Monday, 21 July 2008

Bye Bye Blue Sky

Monday 21 July

Well the start of another week, with two bets put up by the Tipping Legends - Look Busy at Ayr, advised each way getting up late to win at 12/1 and Malapropism also advised each way, keeping on well to finish third at 7/1.

Mathematician gave out an account bet at Yarmouth with a bet on Colton in the 5.15 and the saver on King Of Connacht. They finished third and fourth, staying on late without ever threatening to win the race.

Nothing from SLH or Optimum and an ante-post bet from Isiris given out today.

Finally, Blue Sky put up Coolnaharan at Ballinrobe. Horse at 7/2 in a 16 runner handicap chase advised each way. Piss poor selection, never put in the race and finished fifth. Good info boys, well done. Didn't back it, not interested so let it run. Had a good winning day and didn't want BS to spoil it for me.

Profit on day £625


emma said...

Good decision
I stopped betting their selections
just in time and still a tiny bit
in front with them.
I think they must have lost a key person in thier outfit and the cleaner must be making the
selections for them.
I have layed a couple recently and
it seems better, as you say 3-1 in a big handicap is nonsense unless its a stone in with conditions right.
Luckily i did not pay a full subscription and am using someone
elses pin.
Tipping legends seem interesting.
look forward to more updates.

missit11 said...

BlueSky are giving out the best laying service could be making thousands at this rate on Betfair. Someone give David lyons a wake-up call. I think he's too arrogant and narcisstic to notice his own bad smell.

By the way john wrote to Paul asked why he hasnt given tips and expect a reply hopefully will pass on to you. That tip Scalloway from BS load of crap ..guess what i was tipped that horse 3 weeks ago and it came at 20/1 before BS even had a sniff of it. Wont be backing anything they give from now on. Well done emma for doing that saved a packet there!

JB said...

How many points profit have you
"garnered" from the service SLH
since starting with them and this current year 2008.
Im looking to join them myself


JP said...


Just done a quick calculation. In terms of points won, so far this year I am in profit to 137.75 - currently I stake £50 per point, however I was betting £25 per point up to 31 March.

As far as the all weather service goes, it is now showing a loss of £880 this year, currently on a losing run of 12. They are advised win or each way, but I prefer to back them on the nose.

Overall very impressed with SLH and would recommend his service to you.

Emma and missit, always good to hear from you both. Tipping Legends doing very well for me. Would recommend you take a good look at them. Best wishes whichever way you go.