Friday, 30 May 2008

So Close

Friday 30 May

A much quieter day than the last few weeks with only three bets in total.

Mathematician's headline bet was an each way double on The Snatcher (3/1) and Monsieur Reynard (5/1). Both horses came in second to secure a small profit on the bet.

Only other action came with two bets from Bluesky - an each way on Siren Sound at Goodwood, faded tamely after coming there two out, finished unplaced. The other advice was a win bet on Navajo Joe (backed it at 3/1 and drifted to an SP of 4/1). On with Bet365 and looking sure to win at the enhanced odds for me, until the favourite got her act together in the last 100 yards and went past mine - very disappointing for me, more so for those who backed it on the machine at 1.05

Loss on day £370

Some fine sport scheduled for tomorrow with meetings at Doncaster, Goodwood, Haydock and York amongst others, so I would imagine I'll have a busy day. Hopefully a winning one to finish the month in profit, which would be some achievement.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Cracking Day Again

Thursday 29 May

Very good all round performance today, although the star of the show was Mathematician who gave a main account bet winner in Malguru, each way which won at 10/1 (managed to get 14/1) and his only other advice on the day was a win bet on Barney McGrew at Newcastle, a winner at 13/2 (on at 10/1) with a saver on Ingleby Arch, so top class work again from Mathematician with three 10/1+ winners in the last week.

Three bets from Blue Sky today with one winner in the shape of Bushman who came home a very easy winner in the last at Sandown at 3/1 (rule 4 applies). The other tips were Virtual and Lucarno.

SLH advised a win bet on Lord On The Run, just got up to win at Wetherby at 9/2. Elsewhere he advised a lay on Forty Acers which won, and the all weather bet was Curzon Prince who came in 4th, beaten about a length having been backed from 13/2 into 7/2.

Nothing from Optimum or Isiris today.

Finally the mark your card service continued its disappointing week with just two winners today at 5/2 and 8/11, although the long list of placed horses continued with another handful today.

Profit on day £785

I've decided to stop calling the mark your card line from tomorrow. I've got enough action from the services I already use and it's not actually making any money at the moment. In the long term I know I would make a profit following the line, but I'm backing over 20 horses somedays which is ridiculous really. I may revisit it in future if and when Kevin stops the mainline service, but I think stopping at this point is sensible.

Stick with what I've got now and build up the profits during the rest of this year.

Looking at the profit and loss for May, I am now just £24 down on the month which I am absolutely delighted about - on 9th May I was £4740 behind on the month. If you had told me then that I would have a chance of making a profit in May I wouldn't have believed it possible. Just goes to show you have to keep your chin up and keep sticking the money down.

Fifty quid profit over the next two days would do very nicely thank you !!

Back Again

Time flies when you're having fun, which it certainly did when I was away last week. But also since I got back to work so here I am again with a bit of catching up to do.

Was holidaying on the south coast, staying near Chichester which meant I was able to access the messages and bet if I wanted to. But decided to have a break from it all (it was only 5 days after all) and concentrate on enjoying the break and relaxing. Left the mobile at base but did monitor the messages when I got back from days out to see what I was missing but overall I didn't lose out too much, indeed I backed a winner on Thursday (see below).

For the record, on the Monday SLH gave out a 7/1 winner on his all weather line, but there were losers from his private line and a loser from Blue Sky to offset this. Nothing doing Tuesday with an Isiris insider bet placed for a small loss, an SLH account bet placed for a small profit and a second on the all weather service beaten by a 100/1 shot.

Missed out on Wednesday with Blue Sky giving an each way winner at 6/1 and a loser and a winning main account bet on Isiris although at odds on. Was at Goodwood today, but went my own way and managed to find a couple of winners which paid for the day out.

Had a bet on Thursday when Optimum gave out an each way bet on Any Given Day at Salisbury in the evening, missed the price as I didn't get the message until teatime but I liked the bet and decided to back it and I was on at 7/2 (advised at 9/2) and the horse won well. Others advised on the day were a place and two losers from Blue Sky and a loser from SLH. Won another £95 by laying Rangers in their game at Aberdeen.

Friday, was travelling back and so missed all the daytime action which included a loser from Blue Sky and a loser from Isiris. Was back home in time to back the SLH each way advice on Surface to Air which won at 15/2 at Stratford.

