Sunday, 24 August 2008

Poor Weekend

Saturday 23 August

Out with the lads today so missed a couple of bets as I was late with the calls.

Tipping Legends had 5 horses, missed the each way on Jebel Tara (unplaced at 22/1), and the each way on Strike The Deal (3rd at 12/1). However I did get Highland Warrior (won 6/1, missed the 7/1 advised), Prime Contender unplaced, and Rash Judgement advised each way at 10/1 (yet another fourth place).

SLH had an each way bet on Earl Sigurd at Cartmel which was unplaced.

Didn't get on the Isiris insider bet, Rob Roy unplaced.

So didn't miss out on anything, and managed a small profit on the day.

Profit on day £50

Sunday 24 August

Again missed the Isiris message today as I was out and about, and missed two placed horses which would have yielded a small profit.

Got on the two Tipping Legends horses - Select Committee (finished third), and Dubai Dynamo unplaced.

Mathematician put up two horses as mentions, win bet on Heading East (third), and an each way on Jiminor Mack at 7/1 (and guess what - 4th !!!)

Also need to book this weeks golf losses today, didn't get a run this time round as they all missed the cut.

Loss on day £750

So had a bad run in the last week or so and the profit for the year is now back below £9000, and well behind on the month having started very well.

Won't be around tomorrow to pick up any of the messages, so hopefully I won't miss anything major. Also I'm away in just over a week and I will miss about half of September, so I could do with a good run next week.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Black Friday

Friday 22 August

Miserable day today with just one each way place return from 12 bets.

Tipping Legends put up 6 horses, but nothing to come on any of them - yet again two more horses backed each way finished 4th - Damien 18/1, and Saxford 16/1, the others today were Dandy Man (e/w), Trenchtown win, Ajaan (e/w) and Margie's Man (e/w).

KB decided to swing Isiris into action today with 4 bets in the hope of turning the month round. Didn't really happen and another £475 was dropped, with Jobe finished third having been advised each way, the only bet I collected all day.

Mathematician had two bets with a win bet on Jollyhockeysticks, second, and an each way double on Marine Boy and Delegator coming unstuck in the first leg.

Loss on day £1475

Seems as good a day as any to bemoan some bad luck, but these each way bets which are missing the frame by one place are really bugging me at the moment. Just had a quick look, since the beginning of June this has happened no less than 29 times !! No idea whether this is within the realms of what would normally happen but it certainly doesn't feel like it. Just something I have to put up with. In the long run I guess these things even themselves out, at least I'm getting a run for my money.

Triple Jump Cuts The Losses

Thursday 21 August

Had high hopes for this week with the Ebor meeting at York. That was all washed away of course, and the racing that survived has been uninspiring to say the least - although the Friday cards look good.

As for Thursday SLH had Queen Excalibur as a win bet at 9/2, finished second - went clear turning for home, but was getting caught by Fair Shake when blundered away any chance at the last.

The SLH a/w horse was Tony The Tap at Great Leighs, never sighted and finished last.

Tipping Legends gave out 5 horses, Tia Mia advised each way at 20/1 finished third at Great Leighs, Vanderlin each way at 8/1 finished fourth (aarrgggghhh!!! again), Watch Out each way at 6/1 finished third, Sonoma win at 6/1 unplaced, and Obe Royal each way at 25/1 unplaced.

The only success of the day was my lay of Phillips Idowu in the Triple Jump at the Olympics. Laid at 1.6 and got £224 after commission.

Loss on day £191

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Standing Still

Wednesday 20 August

No surprise to see York is washed out for the rest of the week, no chance at all given the weather in the last week or so. Some of the races have been scheduled for the weekend, and an 11 race card at Newmarket on Friday is one of the consequences.

As for today, Tipping Legends came up with Right Stuff, a 7/2 winner and a loser in Dillay Brook at Newton Abbott - finished third.

Optimum advised an each way bet on Ashwinder at Folkestone, finished unplaced and Mathematician tried for 3 horses in 3 win doubles. Unfortunately that was scuppered when Hamilton was called off at lunchtime and so was left with a double on Celt and Outside Edge - the short shot won no problem but Outside Edge could only manage fourth.

