Thursday, 8 May 2008

Miserable Run Goes On and On

Real test of character at the moment as I'm in the midst of the worst run since I started doing this last October.

Unfortunate that all the services I am with seem to have hit a sticky patch at the same time, coupled with my increased stakes from 1 April, then this is going to make pretty grim reading.

Sunday 4 May

A miserable day, probably the worst since I began.

The Isiris ante-post bet was on Muthabara in the 1000 guineas. The last minute problems the horse had were well documented, and to be honest I wasn't expecting much by the time the race came round. Not sure what the reason was for the change of tactics but she was up with the pace this time, rather than from coming from behind, and once the race was on in earnest I knew my fate.

Blue Sky put up another two losers today, with Palace Moon who was the best horse in the race, but ran green as grass, beaten at Salisbury and Right Now finishing unplaced at Sligo.

Only other action was the Isiris mark your card line, as well as the six races from the three meetings they covered the remainder of the Newmarket card as well. This was unfortunate for me as the line suffered a complete wipe out with not a single winner mentioned.

Loss on day £1677

Monday 5 May

Bank Holiday Monday, and unbelievably just three meetings scheduled following the abandonment of Newcastle. Quite what the horse racing authorities in this country are playing at god only knows.

However, there was still plenty for me to go at but once again I finished on the losing side, although after yesterday, a small loss hardly worth a mention by comparison.

Mathematician was struggling for a bet and should probably have sat the day out as his only selection Stevie Thunder was beaten at even money, didn't even make the frame.

Nothing from Optimum or Blue Sky but SLH had Dinner Date on his all weather service, advised each way, backed it to win but was unplaced.

Isiris came up with an unusual, or even a novelty bet for their bank holiday offering with an each way double. In keeping with the present run, the first leg finished third and the second came fourth and I did another £200.

Action on the mark your card line found winners at 4/1, 8/11 and 6/4 and places at 8/1 and 20/1 and a profit on the call today.

Loss on day £233

Tuesday 6 May

Things continued to go downhill on Tuesday.

Blue Sky have had a bad start for me and that continued again, when their each way bet on Heez A Steel at Kelso ran a poor race having been backed down from 8/1 to 7/2, never looked like winning.

SLH had Tilly's Dream on the all weather service, unplaced at 5/1.

Two bets from Optimum and another two losers, I was on Nolton Town each way at 12/1 at Exeter. This was backed all the way down to an SP of 5/1 but ran a lifeless race, jumping poorly and beaten a long way from home before being pulled up. Something must have been amiss.

The other Optimum horse was Marnin Star at Catterick,another one which was well backed from 11/4 to 7/4 was there with a furlong to run but didn't find a lot and was beaten a head and 1 1/2 lengths in third.

The Isiris main account bet was a non-runner, didn't enter the stalls.

Final bit of action from the services was Mathematician's best of the day on Party In The Park. Yet again another which was well backed, from 10/3 to 2/1 but once again nothing doing as the horse came in fourth.

The mark your card line spotlighted ten races, found a couple of winners at 4/1 and 5/2 but came up with three each ways at decent prices at 16/1, 12/1 and 10/1. But the strongest marks of the day were beaten and so a small loss from this line added to the general misery.

Loss on day £905

Wednesday 7 May

Managed to halt the slide today, which was badly needed as May has turned into a wretched month so far.

Blue Sky gave out an each way bet on Rio Guru in the 2.15 at Chester at 33/1, a speculative bet based on information received they said, but could never land a blow and finished second last.

Optimum provided some much needed relief with a win bet on Apocalozzo which won very well at Fakenham, heavily backed again from the 3/1 I took down to an SP of 15/8.

SLH had a minimum stakes bet on Present in the Fakenham 5.10, and I got a good run for my 20/1 each way as the horse led despite jumping out to the right before fading to finish 5th.

Isiris had a losing insider bet, each way at 10/1 - well up there until half way before fading tamely to finish last of the finishers.

Mathematician didn't have an account bet but he went through the Chester card and I played on his advices. Finished level overall despite him finding Sail at 5/1 (SP 9/4). His other pick was at Beverley on Piccolo Pete which was never showed at all.

The mark your card line gave out Bertoliver each way which won at 16/1. Also came up with Take The Stand at 11/4, together with places at 15/2 and 10/1. However the strongest marks were again off target which reduced the profits on the line.

