Thursday, 17 July 2008

Another dreadful day and time to let off steam

Thursday 17 July

Another big losing day.

The Blue Sky story lurches from bad to worse with two more losers, and dodged another second place when their third advice failed to reach their price stipulation for a bet.

This is really getting serious now, and I have to consider at what point I will stop should things continue as they are. I am betting £200 (£100 e/w) on each bet so the losses are really climbing - just shy of £3000 down now, more than £2000 of that in the last week.

Don't know what to make of it all really.

Current month is truly desperate with only two winners from 19 bets - at 6/4 and 11/10 !!

Whole experience is a let down. Getting the advised prices is almost impossible, especially with the Irish horses they give. Prices crash as soon as the tip goes out - which is another bone of contention. The tips are supposed to go out at 11.30, however they are often on the website well before this (11.18 this morning) and so if I happen to be away from home, at work etc the selection has been available for 10 minutes before I can get it on the phone line.

One way round this is to receive the messages by SMS, which they are going to introduce in the next couple of weeks - and charge members 25p each for the privelege of receiving them !!

Final couple of points David Lyons, the guy who runs the service is a complete wanker. Here's an extract from the forum regarding the proposed SMS messaging service

drdave I would certainly sign up for a SMS service but would just like to be reassured that the tips would be up at exactly the same time by phone/computer and SMS to ensure a level playing field-seconds count when getting the prices .SMS would definitely save me time

David Lyons I was born with 2 hands. I do the phone line, I do the website, the telephone company inform me I will/or my staff will have to input the data for the SMS, or do the phone line. If you wish to sleep with me there is a premium.

sconna David,
Great reply, it got me laughing !

agodored Sconna, I'm not laughing

Dave asked a valid question on whether the SMS would be posted alongside the web and phone line before signing up for the SMS

A simple reassurance from David that this would be the case would have sufficed.

So that's what we're up against. Plus what's happened to Paul Jones. I must be one of the few remaining clients who signed up via Paul who is still ringing in. Very disappointed that there is little or none of his input evident in the selections. Indeed only three selections of his have been flagged up so far, all at Royal Ascot - and two of them placed at double figure prices.

Maybe it's time I called it a day.

Elsewhere, two bets from SLH today both finished second - Honky Tonk Woman advised each way at 8/1, and Film Festival given out as a win bet at 4/1. Neither of them could peg back the winners of their races who were both given enterprising front running rides.

Tipping Legends gave out four horse all told today but nothing doing with any of them, and Mathematician gave out two selections as his best of the day, but both unplaced.

To lighten my mood somewhat, the Tipping Legends golf selections have made a promising start with all 4 still in contention, Robert Allenby (-1) is joint leader with Jim Furyk (+1), Anthony Kim (+2) and Justin Rose (+4) not far behind. All bar Rose are out early tomorrow so hopefully the conditions won't be as bad as they were this morning.

Finally did a bit of trading on the favourites on Betfair this afternoon, and things went very well with a profit of £212 helping to offset some of the days betting losses, altough I gave £50 away on the UEFA cup football tonight.

Loss on day £1041


pm said...

Hi JP.I sympathise with you,it seems to be a grim time for most tipsters at the mo.Re Blue Sky,what are people saying on the forum?he seemed pretty quick to get rid of anyone who dared to critisize (when the forum was public).Hope you turn the corner soon.Peter

JC said...

HI JP, been directed to look at this blog, very interesting reading & the best of luck with your quest. Hopefully we'll be able to help you along the way.

Jeremiah Catskill.

send me an e-mail if you like.



Oh dear John you are having a torrid time. My advice get rid of those blabbering bullshitters who have not given you any winners but contact them first and let them know your feeling also explaining to them thrt you have a popular blog with over a thousand hitters and they all know about the crap tipping lines. THis will make him get better info rather than just giving his fancies. Honestly mate i do my own tipping and currently have passed the 20k mark last wekk if not more with 7 trebles 2 horse and one golf match formula coming in all over a thousand and one oaccumaltor paying £5470 last week.

Have a good think mate and by the way some of the Irish prices are up at 1000hrs 10-30 hrs a lot of days so this is why you are missing prices as i know as i bet irish as you know.

Regroup and work a better plan mate.


missit11 said...

Hi Mark,

How come your doing so well i gather you dont use the private how do you make your selections?
I am in with BS and another one and have been having a crap bullshit service from BS..who are at the moment RUBBISH.



JP said...

Hi all, thanks for your comments.

Peter, David seems to have scared off many of the dissenting voices. Either that or they have given up. Most of the tone is that it will eventually turn round. That they've won so much in the past etc etc. That may be true but not good to those of us who have joined in the last 3 months and are doing our money.

Hello JC, thanks for looking in on my blog - will get in touch via e-mail.

Mark, always good to hear from you and glad to hear you are still running good. With the exception of Blue Sky the rest are doing fine for me. Strip out their loss and that of Henry Rix and Mark Holder from earlier in the year and I would be doing very well and over half way to my target for the year.

However I am where I am now and I have to deal with the actual situation. Haven't decided yet whether or not to ditch them but I need to make a decision one way or the other.

Given a bit more free time I want to add my own selections in to the mix, have to start getting out of bed earlier or do the work the night before. Keep in touch anyway mate.

All the best

JC said...


Look forward to hearing from you & your thoughts on our service. Are you managing to get the prices on the selections?

Jeremiah Catskill ( Tippinglegends)