Isiris were planning a main account for York today which was obviously cancelled, then he had one at Newton Abbott which was a non-runner and then another at Hamilton which was again rained off. Despite that they managed to come up with a main account bet with Almonafis each way at Folkestone. Said it was a speculative pick and had nothing from the stable to back it up. To be honest, I didn't like the sound of it and, being a bit slow with the price, I decided to leave it alone. KB's not in the best of form just now, and so it proved with the horse fading tamely into 4th place - and so I saved myself £400.

Profit / Loss on day £0

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

So much for a busy day

Tuesday 19 August

With the York card being abandoned early this morning, the action was cut right back with only two horses. Indeed for me, it was reduced to one as I got the Tipping Legends text at work, then forgot all about putting it on !! The horse was Heir To Be - advised each way at 12/1. By the time I got home and sorted myself out it was almost post time and the price was down to 11/2. Wasn't going to back it at that price, and watched the horse come in third to land the place money and a profit for those who were better organised than me today.

Got the SLH message OK and so one bet, one winner today with Flying Grey coming in at 2/1.

York off again tomorrow, and they're inspecting lunchtime to check prospects for the rest of the week. I live about 35 miles away and it's been dry for a few hours now but they do need some help and the weather forecast is mixed. Even looking at the possibility of racing on Saturday I read tonight.

Profit on day £300

Monday, 18 August 2008

Losing Start

Monday 18 August

Just a short note to keep things up to date. Just three horses today and no returns. SLH gave a win bet on Valatrix on his A/W service, finished second. Tipping Legends gave out Adage at Wolves, finished third, and Golden Dixie each way at Windsor, unplaced.

The big York meeting is due to start tomorrow, but the weather here in Yorkshire has been awful these last few days, there was another downpour here earlier tonight and the forecast is not great either. Could easily see it being off tomorrow.

Loss on day £300

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Fair Day

Sunday 17 August

Good day today, despite just two services being in action.

Tipping Legends were as busy as ever with 4 selections yielding a winner and three seconds.

Snaefell was a 7/2 winner at Leopardstown, with the seconds being Eva's Request (e/w) at 8/1, Oncle Bull (e/w) at 15/2, and Don Pele advised as a win bet at 8/1, took up the running in the final furlong only to be collared by Desperate Dan close to home, but another very good day from the Legends.

Optimum advised just one bet today, not their usual style, but a stick on job on Rawaabet at Southwell, who won well despite blundering at the third last.

Nothing doing with the Golf this weekend so losses to book today, and didn't get involved with the football after yesterday's disappointment.

Profit on day £173

Saturday, 16 August 2008

One of those days

Saturday 16 August

As well as things have been going lately, there are still plenty of days that leave you wondering why you bother and today was one of those.

Tipping Legends had 5 selections today, the highlight of which was Tajneed which just held on to win the Great St Wilfrid Stakes at Ripon at 10/1. The fact I won £1000 on the race and was still behind at that point will tell you what sort of day it was.

The other four selections were Alexandors unplaced, Aye Aye Digby (e/w) finished 4th, Witchry (e/w 4 places) finished 5th, and Sleepy Hollow - a remote second.

Isiris had given out a main account bet on Peppertree Lane yesterday, showed up well for a long way until fading in the last three furlongs before eventually finishing last. Their other bet was a win bet on Waffle - finished second, so another expensive day for Isiris backers.

Maths had no account bets but liked Zowington in the grey horse handicap at Newmarket - also advised a saver on Secret Night but neither horse was sighted.

SLH had a win bet on Baodai at Bangor to minimum stakes, unplaced.

Finally the football was a tale of woe, just needed Brighton to hold on to their 1-0 lead and I would have come out with a profit on the day. The bet was Wycombe, Carlisle, Bradford and Brighton in 4 £25 trebles and a £25 acca. However they conceded an 86th minute penalty - the matched finished 1-1 and I won £76 on the bet instead of £950. My other football bets both lost to cap a miserable day.

Loss on day £650

Friday, 15 August 2008

Blankety Blank

Friday 15 August

I'll be keeping this post pretty short.

Worst day for a while today with blanks all round. Four horses from the Tipping Legends today, nearest to a pay out was Wester Ross advised each way at 12/1, finishing one place out of the money in 4th - how many times has that happened this flat season.

Well it happened again ten minutes later !! The Isiris main account bet on Pivka, each way at 11/4 and again 4th place was the result.

