Monday, 28 July 2008

Quiet Start to the Week

Monday 28 July

Just a couple of horses from SLH on the All Weather today, with Swords managing to win despite the limitations of its rider, and Tyrannosaurus Rex unplaced in the following race.

One horse from Tipping Legends today, Davorin each way at Galway - up there for a while before fading out of contention.

Couple of plays on the Scandi football, a winner and a loser, and all in all it adds up to not very much.

Profit on day £26

As I said yesterday, I'm away for a few days from tomorrow and so there will be no blog updates until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

All being well I should be able to pick up the tips most days so here's to a good week.


Jimmakos said...

Hi, hope everything is well.

I'm updating my Links section. Interested in a link exchange? I'd like it to read "Sports Blog". Thanks!

You will find your blog's link in my website in the Blog Links if you agree.

Best of luck!

Graeme Dand said...

Hi JP.

I don't think I've left you a comment before if I'm honest but I've been reading your blog for the past few months.

I was hoping you could drop me an email to my hotmail address on my blog so that I could drop you a note.

I was hoping to discuss using you and some of your readers as a way of proofing my horse-racing tips for the next few months. I know you use tipping services as do some of your readers, so I feel your blog would be the best place to gain some exposure if I do want to look into providing tips free of charge for a few months.

Not sure if you are familiar with my blog or not but I'd ask you to have a little look so you know I'm not pulling your leg!

Look forward to hearing from you.