Monday, 14 July 2008

A Poor Start To The Week

Monday 14 July

As promised, I plan to do daily updates whenever possible from now on so here we go. Not a good day at all though.

Still no improvement in fortunes from Blue Sky with todays bet First Avenue, advised as a win bet at 2/1 beaten into second by a 33/1 shot, to take my losses with them over the £2000 mark.

Elsewhere, SLH had a losing day with Silver Sister backed from the early 8/1 into 11/4 well beaten and never in the race, and the all weather selection General Feeling finishing unplaced having blown the start and running very wide into the home straight.

Tipping Legends gave out three losers, best of which was Adage which came in third.

Mathematician advised a couple of small stakes bets including an each way on York Cliff at Wolves which won at 5/1.

Nothing from Isiris or Optimum today.

Loss on day £710


informer said...

Great to see you back online....

Lets hope the services can power on...

I think SLH is in cracking form...

Might be worth looking at

There results seem good ... and proofed to

Do you have a day Job ? becasuse how to you manage to place so many bets ?

Are your Profit figures including Subs ?

JP said...

Hi informer, good to hear from you.

I regularly monitor other results with a view to joining whenever any of my existing services finish, have looked at Personal Info but I've got enough going at the minute, and things are doing fine right now despite the poor results from Blue Sky. See how things look in two or three months time.

In answer to your question, I do have a day job but I only work part time and flexible hours, have reduced my hours recently - so I can get bets on ok most days, although I do sometimes have problems and have missed a few winners along the way as you will see if you look back through the blog. If I'm at work I can pick up all the messages on my mobile and there's somewhere quiet I can go to ring my bets through.

As far as the profits are concerned, they exclude subs and other expenses. I will account for these at the end of the year.

I actually started doing this last October and made enough to cover the Isiris sub to the end of this year. The other renewals have been out of this years profits.

All the best