So all in all, had a great few days away - managed a couple of winners and didn't lose out too much from not backing the others.

Profit Monday - Friday £1358

Saturday 24 May

Busy day today and a good winning one as well. Isiris had a main account bet winner. advised each way at 9/2 at Newmarket, for a very good return on the bet. Another winner came from Mathematician with a split stake bet on the Haydock 2.05 - advised Fyodor at 11/1 (won), and Invincible Force at 14/1 (3rd), top class analysis of the race and Fyodor just prevailed by a nose from Intrepid Jack.

Losers on the day came from Optimum with Pampas Cat, finishing second to Unnefer and Blue Sky's pick of the day Luck Money, started favourite but finished last with the jockey reporting he had lost his action.

Blue Sky's other bet was an each way on Could Do at Tralee, finished third at 6/1 for a small profit on the bet.

Finally the mark your card line wasn't in the best of form with no winners at all, best result of the day was a 25/1 second, beaten less than a length, with 4 other horses also finishing in the runners-up spot, including Take The Stand who was beaten in the last stride to illustrate the fine margins between success and failure.

Profit on the day £1045

Sunday 25 May

Had another day off today, the one bet which I missed was an each way from SLH on Deoraoicht at Uttoxeter, third at 8/1 (advised).

Monday 26 May

Winning day again, and Blue Sky were the stars of the show today with two wins from their three selections, all advised each way with Blue Spartan 4/1 and Farley Star 7/2 the winners, and Re Barolo unplaced at 12/1.

Elsewhere, no account bets from Mathematician but his e-mail spotlighted 4 horses on the day, but no returns from any of my bets on them.

No account selections from Isiris, Optimum or SLH left the mark your card line to make up the rest of the days action but with two winners from the 14 horses spotlighted, there was a minimal profit despite a 12/1 winner. Once again there were a few seconds today at 12/1, 6/1 and 5/1.

Profit on day £329

Tuesday 27 May

Another winner from Blue Sky today with a win bet on Please Sing in the first at Leicester, starting the day on the right note winning nicely.

That was as good as it got really, with Mathematician's best of the day Night Prospector unplaced at Chepstow.

SLH gave out a lay on Floodlight Fantasy at Hexham, and I collected when the horse was beaten into second place by Sir Quigley.

The mark your card line had a losing day, with only two winners at 11/4 and 9/2 from 15 horses given out as well as seconds at 8/1, 7/1 and 11/4.

Profit on day £192

Wednesday 28 May

First losing day for a while with no winners from any of the main services I use. SLH gave Folly Lodge on the all weather service, unplaced, and a small each way on his main service on Good Book in the Cartmel 4.0. Unfortunately the horse unseated early on so no run for my money there.

Optimum gave out an each way on Graylin Ruby in the first at Beverley, but the horse finished a well beaten fifth.

The mark your card line is proving frustrating, and expensive, to follow at the moment with just two winners at 7/1 and 11/4 but another five second places including at 20/1 (beaten a neck), and 8/1.

Loss on day £837

Will update later on tonight with all the results from another very busy day on Thursday.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Time for a Break

Catch up time once again as I update another busy spell....

Thursday 15 May

Best of the day was a winning account bet from Optimum who gave a confident shout to Espy at Newmarket and landed a decent winning bet for me at 9/4.

Badly needed that as things were lacking elsewhere once again, Blue Sky's only bet of the day was a win bet on Colorado Pearl at 11/10 - found one too good as my disappointing start with Blue Sky continued.

Isiris had two insider bets on the day, the first was a split stake on two horses at Salisbury with half on the even money favourite and the rest on the outsider of the field. In the end the favourite got home to return the stake money. The other bet was an each way at York which finished unplaced.

Mathematician's only highlighted horse was Accordelo at York but this was beaten as well.

The Isiris mark your card line highlighted 12 races and found winners at 4/1, 7/2 and 7/1, as well as a 33/1 shot which came third, but with 20 horses named on the line, it ended with a small loss on the day.

Loss on day £268

Friday 16 May

A very busy day today, and a successful one as I booked a four figure profit.

SLH advised an each way on Geordieland at York, got up to win right on the post and won me over £400 on the bet. He also advised a lay of Cape Colony at York which was well beaten.

Optimum landed another winner, with a three point win bet (£300) on Allied Powers at 2/1 at Newbury, won in fine style to keep things moving in the right direction.