The SLH all weather horse was Bluebok in the 5.55 at Kempton unplaced, where Tipping Legends also gave out a loser.

A day to forget, but there's a fantastic weekend of sport coming up with the Olympics, the start of the Premiership, and some good racing as well. Should be a busy day tomorrow, and looking to bounce straight back with a big winning day.

Loss on day £1000

£50 profit !!!

Thursday 14 August

Nothing to get too excited about today, although the SLH all weather team had a welcome winner in Suzi Spends at Great Leighs.

4 bets from Tipping Legends, all 1 point wins and 4 losers, although three of them finished 4th so it's as well I wasn't on each way.

Mathematician had a speculative interest on Sister Agnes at Stratford, finished unplaced and so a minimal profit on a quiet day.

Profit on day £50

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Back on the winning trail

Wednesday 13 August

Three selections from Tipping Legends today with the one winner being Lady Deauville at 11/2.

SLH gave out Lady Deauville as well so I picked up nearly £1400 on the race.

Isiris were busy today with three insider bets as well as another ante-post bet on the football. A 4/1 winner coupled with two losers ensured a £300 profit for them today.

Final bonus was that I managed to get my first football bet of the season up - Liverpool and Arsenal both under 2.5 goals plus Marseille and Morton in trebles and an accumulator.

Profit on day £1495

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Similar to Yesterday

Tuesday 12 August

Those Tipping Legends just go from strength to strength. Suppose if you're going to give yourself a name like that then you better make sure you're the business.

Just one horse from them today, Murrin in the 5.0 Lingfield - winning at an advised price of 7/1. 13/2 was the best I could do because I was stuck at work, but another £650 profit from the legends.

However all their good work was undone. SLH's all weather service gave out Aggravation in the same race, finished unplaced.

Isiris played in the three runner race at Nottingham, went against the odds on favourite with Pergamon. Got the fav beaten no problem, but Canwinn the outsider of three did for the pair of them and I dropped another £400.

Added to which, my poor start to the football season continued and I dropped another £270. Think I need to just tone the footy bets down a bit for the next couple of weeks until things have settled down - however had Watford not scored in the 89th minute I would have made a profit !

Bit annoyed tonight really, had a couple of nice winners Monday and Tuesday and yet I'm £470 behind. Nothing to worry about of course, but things have been going amazingly well lately and I want to keep it going.

I'm away on holiday again in three weeks, and this time I will miss out on over two weeks selections so I'd like to put some more cash in the bin before I go. See what happens tomorrow.

Loss on day £220

Monday, 11 August 2008

It started well...

Monday 11 August

A great start to the day with Kirby's Vic an 11/2 winner for the Tipping Legends. Things tailed off somewhat after that with three losers from the Legends, including Celticello in the last at Windsor - beaten just a short head by a 16/1 shot, the pair 7 lengths clear so all very irritating.

Isiris cancelled a main account bet due to a non-runner reducing the each way terms, and the replacement insider bet ran a fair race but was ultimately unplaced.

Couple of mentions from Mathematician, but nothing doing from either Montiboli or French Art, and the SLH all weather horse was Ochre Bay - unplaced at Wolves.

Nothing from Optimum as Andrew is taking a break until Saturday, and nothing on Steve's main line either today.

Loss on day £250

Added a link on the right to "My Betting Diary" - a new blog to have a look at. Best of luck to him.

Also I will pass on details to Greame Dand for those who have alreadsy expressed an interest. If anyone else is interested, please leave me a comment.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

An Experiment In Tipping

Here's something which may be of interest to some of you.

I've been contacted by Graeme Dand, author of "The Experiment - Self Indulgent Bullshit" blog - see link on right.

For anyone who doesn't read his blog, he has been going for a few months now and has been trying out various strategies to make profits on Betfair, using his racing knowledge.

One of the things which is clear is that he has a deep understanding of the form book and is passionate about horse racing - and that he articulates his thoughts and opinions very well indeed. His speciality is flat handicaps.

The gist of his e-mail to me was whether I want to receive his thoughts on the days racing, and also whether any of my readers would be interested.

Essentially he wants to proof his tips to a limited readership for a month or so and see how things go. If it works out as he hopes, then he will have a look at carrying it on in the future.

