Friday, 9 May 2008

Whats The Point of Working ?

Friday 9 May

Not for the first time since I started this blog, the fact that I also work has cost me money.

Worked for 4 hours today which earned me about 70 quid, and then cost me about 450. Got held up in traffic which meant I was late picking up my e-mail from Mathematician and also late in ringing the Mark Your Card line, of course they both looked at the 1.45 at Chester and gave the winner Celtic Sultan, which won at an SP of 7/1. Absolutely typical, just what I need the way things are going now.

Also meant that I missed the price on the Blue Sky winner Scuttle, given out at 5/2 - 11/4, I could only get on at 2/1, beat the SP but another £150 went begging.

The other Blue Sky horse, an wach way on Hadaaf at Chester was a loser, as was the Mathematician bet on Van Bossed at Hamilton, and another loser was the SLH selection Dhaular Dhar at Chester.

The mark your card line also gave winners at 9/2 and 15/8 as well as Lindelaan at 11/2 who was nailed right on the line and beaten a nose, along with an each way place at 12/1.

So yet another losing day, and today has really pissed me off.

It's bad enough the way things have been going lately, but this should have been a level day at worst. Things conspired against me today and I dropped another load of cash.

Days like this just make me wonder what's the point.

Loss on day £520

Right, got it off my chest now. Move on to tomorrow, really could do with some good results this weekend though.


mickoo said...

Hi Jp

Great blog. ive been reading it now for a few weeks and have to say the performance of the tipsters has been brutal. i assume these guys are professional tipsters therefore have all day to study form and watch races. To be honest i think anyone like me or you if we were given the time would at least match their dismal results. and as for their fees....

i remember ring a mark holder tipping line a few years ago and thought it was pretty good but having read the 30k challange put me off him. i was wondering have you or anyone else been following him lately and how is he doing????

Also how long does it take to get the best bets of the day from the isiris mark your card line???


"to be a professional gambler you need deep pockets. if you have deep pockets why do you want to gamble"

all the best

JP said...

Hi mate,

Thanks for reading.

The last few weeks have been very disappointing after a good start to the year. However, I am confident that in the long term I will make good profits from this.

Regarding Mark Holder, I was with him from last September before I gave up the ghost in February following two winners from 50 bets. It's all detailed on here if you look back at the older posts. He seems to be doing better now if his adverts are to be believed, but that run was a killer - there were plenty of each way places along the way and the losses weren't devastating, but the performance just wasn't good enough for me and I didn't renew at the end of March.

Same story with Henry Rix, very good up until Christmas, then a total disaster after that. 27 straight losers with only one placing and a loss of 69 points at the point I gave up and the sub ran out at the end of March.

I believe that up until last Saturday he had only advised two 3/1 winners all year. Pathetic really.

Happy with Irisis, SLH and Mathematician, just started back with Optimum and sure that will be ok in the long term.

As far as Blue Sky is concerned, I have joined them as I have faith in Paul Jones and hope for good things, it has been a very disappointing start though.

Finally the mark your card line usually goes out between 1 - 1.30 each day, message is about 9 - 10 minutes long. Premium rate of course but that is accounted for in my P&L.

All the best