Blue Sky gave out 3 selections today and it proved to be a winning day for them too, although it didn't start too well with Marsool running down the field in the first at Newbury. They got on the winning trail with Clowance later on the Newbury card, and their final bet an each way advice on Sudden Impulse at Newcastle was second.

The mark your card line found winners at 13/8, 3/1, 4/1, 11/10 and an each way placed at 25/1 but with another busy day on the line and 18 horses backed, the line finished level.

But overall a very good day.

Profit on day £1094

Saturday 17 May

Losing day today, but a few near misses would have turned the day around had they gone in my favour.

Mathematician gave positive mentions to Touchdown (won 7/2), High Curragh (2nd 8/1) and Viva Dettori (lost), as well as a place lay on Tariq at Newbury (finished 3rd).

Blue Sky gave no fewer than five bets out on the day adn landed a couple of winners with Ouzbeck and Heezazari both winning at Bangor. Elsewhere Andijan placed third having been advised each way to more or less return the stake money, and Daanaat and Karoush were both beaten.

Isiris gave an insider bet at Bangor which was unplaced.

Steve Lewis Hamilton advised a win bet on Cesare in the Lockinge, finished 4th.

The mark your card line had a very poor day with winners at 7/1 and 13/8 and a place at 16/1 the only returns from 14 races spotlighted.

Loss on day £393

Sunday 18 May

Quiet Sunday ? Not a bit of it.

Isiris came up with a winning insider bet at 13/2 (8/1 was available with Sporting Bet but there's no chance of getting anything on with them), but was more than happy with my winning bet, beating the SP of 9/2.

2 bets from Blue Sky, Puerto Azul and Insan Flyer. Bit of confusion this morning with the betting advice and ended up backing them both each way. No damage done as they were both placed, Puerto Azul didn't get a clear run at a crucial time and Insan Flyer didn't get the best of rides I thought, but there you go.

SLH gave an each way bet on Petrovka at Market Rasen, very poor run with no obviouse excuse that I could see.

Finally the mark your card line found winners at 10/3, 9/4 and 11/2 including the strongest of the day and KB's choice to round off an excellent day.

Profit on day £949

Having a few days away next week, fancy a break to recharge the batteries a bit. Not going abroad so I can stay in touch with the horses, indeed I will probably be going to Goodwood or Salisbury later in the week. Never been to either track so I will add at least another one to my list.

Best of luck to everyone for the week ahead and I will update again next Sunday.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Profitable day but so very frustrating

Wednesday 14 May

Lot to get through today, with plenty of action across the board.

Blue Sky put up two bets, a winner on Mister Gloss at Exeter - one or two anxious moments at the start as he looked as he was going to plant himself and I wouldn't get a run. They got him off ok and he won well in the end. The other Blue Sky horse was Edie Superstar who missed the kick, didn't get the run of the race and was eased when beaten to finish last.

Isiris had two insider bets on the day as well, an each way at 7/2 given out mid-morning which finished third and a win bet in the Hunter Chase at Exeter which lost.

The Optimum account bet was Allied Powers, a non-runner at York - SLH advised a lay on the same horse.

SLH had two account bets, a small stakes each way bet on Hoh Mike at York, drifted alarmingly on Betfair beforehand but ran on well from the back to finish fifth, less than a length out of the money. His other bet was on the evening racing with an each way double on Buffy and Midas at Perth who both finished third so I won £20 on the bet.

The mark your card line had a very good day with 6 winners at 9/2, 4/1, 4/1, 5/1, 4/1 and 4/1 (R4), as well as an each way second on Prince Sabaah, beaten a nose (on at 10/1, SP 9/2), and a bit of excitement as well with Over Ice backed at 50/1 each way who led over the second last but eventually faded out of the frame. So after a poor run since the weekend, the marks were right back to form today.

Finally, Mathematician's recommendations of the day eventually yielded a loss but had a lot of excitement along the way.

First two bets were win doubles on Stellenbosch (won 2.0 Fontwell, although the second fav was a non runner and so a hefty rule 4) and General Ledger / Midas (7.10 Perth finished 2nd and 3rd beaten by an 18/1 debutant which won by half a length) - more of the 7.10 in a moment.

The next bet was an each way double on Lush Lashes (Won) and Allied Powers (non runner).