Graeme seems a very genuine guy and I'm going to have a look at this. I'm not endorsing it in any way, but it's an interesting idea and could be worth a go - and it will cost nothing to have a look.

If anyone else wants to get involved, please leave a comment on my blog including an e-mail address, which won't be published, or contact Graeme direct via the e-mail link on his blog.

If anyone has any questions, please contact Graeme directly.

Another good run on the ladies golf, but a quiet day

Sunday 10 August

Following last weeks 33/1 winner on the ladies golf, I had another good run this week with Minea Blomqvist (33/1) finishing in a four way tie for second place, albeit it a long way behind the winner. The other tip, Anna Nordquist (33/1) finished a further shot behind in a tie for sixth and so just missed out on the each way for me.

The two tips on the US PGA Paul Casey and Chris DeMarco are out of contention, and so I will book those losses today.

On the horses, a quiet day - Tipping Legends advised a win bet on Getrah at Redcar, blew the start and then virtually refused to race and was tailed off throughout.

Mathematician advised a speculative win bet on Straight Face in the Leicester seller. On at 12/1, didn't see the race but reading the Racing Post there was never a chance of winning although it stayed on to finish second.

Isiris provided the only other action with an each way second at 3/1, and so a small loss on the bet.

Loss on day £238

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Another Winning Day

Saturday 9 August

The football season has got off to a disappointing start, with a £200 loss today on top of the £80 lost last night. As always, just the odd goal here and there would have made all the difference but not the start I was looking for.

As for the horses, 8 selections from the Tipping Legends produced two winners, Perfect Star (11/2) and Perks (5/1), and an each way second on Dolly Penrose (10/1).

Two mentions from Mathematician - The Fifth Member (e/w 8/1) finished second, and Cape Hawk unplaced at Ascot.

Profit on day £635

Profit and Loss Analysis

Had a few minutes spare tonight so thought I would analyse the profit / loss figures on each of the services I use or have used so far in 2008.

Isiris Main Line +4226
SLH (Private/Premium/AW) +3824
Optimum Racing +1416 (includes Jan 2008, and then from 25/04/08 to date)
Tipping Legends +6512 (from 1 July 2008 !!)
Mathematician +2158
Mark Holder -638 (until 09/02/08)
Henry Rix -1625 (until 14/03/08)
Isiris Mark Your Card -1840 (from 10/04/08 - 05/06/08)
Blue Sky Racing -3594 (from 25/04/08 - 19/07/08)
Other *** +806

2008 Profit to date 11,245

*** Other includes Paul Jones Cheltenham advices and ante-post service, other bets placed from information on the tipping lines and any bets placed not per the staking plans (eg doubles, accas etc), any bets I have laid off in running, plus all personal bets placed on football and other sports or events.

These are the profits I have achieved, and not profits which might be claimed by the services. Reasons for this are that I was on holiday or busy and so missed placing bets (eg missed two winning Isiris bets last week, but also several losers from other services), or if I have been unable to achieve the recommended prices.

Neither do the profits take account of any subscriptions paid during 2008, which are approximately £3600 (I will dig out the exact figures later - Optimum and SLH are paid up to the end of April next year).

An interesting exercise, and as I am only now following the first five services mentioned, then I look forward to good profits in the remainder of the year.

If anyone has any comments or questions please, leave a comment on the blog.

From my point of view, I need to start recording all the bets behind the "others" total - I made a very big profit from Paul Jones at the Cheltenham festival and it has been eroded by various other bets and trades I have placed during the year.

I only currently record advised bets on my spreadsheets but I do include other bets in my daily profit and loss figures. Need to ensure I know where this extra money is going and to plug any leaks where necessary.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Fantastic Friday

Friday 8 August

Yet another great day from the Tipping Legends, three horses given out, one non-runner, but the other two were Who's Winning (6/1 advised) and Annie Fleetwood (6/1 SP) and two great winners to set up a big winning day.

Isiris advised a main account bet on Distiller, absolutely hosed up at 11/10.

SLH was very busy, giving out three horses at Worcester, but no returns from bets on Caretta Caretta, Pips Assertive Way and Don't Be Blue on a rare bad day for Steve.

Optimum advised a win bet on their own City Affair, but the horse could only manage 5th place, although not beaten that far in what the Racing Post thinks was a decent heat for this time of year.

