Sunday, 18 May 2008

Time for a Break

Catch up time once again as I update another busy spell....

Thursday 15 May

Best of the day was a winning account bet from Optimum who gave a confident shout to Espy at Newmarket and landed a decent winning bet for me at 9/4.

Badly needed that as things were lacking elsewhere once again, Blue Sky's only bet of the day was a win bet on Colorado Pearl at 11/10 - found one too good as my disappointing start with Blue Sky continued.

Isiris had two insider bets on the day, the first was a split stake on two horses at Salisbury with half on the even money favourite and the rest on the outsider of the field. In the end the favourite got home to return the stake money. The other bet was an each way at York which finished unplaced.

Mathematician's only highlighted horse was Accordelo at York but this was beaten as well.

The Isiris mark your card line highlighted 12 races and found winners at 4/1, 7/2 and 7/1, as well as a 33/1 shot which came third, but with 20 horses named on the line, it ended with a small loss on the day.

Loss on day £268

Friday 16 May

A very busy day today, and a successful one as I booked a four figure profit.

SLH advised an each way on Geordieland at York, got up to win right on the post and won me over £400 on the bet. He also advised a lay of Cape Colony at York which was well beaten.

Optimum landed another winner, with a three point win bet (£300) on Allied Powers at 2/1 at Newbury, won in fine style to keep things moving in the right direction.

Blue Sky gave out 3 selections today and it proved to be a winning day for them too, although it didn't start too well with Marsool running down the field in the first at Newbury. They got on the winning trail with Clowance later on the Newbury card, and their final bet an each way advice on Sudden Impulse at Newcastle was second.

The mark your card line found winners at 13/8, 3/1, 4/1, 11/10 and an each way placed at 25/1 but with another busy day on the line and 18 horses backed, the line finished level.

But overall a very good day.

Profit on day £1094

Saturday 17 May

Losing day today, but a few near misses would have turned the day around had they gone in my favour.

Mathematician gave positive mentions to Touchdown (won 7/2), High Curragh (2nd 8/1) and Viva Dettori (lost), as well as a place lay on Tariq at Newbury (finished 3rd).

Blue Sky gave no fewer than five bets out on the day adn landed a couple of winners with Ouzbeck and Heezazari both winning at Bangor. Elsewhere Andijan placed third having been advised each way to more or less return the stake money, and Daanaat and Karoush were both beaten.

Isiris gave an insider bet at Bangor which was unplaced.

Steve Lewis Hamilton advised a win bet on Cesare in the Lockinge, finished 4th.

The mark your card line had a very poor day with winners at 7/1 and 13/8 and a place at 16/1 the only returns from 14 races spotlighted.

Loss on day £393

Sunday 18 May

Quiet Sunday ? Not a bit of it.

Isiris came up with a winning insider bet at 13/2 (8/1 was available with Sporting Bet but there's no chance of getting anything on with them), but was more than happy with my winning bet, beating the SP of 9/2.

2 bets from Blue Sky, Puerto Azul and Insan Flyer. Bit of confusion this morning with the betting advice and ended up backing them both each way. No damage done as they were both placed, Puerto Azul didn't get a clear run at a crucial time and Insan Flyer didn't get the best of rides I thought, but there you go.

SLH gave an each way bet on Petrovka at Market Rasen, very poor run with no obviouse excuse that I could see.

Finally the mark your card line found winners at 10/3, 9/4 and 11/2 including the strongest of the day and KB's choice to round off an excellent day.

Profit on day £949

Having a few days away next week, fancy a break to recharge the batteries a bit. Not going abroad so I can stay in touch with the horses, indeed I will probably be going to Goodwood or Salisbury later in the week. Never been to either track so I will add at least another one to my list.

Best of luck to everyone for the week ahead and I will update again next Sunday.


JB said...

You may wish to consider adding Cavelloman Summmer 2008 campaign to your portfolio of selections.

Have comepleted just under 1 month of this summers campagn and already to £200 level stakes ( either 100EW or 200 win for bets under 3/1) profit is standing at around £3400. Yield of about 30%

Check out the forum he is awesome.
He also did a winter 2007-2008 camapign thread.Nov 07 to Mar 08 Again similar yield. Winter campagin returned 14k to level £200 stakes.

Summer posts are done for evening racing from 5pm onwards to must refresh page frequently..and weekends selections posted from 10am onwards througout the day.

JB said...

Another addition may want to investigate is JTW1 Speciazltion Trends, thread

Yield is around massive 90%
Not massive number of selections so can afford to go £250 EW or £500straight level stakes.

JB said...

This thread is good addition as well just started another campaign off this flat season

Total Staked £2968, Total Return £4624.68, Total Profit £1656.68 (55.8%)
Strike Rate 17/43 (39.5%)

Those stats are based on his staking figures, obviously can double the stake stated in the thread

paul said...


Hope you are OK its been a while since your last posting.



JP said...

Thanks for the links jb.

Will keep an eye on those going forward, and also have a look at the punters lounge site which has been mentioned to me before.

Hi Paul,

Back updating again now, and it's going well again at the moment which is good.

All the best