Sunday, 10 August 2008

An Experiment In Tipping

Here's something which may be of interest to some of you.

I've been contacted by Graeme Dand, author of "The Experiment - Self Indulgent Bullshit" blog - see link on right.

For anyone who doesn't read his blog, he has been going for a few months now and has been trying out various strategies to make profits on Betfair, using his racing knowledge.

One of the things which is clear is that he has a deep understanding of the form book and is passionate about horse racing - and that he articulates his thoughts and opinions very well indeed. His speciality is flat handicaps.

The gist of his e-mail to me was whether I want to receive his thoughts on the days racing, and also whether any of my readers would be interested.

Essentially he wants to proof his tips to a limited readership for a month or so and see how things go. If it works out as he hopes, then he will have a look at carrying it on in the future.

Graeme seems a very genuine guy and I'm going to have a look at this. I'm not endorsing it in any way, but it's an interesting idea and could be worth a go - and it will cost nothing to have a look.

If anyone else wants to get involved, please leave a comment on my blog including an e-mail address, which won't be published, or contact Graeme direct via the e-mail link on his blog.

If anyone has any questions, please contact Graeme directly.


NS said...


Been following your blog for a few months now with interest, I've been with Isiris since Aug 07 and joined Tipping Legends at the end of July having seen the performance on your blog - just in time for the Ladies Golf !

I am interested in proofing Graeme's tips and would appreciate you adding my email to the list.

Best of luck


JP said...

Hi ns,

will be happy to pass your details on to Graeme but I need an e-mail addy from you !

Best of luck with the Tipping Legends, I've had a great run with them so far - long may it continue.

All the best

All the best