Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Onwards and Upwards

Wednesday 23 July

Another very good day. Tippng Legends found Hypnosis, a 6/1 winner and also advised Vintage each way, second at 8/1 beaten by his outside draw. Three other win bets advised which finished third, third and fourth.

Mathematician advised two bets, an account bet on The Hoofer which won the Leicester seller at 7/1 and also gave mention to City For Conquest, advised each way, a 4/1 winner.

SLH had one account bet, Gurteenoona, still going well disputing the lead when falling at the third last. Unfortunately the horse was fatally injured in his fall.

Profit on day £1020


paul said...

Hi Jp

Good to see you on the upward curve again , you did well to ditch Blue Sky that man is not one to do buisness with.

To my point do you mind me asking how do you play the Tipping legend bets i.e do you play levels stakes or to there recommended points and are four bets in one hit easy to get on.

Thanks Paul

JP said...

Hi Paul,

Tipping Legends bets are advised to between 1-3 pts. 1pt (0.5 e/w) are standard bets, 2pts (1 e/w) are strong and 3pts are their "five star bets". I follow their staking plan although they aim for a long term level stake profit.

Bets are sent via e-mail or FREE text to your mobile, normally by 1pm each day. Prices are available with at least 2 bookies when the message is sent, and I have been able to get the prices most of the time. Only time I struggle is when I'm at work with no internet access and so can't check all the prices on Oddschecker.

I would say on average there are 3-4 bets during the week, with more on a Saturday. With big festivals such as Glorious Goodwood, they bet in every race as they sell packages for the festivals.

If you want any more info, go to their website and have a read. Contact details are on there and I'm sure they'll help with any questions you have.

The guy who runs the service has left a couple of comments here, is very supportive of what I'm trying to do and is more than happy for me to comment on his service on a public platform such as this which you can't argue with.

Appreciate it if you would mention this blog if you decide to get in touch.

All the best