Profit on day £383

Thursday 8 May

A very frustrating day on Thursday. Hit the cross bar time after time but it's another loss I'm afraid.

Optimum put up a maximum each way bet on Changing Lanes at Newton Abbot. The horse was given out at 10.30 when 6/1 - 7/1 was available. Unfortunately I was busy at work at the time and had to make the call later, by which time the price had collapsed to around 9/4. Now there's no future in backing horses once the price has gone like that, so I had to sit and wait. Watched the markets on Betfair and decided to get just before the off at over 4/1 after commission for a money back bet if the horse placed and a decent return if it won. Horse ran very well and finished third ensuring no loss on the bet.

The other advice from Optimum was Musical Bridge at Chester who could never get involved and was well beaten.

SLH's all weather bet was Mumbleswerve who didn't get a clear run at a crucial stage of the race and finsished fifth, beaten less than 2 lengths.

Mathematician's account bet was an each way bet on Saville's Delight at 4/1 so got my money back when the horse came third, beaten two necks.

As yesterday, Maths highlighted all the races on the Chester card, and also a race at Newmarket, including two each way doubles featuring Doctor Freemantle and Escape Route (1st and 2nd) and Doctor Freemantle and Nemetan (1st and 2nd again !!). Also gave Savarain an 11/4 winner at Goodwood, plus 4 losers at Chester.

The mark your card message was frustration personified. One winner at 13/2 from the 12 races, but no fewer than 6 second places at 14/1, 8/1, 6/1, 5/1 and two 5/4 shots.

Loss on day £778

So what can you do. A huge loss so far this month has wiped out all the profits made so far this year.

All the services are having a thin time, SLH hasn't given a winner since 18 April, Isiris nothing but losers since 22 April, Optimum 8 points down since I rejoined (£800) and Blue Sky only 3 short priced winners since I joined and over a grand down.

Just got to sit tight and ride it out.

Regarding the mark your card line, this hasn't done any harm to the bottom line at all, although it hasn't added anything to the profits either. I'm going to stick with it though because I think it will make me money.

Regarding today, Thursday, can't believe I actually lost money on the day, so many close run things, would have looked very different even if a couple of the seconds had managed to get their heads in front. But they didn't so there's no point bleating on about it. Just got to keep battling away at it and wait for things to turn round as they surely will.

Any comments gratefully received.


emma said...

Sorry to see your having a bad time
at present.
My blue sky profits have dwindled to a loss but ive been given another month free,
These are the moments between
winning and losing.
We need to hold our nerve and keep on or otherwise the wins will
come when we give in.
I just hope my bank can take it
SLH will surely find something soon
and as blue sky say they dont become bad overnight.

gorgeous-george said...

hi jp,

Sorry to hear your on a bad run at the moment.
I also use tipster services in slh, henry rix, longshots, and i have had some horrendous losing runs with rix and then all of a sudden last year his biggest bet of the year a 4pt win 3 pt place bet won at newmarket at 14/1 and a 10/1 winner a week later. and longshots had 11 losers with33/1,10/1 and 7/1 wiiners in the space of 2 weeks and i had fininshed the year with a nice profit.

You really have to keep your head up and say to yourself these services always show a good profit and long term you WILL win using them.

So don't despair too muc (esier said than done i know) But you will come good and i look forward to reading the blog when youve banged in a 4 or 5 grand week.

good luck mate


paul said...


I am surprised that you have got so much going on , be careful not to overtretch yourself and allow at least a 100pt bank for every service you follow and more in some case's , but i'm sure you don't need me to tell you that.

Following all tipsters is a white knuckle ride and in the long run the good ones will turn a profit so its important to stay focused.

Retaining faith in a good tipster through a losing period is vital but i can see why people bail out as i have done before and in the long run that has always been a bad move.

If its any consolation i don't know of any tipster who is having a good time of it this year (with the exception of one , but the doors are closed) so you are not alone.

So if you have sufficent banks and keep those emotions at bay (easier said than done) you will be fine.

All the Best


JP said...

Hi all,

Thanks very much indeed for your comments an your good wishes. Much appreciated.

My confidence in these services remains high and I'm sure things will turn around soon.

As I said it's unfortunate that they are all on a poor run at the same time.

Still the bank can sustain it and I'm not changing course now.

I made my mind up to increase stakes as I am sure that in the long term this was the right way to go and that I had access to some of the very best info out there. Just have to sit tight and the profits will come....starting today I hope !!!

All the best