Saturday, 9 August 2008

Another Winning Day

Saturday 9 August

The football season has got off to a disappointing start, with a £200 loss today on top of the £80 lost last night. As always, just the odd goal here and there would have made all the difference but not the start I was looking for.

As for the horses, 8 selections from the Tipping Legends produced two winners, Perfect Star (11/2) and Perks (5/1), and an each way second on Dolly Penrose (10/1).

Two mentions from Mathematician - The Fifth Member (e/w 8/1) finished second, and Cape Hawk unplaced at Ascot.

Profit on day £635


informer said...


Wow Tipping Legends place allot of bets 8 on a saturday with changing weather .... Whats your staking on there selections..

Great 2 see you back

JB said...

hi JP
What is your stake per point for Catskill tipping legends

JP said...

Hi Informer and JB.

Regarding the Tipping Legends selections I stake £100 per point (or £50 each way).

For the golf I stake £50 per point.

There are plenty of bets, especially at the weekends, but the results have been fantastic since I started following them. Plenty of winners and places and at great prices - exactly what you need from a tipping service.

Wil said...

i had a great day with them too.

plus i stuck a £33.33 per line doubles from three selections (perks, swingkeel, perfect star) (£99.99 in total) and netted just under a grand profit!!

its certainly a great service, nice to meet a fellow subscriber.