Two mentions from Mathematician, an each way on Runaround Sue - a remote second to Distiller but ran a very good race, and Cow Girl a loser in the first at Brighton.

Have had £80 on Oxford to beat Barrow at 6/5 in the live Blue Square game tonight, and I will put this in the P&L for tomorrow.

Already got a few bets planned on the footy tomorrow, and also going to have a look at a couple of retirement bets on the outrights and the handicaps for the season. Got to get the handicap bets on by kick off tomorrow, otherwise that's it and you can't do them after that as far as I know so I need to have a look tonight.

Profit on day £1630

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Nothing Doing Today

Thursday 7 August

The racing this week has been pretty dull and uninspiring, and the results have followed suit.

Optimum gave out Allied Powers each way at Haydock at 8/1, and it looked like I was going to collect the lot about a furlong out as the horse came through to lead and go on and win the race. Certainly the in-running players on Betfair thought so as he was matched at a low of 1.08. However the horse flattened out in the last furlong and I thought I'd been run out of third place when the line came. However the result of the photo confirmed he was third and so collected the place money at least.

That was as good as it got, with an Isiris each way insider bet finishing fourth (again!), two losers from the Tipping Legends and two horses mentioned by Mathematician both finishing unplaced.

Hopefully tomorrow and the weekend will bring better things.

Loss on day £440

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Ladies golf the way to go

Friday 1 August

Very frustrating results on Friday, although fortunately I wasn't following the racing and didn't get the results till later so it didn't spoil the day.

Tipping Legends gave out bets in all the Goodwood races as well as one at Bath. Osiris Way (e/w) 14/1 4th, Cape Hawk (e/w) 10/1 4th, Cheyenne Star at 7/1 (win) 2nd beaten a head, Little Pete (e/w) 14/1 2nd beaten a nose and Penrice Castle 6/1 (win) 2nd.

Optimum gave out an each way on Gallagher in the Goodwood 4.05 and again we were second, beaten a neck, and possibly unlucky reading the write up in the Racing Post.

Mathematician played in one race, the 2.05 Thirsk going for a win bet on Cherry Belle with a saver on Conakry. Cherry Belle duly finished second at 10/1 !!

So no winners today, but with no fewer than five second places including beaten a nose, a head, a neck and one length, just one of those unlucky days. If one of them had won then I would have made a profit - hopefully get it back tomorrow.

Loss on day £612

Saturday 2 August

Another busy day on the horse front, but had a very late night last night and a lot to drink as well which meant we were all pretty much good for nothing today apart from playing cards, watching the racing and generally dossing around.

Tipping Legends found the one winner in the last with Count Ceprano at 7/1 which paid for their bets, indeed made it a £50 profit. Lost £100 on Bentong which planted itself in the stall and refused to race. Galling to lose like that. In fact I'm going to ask Bet365 for my money back. They can only say no, but I put plenty of business there way (staked over £7000 with them in the past week) so see what they say.

Isiris gave out a win bet on Checklow, odds on at Doncaster and very well beaten.

Mathematician had 3 bets with Observatory Star a 6/1 winner the highlight.

Loss on day £80

Sunday 3 August

A stunning day once again thanks to the Tipping Legends golf info.

Ji-Yai Shin was put up as an each way bet at 33/1 to win the Ladies British Open, and she duly did the business by 3 shots. Can't say I know much about ladies golf, indeed I've never heard of the winner, but hey who cares ?

Elsewhere their two golfers advised for the American tourny ran down the field, and nothing doing from the three horses either today.

SLH advised two bets, an each way bet on Water Taxi, winning easily at 13/2 and an each way double which lost.

Mathemician went for an account bet on the 4.30 Chester with Coin Of The Realm (each way) and a saver on Mikao but nothing doing with the horses finishing 4th and 5th.

Missed another Isiris winner, with Proclaim given out in the first at Chester as well as a loser at Deauville but I was out and about when the message was given out and didn't pick it up until an hour after the winner had gone in.

Profit on day £1372

Monday 4 August

Last full day of my break and a poor day to follow yesterday's successes.

Steve Lewis Hamilton tried another each way double but, as with the last two or three, he came unstuck when Jacarando could only finish fourth. Tipping Legends had also put Jacarando up as a bet so a loser there, along with Marigolds Way and Malcheek the other two selections.