The final bet was nearly a classic.

Part 1 Back Stellenbosch to win 2.0 Fontwell - £50 win @ 4/9 (R4), return £72.22

Part 2 Place all winnings on 3pm Fontwell - split stake on Hill Forts Henry (£35 winm @ 9/2), Sycho Fred (£35 win @ 7/1 WON), return on bet £280.

Part 3 Place 1/3 of winnings on Midas (£90 win at 5/2), Place 2/3 of winnings on General Ledger (£180 win @ 4/1)....ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG !!!!

Any hedging I was contemplating was killed off by Betfair being down and so I had to sit and suffer, General Ledger would have traded a very short price in running had the market been up, and I was sat there intending to lay off some of my potential profit ....ah well. Love the bet though, hope he tries another one.

Profit on day £356

Bottom line is a profitable day, but with any luck at all I could have had made a grand today. Just not going my way at the moment, of course this will change in the long run but it's been a tough few weeks and so much of the advice today was spot on, just didn't get the money.

Always tomorrow....

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Not Making Any Progress

Couple of winners from the tipsters but a poor couple of days on the mark your card line mean I'm still not getting anywhere.

Monday 12 May

SLH put up Premier Krug each way on his all weather service. Backing these win only these days, but I played each way on this one at the price of 16/1. However nothing doing again with the horse trailing in seventh without ever landing a blow.

Mathematician didn't give out an account bet but he mentioned Lethal at 11/4 (finished second) and Dancing Maite 14/1 (2nd) and Scruffy Skip in the last. Close but no cigar as they say.

The Isiris mark your card line was nothing to write home about with only one winner from the days racing, Sleepy Hollow at 9/2 and a loss on the day.

Loss on day £645

Tuesday 13 May

Couple of bets from my main services today. SLH gave Kingsmaite on his all weather line and he got up close up for a very welcome winner.

This was half an hour after Isiris's insider bet (each way) dead heated for first place.

The mark your card line could only find one short priced winner, altough close seconds at 7/2 and 10/1 would have changed things somewhat had they managed to get up.

Profit on day £95

Big three days coming up at York and so I would expect plenty of action from the tipsters. Let's hope they find some form !!!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Better Than Last Weekend !!!

Considering how the month of May has gone so far, I'm more than happy with this weekends result. Still got a long way to go before I'm anywhere near where I want to be, but at least it was a winning weekend.

Saturday 10 May

Finished Friday evening cursing my misfortune of missing a winner because of work. Clearly I totally lost focus on what I was doing as when I was updating my spreadsheets on Saturday, I realised Isiris had given an each way mark to Atlantic Beach at Ripon on the mark your card line, I only had time to scribble down the racecard number when I was listening to the message and totally missed it when I was checking the results afterwards, it was only when I logged into my Bet365 account that I saw I had backed a 12/1 winner. So I start Saturday £360 to the good !! Maybe things are about to take a turn for the better.

After yesterday's winner, Blue Sky were unable to consolidate going for Raise Your Heart in the Swinton Hurdle at Haydock. Backed in from my 18/1 to an SP of 11/1, horse finished 10th without ever really looking like giving me a return on my bet.

Mathematician didn't have a main account bet, but I played on his advices at the top of his message and backed Pass The Port each way (won 5/1), Mister Hardy each way unplaced, and a combination win doubles bet with three in each of the 2.25 and 2.55 at Nottigham, my 9 £5 win doubles landed on both winners for a good win of £165 on the bet.

The Isiris mark your card line spotlighted 14 races and 22 horses, and could only find two winners. Happily for me though, they were Baharah (12/1) and Appalachian Trail (16/1), so despite 20 losers, the line made a nice profit on the day.

Profit on day £1030

Sunday 11 May

Nothing from any of the mainline services today so just the mark your card line to go at. Only six races, and only two winners found. Both short prices (evens and 4/5) so a loss on the day.

My football bet was a lay of Birmingham, didn't fancy them at all and came unstuck there. Despite a 4-1 win they were relegated because Fulham won their game.

Loss on day £375

Another week of good racing ahead with the big three day Dante meeting starting at York on Wednesday. Hopefully, the tipsters will get their collective acts together and I'll make some good profits and get things back on track.

Best of luck to everyone.

Friday, 9 May 2008

Whats The Point of Working ?

