Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Brutal from Blue Sky

Tuesday 15 July

The poor start to the week continued and the wretched run of results from Blue Sky goes on and on, two more bets today Kritzia at Great Leighs and Total Excitement at Killarney, and both of them finished second. Both ran well enough, indeed Total Excitement looked to be coming through to take the race 2 out but couldn't find anything more and could only stay on at the one pace.

Losers are part and parcel of the game but they can't buy a winner at the moment, three seconds in the last 2 days and 5 in the last week. Something has got to change for them soon surely. £2400 down now on the Blue Sky account, not the start I was looking for when I joined. I'm now about half way through my sub with them, finish at the end of October and I will miss 4 weeks between now and then due to holidays, so things need to improve and fast.

Elsewhere, Isiris gave out a maximum bet at Great Leighs, Bazguy against Billion Dollar Kid (just odds on at the time the bet was given). A recent problem, re-surfaced again. Bet 365, who are normally pretty good with me, would only give me 50 e/w at the 11/4 advised. Asked for the remaining 250 e/w on Hills site, which then told me I had staked more than the maximum allowed on the bet, and then cut the price while I re-staked it, and then refused me again. In the end I had the 50 e/w and 200 to win on the horse, having wanted 300 each way initially. Horse finished third, and so a sizeable loss on the bet instead of a small one had I been able to get the bet I wanted. Knew this problem would eventually come along, but I'm going to have to work round it somehow.

Nothing at all today from Optimum or SLH, the other bets came from the Tipping Legends with just one advice on Numero Due, finished 4th at Beverley, and the one highlight of the day with Mathematician's only mention of the day given to Saviour Sand who won at 7/2 to prevent the day from being a total wipe out.

Loss on day £650


emma said...

finally got a winning bet from blue
sky by betting against their selection in the last yesterday.
I now figure their horses are making others in the race value.
And as they cant pick a winner .
I will continue in this way.
I dont know whats nhappened to them and as for david lyons he seems a right prat with his rantings on his forum.
I am with slh now as well as using a nice system i have.
Anyway , good to see you back updating.

JP said...

Hi Emma,

Sticking with it in the hope they come good. All very disappointing so far, and I hoped for much more input from Paul Jones as he was the reason I joined the service. David Lyons showed himself up with his rant at clients who dared complain about the results.

My other main problem with BS is the fact that the tips go live on-line before they appear on the phone line, by which time the price is gone - so if I happen to be working I am at a disadvantage. He now plans to bring in SMS messages, but charge us 25p for the privelige !!

Not impressed by the whole experience to be honest.

As you say SLH is doing the business, and demonstrates what a professional service should be all about.

Best of luck to you.