Monday, 2 June 2008

Good run goes on, but what happened to Isiris ?

Monday 2 June

Things continue to go very well here, thanks to Optimum today who advised an each way on Dona Alba - and landed me another 14/1 winner !!

Elsewhere an each way from Blue Sky on Danae at Leicester, and another narrow defeat - this time a neck and so a small loss on the bet.

Mathematician put up a message for one horse, Complete Frontline - unplaced at Carlisle.

Was looking forward to a main account bet from Isiris today and duly rang for the bet at the appointed time, no message there, rang twice more and still no update and so I'd used up all my "lives" for today and couldn't ring again.

Rang the back up line and no update on there either. I managed to get through to a message KB left at 2.15 sometime after 5pm and he said they had had major problems with their phone systems (the mark your card line hadn't updated either when I checked that at about 4.30).

So whether an account bet was given and whether anyone managed to get on it or not, I don't know at this time. I'm guessing not but I will confirm when I update the blog again tomorrow. One of those things, see what KB has to say about it later on.

Profit on day £810


paul said...


Good to see you on the upward curve again long may it continue.
Could you tell how many points optimum are in front since you joined them , i have been dithering about joining these for months now and am loathe to join after a good spell.



JP said...

Hi Paul,

Rejoined Optimum at the back end of April, following a decent spell with them up to January this year.

Since I've been back they have advised 13 bets (staking 31 points) and there have been 5 winners and an each way placed showing a profit of 14.75 points at the best prices. I've achieved 13.3 points profit since I rejoined.

I've joined for a full year and am confident of making some good profits with them.

They are doing very well at present, indeed they did well before I rejoined (a 14/1 winner the day before I re-subscribed, and they advised Comply Or Die for the National at 20/1).

Might be due a down turn, but you've got to give these things a decent run to prove themselves. He does sometimes offer three months for about £150 - don't know if thats available now, give them a call if you're interested.