Friday 9 May

Not for the first time since I started this blog, the fact that I also work has cost me money.

Worked for 4 hours today which earned me about 70 quid, and then cost me about 450. Got held up in traffic which meant I was late picking up my e-mail from Mathematician and also late in ringing the Mark Your Card line, of course they both looked at the 1.45 at Chester and gave the winner Celtic Sultan, which won at an SP of 7/1. Absolutely typical, just what I need the way things are going now.

Also meant that I missed the price on the Blue Sky winner Scuttle, given out at 5/2 - 11/4, I could only get on at 2/1, beat the SP but another £150 went begging.

The other Blue Sky horse, an wach way on Hadaaf at Chester was a loser, as was the Mathematician bet on Van Bossed at Hamilton, and another loser was the SLH selection Dhaular Dhar at Chester.

The mark your card line also gave winners at 9/2 and 15/8 as well as Lindelaan at 11/2 who was nailed right on the line and beaten a nose, along with an each way place at 12/1.

So yet another losing day, and today has really pissed me off.

It's bad enough the way things have been going lately, but this should have been a level day at worst. Things conspired against me today and I dropped another load of cash.

Days like this just make me wonder what's the point.

Loss on day £520

Right, got it off my chest now. Move on to tomorrow, really could do with some good results this weekend though.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Miserable Run Goes On and On

Real test of character at the moment as I'm in the midst of the worst run since I started doing this last October.

Unfortunate that all the services I am with seem to have hit a sticky patch at the same time, coupled with my increased stakes from 1 April, then this is going to make pretty grim reading.

Sunday 4 May

A miserable day, probably the worst since I began.

The Isiris ante-post bet was on Muthabara in the 1000 guineas. The last minute problems the horse had were well documented, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much by the time the race came round. Not sure what the reason was for the change of tactics but she was up with the pace this time, rather than from coming from behind, and once the race was on in earnest I knew my fate.

Blue Sky put up another two losers today, with Palace Moon who was the best horse in the race, but ran green as grass, beaten at Salisbury and Right Now finishing unplaced at Sligo.

Only other action was the Isiris mark your card line, as well as the six races from the three meetings they covered the remainder of the Newmarket card as well. This was unfortunate for me as the line suffered a complete wipe out with not a single winner mentioned.

Loss on day £1677

Monday 5 May

Bank Holiday Monday, and unbelievably just three meetings scheduled following the abandonment of Newcastle. Quite what the horse racing authorities in this country are playing at god only knows.

However, there was still plenty for me to go at but once again I finished on the losing side, although after yesterday, a small loss hardly worth a mention by comparison.

Mathematician was struggling for a bet and should probably have sat the day out as his only selection Stevie Thunder was beaten at even money, didn't even make the frame.

Nothing from Optimum or Blue Sky but SLH had Dinner Date on his all weather service, advised each way, backed it to win but was unplaced.

Isiris came up with an unusual, or even a novelty bet for their bank holiday offering with an each way double. In keeping with the present run, the first leg finished third and the second came fourth and I did another £200.

Action on the mark your card line found winners at 4/1, 8/11 and 6/4 and places at 8/1 and 20/1 and a profit on the call today.

Loss on day £233

Tuesday 6 May

Things continued to go downhill on Tuesday.

Blue Sky have had a bad start for me and that continued again, when their each way bet on Heez A Steel at Kelso ran a poor race having been backed down from 8/1 to 7/2, never looked like winning.

SLH had Tilly's Dream on the all weather service, unplaced at 5/1.

Two bets from Optimum and another two losers, I was on Nolton Town each way at 12/1 at Exeter. This was backed all the way down to an SP of 5/1 but ran a lifeless race, jumping poorly and beaten a long way from home before being pulled up. Something must have been amiss.

The other Optimum horse was Marnin Star at Catterick,another one which was well backed from 11/4 to 7/4 was there with a furlong to run but didn't find a lot and was beaten a head and 1 1/2 lengths in third.

The Isiris main account bet was a non-runner, didn't enter the stalls.

Final bit of action from the services was Mathematician's best of the day on Party In The Park. Yet again another which was well backed, from 10/3 to 2/1 but once again nothing doing as the horse came in fourth.