Optimum advised Feeling Fresh each way at 13/2. The horse finished fourth,six lengths in front of the rest, but not for the first time a late non-runner (a 100/1 shot) reduced the field to 15 and the number of places to three. Maybe one day someone will do the stats on this sort of thing but it happens so often you do have to wonder.

As for Optimum thats the 7th time this flat season they've advised a horse each way that has finished 4th.

Loss on day £700

Tuesday 5 August

The long drive home in the rain and nothing to raise the spirits when I got home and checked the results.

Very little action today with just Tipping Legends giving any horses. Three horses given including Trysting Grove each way at 25/1 and Goose Green each way at 7/1, and would you believe it both of them finished 4th !!!

Isiris gave out an ante-post bet on the football, but I missed it whilst travelling and the price has gone for the time being. Will keep it under review and see if the price goes out again when the first few games of the season are played.

Loss on day £300

Wednesday 6 August

Bringing things completely up to date, today once again the majority of the action came from Tipping Legends with their best of the day Major Magpie a winner at 4/1.

Mathematician gave a mention to Optical Illusion, a loser at Newcastle.

Only other action came from SLH's all weather service, giving Azwa in the Kempton 7.50 - the horse drifted markedly in the betting before the race and finished last.

Profit on day £275

Going Just Fine

Got back last night after a week staying with friends down south. Had a great time, re-charged the batteries and managed to win a few quid on the horses and the golf while I was at it.

Here's my week

Tuesday 29 July

Travelled down Tuesday afternoon which meant I got all the bets on before I left with the exception of the late call back for SLH. Didn't pick up any results until late in the evening and delighted with what I found.

Tipping Legends gave out selections in six of the seven races at Goodwood and came up with three winners - Paco Boy (e/w) won at 9/1 (one of two horses advised in the race), Sanbuch 7/1 and Gyr which won at 6/1.

Isiris had a main account bet on Dunelight which finished third to Paco Boy at 14/1, and a losing insider bet with Woodcote Place.

Optimum had an each way bet on Jargelle, third at 9/1 - this horse was also given a positive by Paul Jones on the Blue Sky forum (of which more to follow later) and another profitable bet. Optimum also gave a positive mention to Inheritor which won at Beverley. PJ also gave Arabian Gleam as his best of the day - finished unplaced.

Maths tried a combination bet to minimum stakes at Goodwood which didn't come off, while SLH gave out two bets in the evening - a losing each way double, and a win bet on Basalt which won the last at Worcester very easily.

Profit on day £1610

Wednesday 30 July

Now in full holiday mode, in other words woke up mid morning with a thick head, which was quickly cured by what might be called a hearty breakfast and I was set to go again. Out and about all day, managed to get all the bets on again though but just using Bet365 who give the best odds guarantee, because I didn't have the time to ring round half a dozen bookies trying to get the best prices on a dozen horses.

Another decent profit landed with the honours once more going to the Tipping Legends who found two winners in Love Galore (e/w) at 12/1 (14/1 advised) and Oslot (9/2, advised at 5/1) which won the Galway Plate. So missed the best price on the two winners, although I comfortably beat the SPs of 8/1 and 11/4.

Elsewhere Isiris were on Raven's Pass each way with a saver on Tariq, and also an insder bet on Dream Castle at Perth, an odd one I thought - a large win bet on a 14 year old in a claimer at 6/4. Horse was unplaced at an SP of 6/5.

Only other bet of the day was from SLH's all weather people - Alfresco e/w at 16/1 unplaced.

Profit on day £400

Thursday 31 July

Couple of the lads were going sea fishing today. Not interested myself but decided to join them, plenty of beer, food, newspapers, mags, radio and could have a relaxing day watching those two pillocks failing to catch anything.

One slight snag, when we arrived I realised that I had no mobile coverage, and therefore couldn't get any of the messages or get any bets on. However we had an enjoyable day and retired to the pub in the evening where I caught up with the days events.

Turned out I lost out on 200-300 quid as Tipping Legends found Indian Days, a 9/1 winner and an Isiris main account bet on Pegasus Lad came in at 3/1. However they were the only two winners on a busy day for the services so not too much harm done.

That's all for July and what a month it has been. By far my most successful period to date, winning £6749 in the month and taking the yearly profit to just over £10,000.

Back shortly with the first few days of August.....