Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sunday Story

Hi, and welcome to my blog update. Again I apologise for the lack of regular updates recently but here's what's been happening.

First of all, I've added another service to the portfolio - The Tipping Legends. They advise horse tips everyday, and golf tips once a week. Made a great start with them with an each way bet on Anthony Kim in the US golf last weekend - won by two shots and advised at 28/1. Their horses have been pretty good too with Jedidiah and Little White Lie both advised in the past week winning at 14/1. Nicely in profit already and the early signs are very good indeed.

Isiris have halted their decline of the last couple of months with a maximum bet landed when Venus Williams won Wimbledon (womens tennis one of KB's specialities), and a winning insider bet on Nahoodh at 16/1 (25p rule 4 applies) which has got the profit back to where it was a couple of months ago.

SLH's private service continues to tick over nicely with 4 winners in July from 9 bets including Green Manalishi and Toms Toybox the two bets advised this weekend both winning.

Same comment applies to Optimum Racing with another couple of winners from 7 bets advised since my last update, and a couple of each way near misses.

Mathematician has been a bit out of form, although the account bets as few as they've been have done well. He also had a 20/1 at Newmarket in midweek with Just Like A Woman.

Only Blue Sky continues to disappoint. I thought the 10/1 winner on Jumbo Rio they gave out a couple of weeks ago might be the start of better things but the loss is back to where it was before that was advised and I'm nearly £2000 down on their advices since I joined on 25 April (that equates to 10 points on my staking plan which is not disasterous by any means but I expect to see things improve over the next three months of my subscription, and reflect how they have done over the last couple of years). Their forum has been closed to public viewing following the well publicised blow up over their lack of winners last month and David Lyons abusive response to those members who dared criticise him).

Also been continuing to bet on the Aussie football with mixed sucess, poor day yesterday following on a couple of good weeks.

Overall the profit for the year has received a good boost this month thanks to the Golf and the winners mentioned above and now stands at £7499 which is not to be sniffed at. It's a fair way short of where I need to be if I am to make £24,000 this year but I am still more than hopeful that I can achieve it.

One thing to note is I'm starting to have one or two problems getting bets on now. Betfred don't seem to want to entertain any of my horse bets, offering £2.50 on an 8/1 chance which I wanted £50 on was their latest rebuff. Ladbrokes are restricting my Aussie football bets (offered me £1.09 on my £100 treble last week). Others are still giving me a decent service, just getting a bit wary now that things are starting to get a bit more difficult.

OK that's it for now. Next update Monday night after racing - I promise !!!

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