The mark your card line spotlighted ten races, found a couple of winners at 4/1 and 5/2 but came up with three each ways at decent prices at 16/1, 12/1 and 10/1. But the strongest marks of the day were beaten and so a small loss from this line added to the general misery.

Loss on day £905

Wednesday 7 May

Managed to halt the slide today, which was badly needed as May has turned into a wretched month so far.

Blue Sky gave out an each way bet on Rio Guru in the 2.15 at Chester at 33/1, a speculative bet based on information received they said, but could never land a blow and finished second last.

Optimum provided some much needed relief with a win bet on Apocalozzo which won very well at Fakenham, heavily backed again from the 3/1 I took down to an SP of 15/8.

SLH had a minimum stakes bet on Present in the Fakenham 5.10, and I got a good run for my 20/1 each way as the horse led despite jumping out to the right before fading to finish 5th.

Isiris had a losing insider bet, each way at 10/1 - well up there until half way before fading tamely to finish last of the finishers.

Mathematician didn't have an account bet but he went through the Chester card and I played on his advices. Finished level overall despite him finding Sail at 5/1 (SP 9/4). His other pick was at Beverley on Piccolo Pete which was never showed at all.

The mark your card line gave out Bertoliver each way which won at 16/1. Also came up with Take The Stand at 11/4, together with places at 15/2 and 10/1. However the strongest marks were again off target which reduced the profits on the line.

Profit on day £383

Thursday 8 May

A very frustrating day on Thursday. Hit the cross bar time after time but it's another loss I'm afraid.

Optimum put up a maximum each way bet on Changing Lanes at Newton Abbot. The horse was given out at 10.30 when 6/1 - 7/1 was available. Unfortunately I was busy at work at the time and had to make the call later, by which time the price had collapsed to around 9/4. Now there's no future in backing horses once the price has gone like that, so I had to sit and wait. Watched the markets on Betfair and decided to get just before the off at over 4/1 after commission for a money back bet if the horse placed and a decent return if it won. Horse ran very well and finished third ensuring no loss on the bet.

The other advice from Optimum was Musical Bridge at Chester who could never get involved and was well beaten.

SLH's all weather bet was Mumbleswerve who didn't get a clear run at a crucial stage of the race and finsished fifth, beaten less than 2 lengths.

Mathematician's account bet was an each way bet on Saville's Delight at 4/1 so got my money back when the horse came third, beaten two necks.

As yesterday, Maths highlighted all the races on the Chester card, and also a race at Newmarket, including two each way doubles featuring Doctor Freemantle and Escape Route (1st and 2nd) and Doctor Freemantle and Nemetan (1st and 2nd again !!). Also gave Savarain an 11/4 winner at Goodwood, plus 4 losers at Chester.

The mark your card message was frustration personified. One winner at 13/2 from the 12 races, but no fewer than 6 second places at 14/1, 8/1, 6/1, 5/1 and two 5/4 shots.

Loss on day £778

So what can you do. A huge loss so far this month has wiped out all the profits made so far this year.

All the services are having a thin time, SLH hasn't given a winner since 18 April, Isiris nothing but losers since 22 April, Optimum 8 points down since I rejoined (£800) and Blue Sky only 3 short priced winners since I joined and over a grand down.

Just got to sit tight and ride it out.

Regarding the mark your card line, this hasn't done any harm to the bottom line at all, although it hasn't added anything to the profits either. I'm going to stick with it though because I think it will make me money.

Regarding today, Thursday, can't believe I actually lost money on the day, so many close run things, would have looked very different even if a couple of the seconds had managed to get their heads in front. But they didn't so there's no point bleating on about it. Just got to keep battling away at it and wait for things to turn round as they surely will.

Any comments gratefully received.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Frantic Few Days

Time for another catch up...

Wednesday 30 April

Small profit to report on the final day of the month, just one headline bet from my services with Blue Sky putting up a very late bet on Lochan Lacha in the 8.05 at Ballinrobe given out just 5 minutes before the off. The horse won, just, despite blundering 3 out - just getting up right on the post.

Elsewhere, I played with Mathematicians two positive mentions, Are You There and Graylyn Ruby but came up empty handed there.

The mark your card line came up with 3 winners from the 8 races covered, including 2 6/1 shots, but many races had two selections which nullified most of the profits, as did the failure of the strongest marks of the day to win, which I stake at double the level of the others.

