsters!
Also Rix service hardly had a winner for 4 weeks then 2 from 3 winners one finished very close second. Actually i wrote to him and told him to find a winner soon or i'll etc.
Thanks for your help


JP said...

Hi nokiaman,

Good to see things are going well for you, and you're building things up steadily.

Couple of comments, the Henry Rix winners will be the first he has given out since before Christmas so be careful. I baled out after 27 straight losers (only one placed).

As for your own do I join !!!

All the best