Profit on day £159

So the final loss for April was £1021, a disappointing result with over £2000 lost in the last 6 days of the month. Not an ideal situation, but nothing to worry about. The betting bank is strong, as is my resolve and in the long-term, there's plenty of money to me made. And so to May....

Thursday 1 May

So after a disappointing end to April, I was hoping to get a flyer in May and that's how it turned out, as always plenty of ups and downs along the way.

Blue Sky put up three each way bets today, only one of them found the frame with Comptons Rose finishing third at Folkestone, whilst both Indian Pipe Dream and Haydens Mark ran unplaced.

Optimum racing advised a bet on their own horse, City Affair at Hereford - could only manage third place, with the race not run to suit according to Optimum's review of the race that evening.

The SLH all weather bet was an each way on My Shadow at Great Leighs, no harm done with my strategy of backing them all in to win as the horse finished 4th at 8/1.

Mathematician's best of the day was Noticeable at 2/1 at Huntingdon, looked a match between Fairyland and Noticeable on paper, but it didn't turn out that way as the front two lacked any resolution and were well beaten by Golan Way at 33/1.

So a lot to do from here, but the Mark Your Card line saved the day giving out seven winners from the 10 races spotlighted on the line. Best of the day won at 7/2, with other winners at 10/11, 11/2, 5/4, 5/6, 11/2 and 5/4.

Finally, had a punt on the horse in Ireland that Mark put up on a reply to the blog - Brave Falcon which won at 7/1, managed to get on at 10/1 to seal a very good day as it turned out.

Profit on day £481

Friday 2 May

No account bets from Blue Sky or Mathematician today, however it was a busy day elsewhere.

SLH's all weather bet was Blue Eyed Miss, advised each way at 10/1. Travelled in fron t until over a furlong out before fading out to finish one from last.

Isiris gave out an insider bet on Special Day at Fontwell, but didn't seem to go on the ground and could only manage third place. A double blow in this race for me as SLH put up a lay of Lupanar in the same race, who just managed to get up and win.

SLH gave out two account bets, on South O' The Border and Fourty Acers. The first was very disappointing, in contention until four out before folding up tamely. Whilst Fourty Acers ran a good race, but couldn't live with the impressive winner Starburst Diamond and eventually finished second beaten 11 lengths.

The mark your card line gave 5 winners, including 5/1 and 4/1 and showed a profit again.

Finally, as South Of The Border and Fourty Acers were also given on the mark your card line, I made up a yankee with Nice Try and Special Day - but only one winner meant no return on the bet and ensured a losing day once again.

Loss on day £684

Saturday 3 May

A big losing day once again.

Mathematician advised two account bets, a win bet on Criterion at Thirsk which won at 2/1, and an each way bet on My Kaiser Chief at 9/1 - which finished second despite racing on the wrong side and hanging like a broken saloon door in the closing stages, beaten by a 40/1 shot !! He also gave a positive to Perks at Newmarket with a saver on Arctic Cape but nothing doing this time, with Perks beaten two necks.

Maths also advised a place lay on Extraterrestrial at Thirsk, on the grounds that he was a doubtful stayer. Called this one wrong though as he was a ready winner.

Blue Sky advised three horses today, one winner in Cool Judgement backed at the early 5/4 returning at 8/11. Of the other two, Spin Cycle ran very green but shaped with plenty of promise and I will be looking for this one next time it runs. Sweet Lily, the other advice was a disappointing third.

The action from Optimum was an each way bet on Raven's Pass, beaten a half length in 4th for my money back, having been held up to get the trip.

Isiris advised Perfect Stride each way for the Guineas during this past week, and then gave an insider on Strike The Deal at 50/1. Neither horse ever looked like getting involved at any stage.

However Isiris did claw a bit back with an each way bet at Thirsk which placed third at 8/1.

SLH gave out one account bet, Najca De Thaix at Uttoxeter - plugged on to finish 4th but another loser on the day.

The mark your card line pointed out 4 winners from the 12 races covered, at 10/11, 11/10, 6/1 and 15/8 as well as places at 8/1, 16/1 and 9/1, but a small loss overall on here as well.

Paul Jones final e-mail of the season advised Kandahar Run and Heaven Sent which both won at Newmarket, also gave Robby Bobby (e/w), Genki and Hogmanay (e/w) which were losers.

Loss on day £806